Sunday, 30 June 2013

Enjoying Tea: Tea Set Review AND Smart Tea Maker Giveaway!! Ends 7/13/13

As a member of a British born family, with a Scottish father and an English mother, I was raised on a LOT of hot tea and never did get the idea behind cool, iced tea - even though my husband drinks enough of that for the both of us, making us an all-around tea-drinking family at home!

Of course, I do enjoy a cup of coffee, but there is something very homely about brewing up a pot of fresh tea, especially when entertaining friends, and also while using a new, elegantly designed tea-pot as both the facilitator of brewing tea, and as a focal point for conversation!

Just this past week, I welcomed into my home a new tea gift set from Enjoying Tea, which is a rather delightful company that offers a wide variety of tea pots, cups and saucers, elegant tea wear, gift sets and tea!

The gift set, which I received for this review, is a very adorable cast iron tea pot/set in the style of a bamboo basket, which symbolizes a good harvest and abundance [in Asian culture] and is complete with 2 traditional style tea cups, trivet and filter along with a sampler of Oolong tea!

The tea set is the perfect size for a couple of drinkers, with an approximate capacity of 650 ml or 22.1 fl oz! The cups measure 2 7/8" in diameter and 2 1/8" in height. The trivet balances the tea pot perfectly and the cast iron design maintains the temperature of the tea long enough for you to enjoy the whole pot with a friend at a leisurely pace BUT tea warmers are also available should you require your tea to remain in the pot a little longer!

These cast iron pots do NOT go directly on the stove, they stand alone and are filled first with the loose, or bagged tea, and hot water from your kettle is poured into the pot a-top of the tea. The tea is left to settle and stew for a little while, depending on your taste and then served up in either the cups provided or a longer, taller cup of tea in a western style mug or teacup.

I had been dying to try some new teas that I had purchased from Tea Forte a while ago and took the opportunity to try them out in the new tea pot from Enjoying Tea, but first I had the pleasure of trying out the Oolong tea, which came alongside the set from Enjoying Tea!

The Oolong tea was light and smooth to taste, and delicious with a little added sugar and milk - I know this isn't idea for every drinker, but as a habit I almost always add a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar to each mug of tea and it doesn't matter which kind of tea it is if it is black tea, and it almost always must have the sugar - or a little organic honey to taste if it is not! Of course, I never add milk to green teas and most herbal, but I do have a taste for them all, regardless!

The tea was kept hot for a longer duration than I expected, and drinking from the cups that came with it somehow made the experience feel all the more "authentic" and special. A real delightful experience and really allows Enjoying Tea to live up to the reputation of its name!

I am extremely impressed with the design in the tea pot, and I love the symbolism and idea behind it! It looks very dashing on my sideboard amidst my red collection of kitchen wear and it slips into my home perfectly and has become a real point of interest with visiting friends.

If you are interested in browsing through the vast array of offerings from Enjoying Tea then all you have to do is head on over to their website and check them out for yourselves. Perhaps there is something over there that catches your eye, or something you have tried before? You can reach their website, presently, just by clicking HERE!

For cast iron tea pots specifically, you may also want to take a look HERE! There are some delightful designs including a dragonfly and a red plum blossom set, amidst others and you will surely find something, which takes your breath away!

BUT WAIT! There is MORE!

The good folk over at Enjoying Tea, would love you to share their love of tea by offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win a Smart Tea Maker and small sampler of tea!

The Smart Tea Maker is a simply genius way of making tea for one cup, smoothly, effortlessly and without waste of tea in the pot! You simply add the tea leaves, fill with boiling water, steep/stew your tea for as long as you like to taste and then place above your cup or mug to drain the tea directly down and ready to enjoy!

For more information on the Smart Tea Maker, you can head on over HERE!

In order to win the Smart Tea Maker, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below! Each entry is voluntary, there are never any mandatory requirements on our forms, but the more you do, the more entries you get, and so it would be fabulous if you'd love to do them all - and equally as great if you decide to just snag the one or two!!

The giveaway will run until July 13th at midnight, and a winner will be notified via Email within 24 hours thereafter! The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email and if no response if given in that time, a new winner shall be chosen and the same process will apply until our winner is confirmed.

Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for the prize fulfillment, which will come directly from Enjoying Tea. All entrants should reside in the U.S.A, be 18 years of age or have your parents permission to enter! Any further questions should be directed to us in advance if you are concerned that you may or may not qualify to win!

