Monday, 24 June 2013

Close to Midnight...

It is almost midnight and I am out sitting with my feet up on my back porch. It is nice and calm, albeit for the airplanes that keep flying past unnanounced and the odd giant train, which seems like it'll hit its destination on the front end long before the rear end ever leaves its point of origin!

Nevertheless, it is peaceful out here, in the city, once in a while and I think I finally caught it in a moment!

All I need now is a cup of tea, a slice of toast and perhaps some motivation and we could be on to a real winner!

In other news, did anyone else watch Under the Dome tonight!? It was pretty darn good for a first episode - I will definitely be watching next week! Fingers crossed on this one having some longevity! Most of the show's i've liked over the last few years have ended poorly, abruptly and pretty sadly! So, hears to some hopefully) good T.V!

1 comment:

Linda parker said...

I hope you get your good tv....but you might have better luck with a great tea!