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Enjoying Tea: Tea Set Review AND Smart Tea Maker Giveaway!! Ends 7/13/13

As a member of a British born family, with a Scottish father and an English mother, I was raised on a LOT of hot tea and never did get the idea behind cool, iced tea - even though my husband drinks enough of that for the both of us, making us an all-around tea-drinking family at home!

Of course, I do enjoy a cup of coffee, but there is something very homely about brewing up a pot of fresh tea, especially when entertaining friends, and also while using a new, elegantly designed tea-pot as both the facilitator of brewing tea, and as a focal point for conversation!

Just this past week, I welcomed into my home a new tea gift set from Enjoying Tea, which is a rather delightful company that offers a wide variety of tea pots, cups and saucers, elegant tea wear, gift sets and tea!

The gift set, which I received for this review, is a very adorable cast iron tea pot/set in the style of a bamboo basket, which symbolizes a good harvest and abundance [in Asian culture] and is complete with 2 traditional style tea cups, trivet and filter along with a sampler of Oolong tea!

The tea set is the perfect size for a couple of drinkers, with an approximate capacity of 650 ml or 22.1 fl oz! The cups measure 2 7/8" in diameter and 2 1/8" in height. The trivet balances the tea pot perfectly and the cast iron design maintains the temperature of the tea long enough for you to enjoy the whole pot with a friend at a leisurely pace BUT tea warmers are also available should you require your tea to remain in the pot a little longer!

These cast iron pots do NOT go directly on the stove, they stand alone and are filled first with the loose, or bagged tea, and hot water from your kettle is poured into the pot a-top of the tea. The tea is left to settle and stew for a little while, depending on your taste and then served up in either the cups provided or a longer, taller cup of tea in a western style mug or teacup.

I had been dying to try some new teas that I had purchased from Tea Forte a while ago and took the opportunity to try them out in the new tea pot from Enjoying Tea, but first I had the pleasure of trying out the Oolong tea, which came alongside the set from Enjoying Tea!

The Oolong tea was light and smooth to taste, and delicious with a little added sugar and milk - I know this isn't idea for every drinker, but as a habit I almost always add a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar to each mug of tea and it doesn't matter which kind of tea it is if it is black tea, and it almost always must have the sugar - or a little organic honey to taste if it is not! Of course, I never add milk to green teas and most herbal, but I do have a taste for them all, regardless!

The tea was kept hot for a longer duration than I expected, and drinking from the cups that came with it somehow made the experience feel all the more "authentic" and special. A real delightful experience and really allows Enjoying Tea to live up to the reputation of its name!

I am extremely impressed with the design in the tea pot, and I love the symbolism and idea behind it! It looks very dashing on my sideboard amidst my red collection of kitchen wear and it slips into my home perfectly and has become a real point of interest with visiting friends.

If you are interested in browsing through the vast array of offerings from Enjoying Tea then all you have to do is head on over to their website and check them out for yourselves. Perhaps there is something over there that catches your eye, or something you have tried before? You can reach their website, presently, just by clicking HERE!

For cast iron tea pots specifically, you may also want to take a look HERE! There are some delightful designs including a dragonfly and a red plum blossom set, amidst others and you will surely find something, which takes your breath away!

BUT WAIT! There is MORE!

The good folk over at Enjoying Tea, would love you to share their love of tea by offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win a Smart Tea Maker and small sampler of tea!

The Smart Tea Maker is a simply genius way of making tea for one cup, smoothly, effortlessly and without waste of tea in the pot! You simply add the tea leaves, fill with boiling water, steep/stew your tea for as long as you like to taste and then place above your cup or mug to drain the tea directly down and ready to enjoy!

For more information on the Smart Tea Maker, you can head on over HERE!

In order to win the Smart Tea Maker, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below! Each entry is voluntary, there are never any mandatory requirements on our forms, but the more you do, the more entries you get, and so it would be fabulous if you'd love to do them all - and equally as great if you decide to just snag the one or two!!

The giveaway will run until July 13th at midnight, and a winner will be notified via Email within 24 hours thereafter! The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email and if no response if given in that time, a new winner shall be chosen and the same process will apply until our winner is confirmed.

Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for the prize fulfillment, which will come directly from Enjoying Tea. All entrants should reside in the U.S.A, be 18 years of age or have your parents permission to enter! Any further questions should be directed to us in advance if you are concerned that you may or may not qualify to win!

With all that said, dive on in to the rafflecopter now - you never know! Good luck!!

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the tea set in order to write this review, which is 100% honest and my own. Your opinions may differ. Thank you!


BargainHoundDailyDeals said...

The Japanese samuri tea set <3

Andrea Watson said...

Crystal palace filtering glass pitcher

Tearsong_Twin said...

The purple calligraphy tea pot is amazing!!

Tearsong_Twin said...

The purple calligraphy tea pot is amazing!!

Debbie McCullough said...

I love Tea Forte and the teapot set is super adorable!

Jennie said...

I love the pumpkin yixing clay teapot!

Linda parker said...

I love the Morning star blooming tea!

Holly Reefer said...

I love the glass teapot with stainless steel filter

Nikkie Cossairt said...

I like the Red Mushroom Iron Cast Teapot.

Kelly Hubbard said...

I like the Large Classical tea pot

Kelly Hubbard said...

I like the large Classic

Mary Somerville said...

I'd love to try the Silver Needle White Tea.I've never had white tea.

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I love their Blooming Art Tea
Thank You for the great giveaway

Fiona N