With all that said, dive on in to the rafflecopter now - you never know! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided with the tea set in order to write this review, which is 100% honest and my own. Your opinions may differ. Thank you!

Build-A-Bear Hug-A-Cub Gift Set Review!

Good evening!! It is almost 7pm as I type this review that I wasn't going to release until the morning, but I couldn't wait to share with you the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time, which I received in the mail just this week from Build-A-Bear Workshop, straight from their Hug-A-Cub collection!

The guys over at Build-A-Bear sent me on over one of their gift sets [for my son, due in September], which comes jam-packed with a cute little green cuddly frog buddy, a rattle, a snuggler, a super-soft blanket and an adorable bag to keep it in, fully embroidered with his name, no less!

This gift set is just one of a range of sets they have for the new baby, with several to choose from, including a white lamb, pink bunny, brown bear, the green frog and a blue puppy gift set, retailing for $49.00 and with up to 3 lines of embroidery for just $10 more, which means you can customize this adorable set for one specific little bundle in your life and have it as a keep-sake for years to come!

For more on the gift sets, you can find them HERE, but there are so many more gifts suitable for baby [if you click on the "baby gifts" tab to the left], including the Sweet Velvet Teddy and Musical Lamb alongside several snugglers and rattles ranging in price from as little as just $5 each and, for those kind of prices, you can send a little token of love and appreciation any time of the year!

I really can not wait to share this set with my son and to swaddle him in this blanket, which is softer than anything I could describe in words - but it is SOFT and then some! I know he will love all of the baby-safe pieces in the set, just as much as my daughter has adored every one of her bears in the past, and for a long time into the future!

Just a wonderful, creative, keeper of a gift set and worth absolutely every penny!

Have you had any experience with Build-A-Bear Workshop's baby gift sets (or general bears?), let me know what you have and how much you and your children adore them!! I would love to hear from you!

Head on over to Build-A-Bear Workshop to check out what's in store, today!! Enjoy!!


Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review, but I did receive the gift set for the integrity of the review itself. All opinions are honest and my own! Your opinions may vary! Thank you!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Close to Midnight...

It is almost midnight and I am out sitting with my feet up on my back porch. It is nice and calm, albeit for the airplanes that keep flying past unnanounced and the odd giant train, which seems like it'll hit its destination on the front end long before the rear end ever leaves its point of origin!

Nevertheless, it is peaceful out here, in the city, once in a while and I think I finally caught it in a moment!

All I need now is a cup of tea, a slice of toast and perhaps some motivation and we could be on to a real winner!

In other news, did anyone else watch Under the Dome tonight!? It was pretty darn good for a first episode - I will definitely be watching next week! Fingers crossed on this one having some longevity! Most of the show's i've liked over the last few years have ended poorly, abruptly and pretty sadly! So, hears to some hopefully) good T.V!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

POSSIBLE FREE Quarter Pounder! Go Go Go!

GO GO GO! Some accounts over at are getting a FREE QUARTER POUNDER!

Just head on over there and add the code: IMOUTTAHERE for your FREE reward with ZERO points needed!

I got one! Did you?!!

Note: Not all accounts are getting one, but fingers crossed that you're lucky enough to score one! YAY!

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson has not been compensated for this post, nor can they guarantee your chances of receiving the free reward, which lies solely with mycokerewards. Thank you!

How to zoom and/or scroll using your laptop's mouse pad!

This morning I just learned to zoom in and out and scroll up, down and all over the place on my laptop, which I have had since January and so I am pleased with myself but wondering why I strained my eyes for so long trying to get close to the text without thinking about googling for an answer! Let us take a moment to blame pregnancy brain, shall we?! Why not!

Just in case you were wondering, and if you ever need to know! To scroll up and down on my particular laptop you hold your finger down on the top right of the mouse-pad and then run your finger up or down to scroll! SO SIMPLE! Who knew! To scroll left to right, just do the same thing but with the bottom of the pad instead! Of course, this might not work for every laptop, but it works for mine, which is a Toshiba with windows 7. Do let me know if yours does anything different and what kind of laptop you have in case it might help someone else out on their quest to scroll or zoom!!

Speaking of ZOOM! On my laptop you can zoom in simply by holding down CTRL and tapping + OR - if you'd like to zoom back out! Simple - if you know how, and I had no idea!

Thank goodness for the internet!!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Lemongrass Spa, Review and Giveaway!

Review By Beautiful Incentives! 

