Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We Bought A Crib!

This week we finally settled on a crib! I am very happy with it, too!

We went for a "mini" crib this go around as I always thought that traditional cribs were far too big for one tiny baby - and it turns out that American "mini" cribs are about the standard size of European cribs, which is probably why I thought that our Daughter's crib was gigantic compared to my son's, which I had 16 years ago back in England!

I am thrilled to pieces with my "mini" crib and luckily had my 2 yr old on hand to test out the space situation and she can lie down in the crib quite comfortably with room around her and so I think I made the right choice for this new baby! My daughter never did like to sleep in her crib and was in a regular bed quite early on, so this time around I am hoping we fair better with the baby and his new little gateway to dreamland!

I also ordered a new, cute as heck, bed set from Walmart, which is specifically for a "mini" crib - yes, I keep putting it in quotation marks, but I just can't believe it would be called a mini anything when it is far more than adequate!

If you are interested in having a look at the bed set I purchased, it is a Nojo Safari Bedding Set*, which is currently on sale for $21.00 down from $33.63 and a Garanimals mobile for the side of the crib, which was $16.98, down from $22.00! That was a total savings of $17.65! NICE!

**I have a feeling the bedding set is now out of stock online, but if you'd like to pick one up it is always worth checking out your local store! 

I am very happy that we have covered one of the bigger purchases this week and only have 1 more big purchase to make - a new car seat -  before I settle down and think of all the little things we may now have to pick up as the months rock on to September!

Happy Happy!

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