I am back with more body lotions and potions to rave about. This particular company has me wanting more and more, with their mouth watering fruity and bakery scents. I just cannot get enough!  Lemongrass Spa is a small company that sells all the bath and body products you can imagine and I am here today to introduce you to their Body scrubs and lotions.

Lemongrass spa started out as an idea sprung by a simple spa house party, where they were taught to make their own home made bath and body products. The creator, Heidi Leist, learned about all the nasty chemicals and toxins in a lot of products today and  had an idea after attending that party. She later collaborated with the party host and soon, Lemongrass spa was born. A bath and body line based in Colorado, that is non-toxic and nourishing, made to pamper women, safely.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a very botanical, spa-like shower when scrubbing my body with these body scrub polishes. They were a real treat to my drying skin. The scents were outstandingly delicious in Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate - of which I will never get tired!

Sure anything can smell good, but how do they perform? Amazingly! My hands and whole body were so soft after use and I smelled like a fruit parfait for hours on end. I couldn't stop sniffing myself.

These body polishes WORK and if you look on the back at the ingredients, you will know why. They are jam packed with very softening oils, such  as Sweet Almond oil, Apricot Kernal oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and it goes on! All these oils mixed with fruity extracts and real white sugar makes these such a treat that you'll want to eat yourself!

I use this to exfoliate before I shave and after I shave and hands down it helps tremendously to prevent irritated bumps and razor burn. LOVE this stuff.

Ah, the body "icing".  Top it all off with a nice slathering of this and you'd be hard pressed for anything better. Another amazing treat for the senses and body. These all have very tropical and bakery scents that make me want to eat them. I used these on my hands and feet and they really did keep them quite soft. It's no surprise given their moisturizing ingredients like: Aloe Vera gel, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, cocoa butter and so much more. I put these in my purse and they are a nice pick me up to rub on my dry hands during the day. The scents are always so pleasant.

The scents I tried are: 

  • Berry Smoothie-A subtle berry scent.
  • Chocolate- It really does smell akin to the real thing. I mixed this with my peppermint body spray and smelled like a chocolate mint desert!  
  • Pina coloda- Smells exactly like the drink.
  • Freesia Blossom- A very fresh floral scent. 
  • Lavender mint- A really refreshing scent and great for feet. 
  • Sugar Lily- Like flowers dipped in sugar! 
Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with Lemongrass spa and I love their packaging. Packaging isn't always important, but for me I love eye candy as much as body candy and their presentation is very pretty. This is the best sugar scrub I have come across to date and I don't think that I would be able to duplicate all the wonderful ingredients on my own. The lotion scents are super yummy. They are a little on the pricey side at $13 a pop, but worth the treat once in a while and they have lasted me over a month so far. A little goes a long way!

Lemongrass isn't just a bath and body dream, they also sell makeup and so much more that I hope to try! Check out their bath and body catalog! You can find more information on this company at Facebook and Twitter. 
And now, I am excited to be able to offer you a chance to win everything I reviewed!

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment. All opinions expressed are those of Beautiful Incentives, who was provided with the product in order to perform a fair and honest review. Your views may differ. Mom's Gone Bronson was not compensated for this post. Thank you!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

GothDollie and DollieLicious Review and Giveaway! Ends 7/8/13

Review brought to you by Freebies for my Family!


GothDollie & Dollielicious!

Coming Soon! DormCo Review!

As the summer rolls around, many "kids" - now young adults, are finishing up school and packing their bags ready for college!!

As you wave them goodbye and watch as they walk off into the sunset that is probably one of their first homes away from home, you will want to know that they're living in a cozy, comfy and quality assured environment, and this is where comes in!

Over at DormCo, they have everything to keep your student in the lap of luxury, while maintaining a flare of style and self in their new "digs!"

I will soon be taking a deeper look into just what kind of fabulous Dormco has to offer up for you, presently, and there may even be a sneaky little giveaway to help your student (or yourself) out with a transition in the process!

Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents! Coming soon...

Disclaimer: I have not be compensated for this post, thank you! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Juppy Baby Walker Review!

As a mother, I know how it goes when those little loves in your life start to get ready to learn to walk!

Usually the kids start to crawl, then pull themselves up and then, eventually start to learn how to maneuver themselves around on their own two feet - usually aided by mom or dad cheering them on, holding their hands and bending over and putting their back under pressure in the process!

With all of my children, so far, this is EXACTLY how it seems to have gone down,   every time one of them decided to walk, BUT! This time around, we have the help (and support) of the JUPPY Momentum baby walker!

The idea behind the Juppy Momentum is a fabulously simple one, where by the mother or father have their child in this walker, which isn't hazardous to their health, helps them stand (and walk) without any pressure AND helps parents aid in their child's learning process without having to put out their back!

The Juppy is adjustable with ease, fits up to 35 lbs AND makes a fabulous gift! The material is comfortable cotton and comes in a couple of different colors to suit your preference! There is also the option of having your Juppy embroidered (as we did with "Bronson") should you so wish to do so!!

I received ours this week, which turned up extremely quickly and neatly shipped complete with a draw string bag to carry it in when not in use! The walker is black and yellow, which is perfect for our baby boy, AND will make a FABULOUS addition to our costumes in the future when I want to take him out to parties as a bumble bee!! I kid you not, I am SO excited for the possibilities and looking forward to seeing him walk!

So, to recap on this wonderful idea - The Juppy Momentum allows your child to learn to walk without having to have his/her hands held, giving them freedom and support from the helping hand of mom or dad! There is no need for wheeled baby walkers or any parental discomfort all around! Walking can be made easier, children made happier and mom's and dads backs less stressed upon!

Note: We did try this Juppy out on my friend's little boy who is just learning to walk and it was easy to use and not uncomfortable at all. He is a little way off from walking on his own yet and so this is going to help him out a lot in the mean time, until my own son needs it! My friend expressed a wish not to have her son's picture featured in this review for personal reasons and so only our opinions are used as I respect that wish.

The cost of the Juppy is great at just $29.95, can be purchased in pink, blue or black AND can be embroidered for just an extra $6.95! You can find the Juppy Momentum by clicking HERE should you like to see a video and learn more information on the product and order with just a few clicks, today!

Have you had any previous experience with the Juppy or other walkers? How did transitioning your kids from crawling to walking turn out for you!? I would love to hear from you!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mom's Gone Bronson was not monetarily compensated for this review and your opinions on the product may differ! Thank you! 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Yves Rocher Fragrance and Body Wash Review! (Just in Time for Father's Day!)

Once again I have some AMAZING Yves Rocher products to share with you and they just keep knocking the ball out of the park time and time again - this time it is no exception and you are going to love these- just in time for Fathers Day OR a treat for yourself at ANY time!

First up, we have a powerful new women's line called Neroli, which launched last month and which I have been fortunate enough to try out since in the form of a shower gel, moisturizer and a perfume!

Neroli is described as a musky floral cent over at the Yves Rocher website and I would have to agree - less musky and more on the floral side though, with a delicate breeze across your skin with uplifting fresh scent!
Not at all heavy, but long lasting, the body wash slightly bubbles and gentle washes with a little warm water and leaves the skin soft and not dry or sticky! Paired with the Neroli moisturizer, you're left with soft, moisturized, lightly fragranced skin topped off with the light cent of the perfume for an all-day aroma, which is left to delight the senses and pic up your day!
I particularly love this scent and have been complimented when others have caught wind of it, which is always a great sign of something delivering on a promise - fabulous! 

Equally, there are great items currently available for the men in your life as Ambre Noir makes its debut, with its "woody character of Patchouli and Vetiver with the sensuality of Tonka Bean" and paced in its little black box, this makes a wonderful gift for Fathers Day OR any day! 

My 16 year old son loves the smell of this and so it is teen friendly, too! A little goes a long way and it lasts! 

Whether you're buying this for yourselves, your fathers or your sons, this one is sure to hit the spot - with a selection of body wash and fragranced spray, you will feel and smell fresh all day and ready to face the world! 

Yves Rocher has special Father's Day prices for Ambre Noir right now so why not head on over HERE and take a look! It is never too late to hook up the men in your life with a gift and why not make the most of the occasion! 

You may also want to consider Yves Rocher's new MEN FRESH! Products, which come in a wide range from aftershave cooling balm to exfoliating face wash and over to hair and body shower gel among others! This range is rich, moisturizing and full of Organic Aloe Vera and Chamomile Water! Great for the skin, soft to the touch and delicate for all skin types (in our house at least!) and VERY affordable prices with up to 47% discounts on the Yves Rocher website!

All of the men in our house agree that this one is a keeper and would be happy to be presented with their own set for father's day OR even a token of love and money in a card ready to go for purchases on these products for father's day, too!! (hint, hint!).

Overall, all of the products mentioned in this review have gone down SO WELL in our household that we're all smelling super fresh and delightful, with even my 16 year old scrubbing up well and making the effort! All of these products, without exception, get a big THUMBS UP! from us all!

Very well played, Yves Rocher! Great Job!

Have you tried any of these products from Yves Rocher? What did you think!? Which ones were your favorite and which ones would you recommend!? I would LOVE to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I was provided all of the mentioned products for the sake of this review! No monetary compensation was provided and all opinions are 100% honest and our own! Your views and feelings about items may differ from ours! Thank you! 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Vogel House Book Review

Over the last couple of days I have been reading a new book, from John Forrester, called Vogel House!

Now, I love to read books and [sometimes] I am pleasantly surprised when I pick up a book that I didn't go out of my way to find, and had no preconceptions going in to! This was not one of those reads, unfortunately, but my overall thoughts are now up live on Amazon for the world to see!

In case you don't fly over there [to Amazon] too often, here it is, just for you: 

(John Forrester's Vogel House, Review!)

This book is quick and easy to read and I whizzed through it in just 2 days - it wasn't because it was a page turner or because I couldn't put it down but because it was simple, easy and repetitive language that you really didn't have to put too much thought into!

I felt as though not a whole lot of effort was placed into the characters, or their names, and found it really irritating that the main character was called Clarise - I just couldn't get past the image of the Clarise in the Hannibal Lector series and it just felt too used to fit a 15 yr old rich kid with a few fixable problems that seemed rushed and a little hard to believe.

The book wasn't terrible, but there were things that sat uneasily with me in the fact that there are some very raunchy, sexually explicit scenes from start to finish, which is great if you like that sort of thing, but the characters ages seemed inappropriate for the content of the book and, at times, a little bit too incestuous, which was not comfortable reading at all.

Vogel, in German, means "bird" and so I think "Bird House" is a fitting title for the book, with its caged characters fighting for a little room to spread their wings and fly, but the sex definitely takes away a lot from the mystery and revenge of it all!

I was left wondering if there wasn't a little Romeo and Juliet mixed in here too, with the Montague and Capulates being replaced by Chambers and McNaughton's, which I like, but feel as though it isn't something I haven't read a hundred times before!

Overall, it was an easy read, full of rich kids having sex, a short spurt of familial history and betrayal and a quick flighty revenge! The ending feels rushed and the meeting of the two main characters in the park at the end seemed ridiculous as though the author forgot to tie up some loose ends and figured that this chance meeting would do the trick - I think it was supposed to be a little bit serendipitous but it just didn't work for me and left me rolling my eyes! (Sorry!).

It definitely wasn't god-awful, but it could have been a LOT better! Good for a quick beach or pool-side read and O.K for 99 cents.  


Have you read this book? I would love to hear from anyone else who has read the book and any thoughts you might have had on it!

- Mom's Gone Bronson

Disclaimer - I read, and reviewed, this book after purchasing the book myself via I may be rewarded with a $6 Starbucks gift card for my participation in the review on Amazon but nothing for the blog post! This way of compensation has not changed (or influenced) my purchase, thoughts or feelings about the book itself! All opinions are 100% open, honest and my own and your thoughts on the same book may vary. Thank you!

100 Days to go!

Today marks the day when I can say we now have 100 days to go until baby number 4's due date, which seems to be coming up on us VERY quickly!!

This is definitely our last child and so I am looking forward to bringing this new little guy into our family and also very excited to be moving forward as a family unit looking at future adventures!

I am certainly about to be outnumbered boys to girls when this one arrives, but I do like a challenge!!

Roll on September!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Seven Slings Winner...

The winner of our SEVEN SLINGS giveaway is...



Thank you all for taking part! 

 - Mom's Gone Bronson!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer holidays are upon us!

Good morning! It is Sunday - a nice, bright, cheery Sunday with a lot of potential!

Tomorrow marks the first day off for School Break here properly until late August/ early September and so now is the time to start getting those kids active and involved around your neighborhood to get them through Summer without turning into a couch potato!!

Luckily my son has places to go, people to see, things to do and clubs to attend all summer - there is also FREE BOWLING for kids of school age, which you can find not-too-far from you, with any luck with!

There are MANY other cheap and FREE events from now until they go back to school and I will post about some of them as they come up, but for today, I am going to take it in my stride and start off tomorrow with a beaming smile, knowing that I do NOT have to get up twice in the morning to get the hubs to work and the boy to school! WONDERFUL!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gangstagrass + Star & Micey, coming to Doylestown, PA! Sunday, June 9th (and more tour dates you just will NOT want to miss!)

Anyone who hasn't yet heard of Gangstagrass, I say to thee - you must be CRAY-ZEE! 

I came to learn about them back when I fell into my "Justified" coma and couldn't get off of my couch for the entire first season wondering what the heck the show had in store next for the bunch of fun lovin' crazies Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, and MAN! That theme tune was stuck in my head so bad I [of course] had to hear all the available music associate with Gangstagrass ASAP to see if they were a one hit wonder or if they were for the long haul - and folks! It is THE LONG HAUL!

Gangstagrass can be described as: An unlikely marriage of  bluegrass and rap! Magically intertwined into the kind of sound that successfully "knocks your socks off", while blasting a constant beam of sunshine straight to your soul!

Suffice to say, there isn't much that sounds quite like the banging tunes they have to offer - and better still, they're coming to an area near YOU pretty soon! Unless they're not, in which case, that's a REAL shame, but THEY ARE - especially if you're in the DOYLESTOWN, PA area on SUNDAY 9th June - THIS SUNDAY - at Puck Live, with Star & Micey!! There is a $12 cover charge at this venue, in advance, or $15 at the door - you can't beat that for entertainment! BOOM! 

Amidst tour dates spread across the country - from INDIANAPOLIS, IN. at the White Rabbit Cabaret (TONIGHT!) to the Square Roots Festival in Chicago, IL. on Sat 13th of July - and more in between, you have a fabulous chance of catching them in a town/city/suburb/back alley near you SOON!!

For a full list of upcoming tour dates, venues and prices, you can hop on over and take a look-see HERE - and if you haven't yet heard a word i've said (or a tune they've put together) then you, my friends, need to head on over HERE now and get in on some of the action at their website! There is no way on earth this music won't get you out of your seats and moving! I dare you!

And HEY!! Why not go follow them on Twitter and keep up to date RIGHT HERE!!! 

What are you waiting for!? Head on over and listen to them now! Then hop up to a live venue near you soon!

Most of all...ENJOY!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Therafit Shoes Giveaway and Review!

 Written by: Real Reviews by Savvy K

Recently, I had the chance to review some amazing tennis shoes from Therafit! I am constantly on my feet all day long and needless to say, my 6 years old tennis shoes just weren't cutting it anymore. They were hurting my feet, gave no support, and just overall pointless to wear while working out.
Therafit shoes were crafted by Dr. Lisa Masterson when she decided she wanted a shoe that empowered women. As a doctor, she knows how uncomfortable it can be to be on your feet 12+ hours out of the day. She wanted to create a shoe that is so versatile that women can wear to work, the gym, or just to run those errands! "It's the 12 hour shoe for the 12 hour day!"
therafit 1
The design of the shoe has been designed and approved to help relieve feet, legs and hip pain. The shoe is created with multiple layers for cushioning and support so the shock of each step is distributed outward and downward. The result is a shoe that helps cushion your foot on impact! Not only does the Therafit shoe help relieve pain, but they come in 5 cute and adorable colors!
When I first received my Therafit shoes, I just had to try them on right away! I chose the Pink Deborah Women's Sneaker for the review because of how cute they are. The bright neon pink with just a hint of purple just screams femininity! The moment I slipped on these shoes I could really feel the difference between the athletic shoes I was wearing everyday, and these. They were super comfortable and really helped with the pain I get from my high arches!
thera fit 3
thera fit 4
I work in an after school program where I teach Zumba 4 days out of the week. On top of that, I am catering to my family and all of their needs and finding the time to go to the gym 4-5 days a week. Oh, and you can't forget going to school part time as well. With all of the running around I do I really needed shoes that can keep up and Therafit shoes do the trick!
Not only do these shoes help keep my feet in tip-top shape, but I have had so many compliments on them! Everyone at work calls me the pink shoe lady because I just have to wear them everyday! Even my students want to know where I got them. I even had a lady stop me in the produce aisle at SuperTarget the other day asking me where to get some. She told me she has been dying to get some hot pink shoes.
Now for the best part! You can win a pair of these amazing Therafit Deborah Women's Sneakers as well! A $95 value!
Just enter using the rafflecopter below! Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for the fulfillment of this prize! Thanks to Savvy K for the fabulous review - all rights and credit reserved! GOOD LUCK to all that enter - MGB! xxx