Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Busy Busy!

My friends went away on holiday on Friday and i have been looking after their animals and running around keeping an eye on workmen at my own house, washing, cleaning, moving things about, baking and generally getting things done!

Tonight, my whole body is paying for the extra effort I put in to getting on top of it all at home and away and so I think tomorrow I am going to sit in my pj's, clean my carpet and put my feet up! I think that sounds like a plan to me - I am even going to bring you a new review!

How do you like them apples?!



Erin Condren Gift Card Giveaway WINNER!

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Groceries and a penny left over!

I just got home from shopping and I did SO GOOD this week at the store we go to! They are an Amish store and sell lots of goods that are close to date or slightly dented or mis packaged etc and they are all good to eat and great to use and the prices are to die for!

For $20 this week I picked up a ton of organic girl spinach and arugala (4 boxes!), 4 packs of Stoneyfield greek+honey yoghurt, tons of organic crushed tomatoes, canned milk, salad cream, iced tea, a few packs of veggie burgers and dinner items and fries and such along with some nice deals on energy mixes from gatorade and Nut-ricious PB with bananas and stuff, which is YUMMY! I won't real you off the entire list for fear of boring you to death!!

I totaled up the stuff I got when I got home and it is easily 70-80 bucks worth if getting it just about anywhere else and I just can't argue with that! Just loving this place ever time I get to go and I adore my friend with the wonderful sense of savings who reminded me it existed and takes me along shopping every week! She rocks my socks! 

Also, the store has free coffee so I look forward to a free cup of coffee every week and no need to buy myself any to drink at home! I love it! WOOP! 

Take a look around if you're in PA, there are a couple of these kinds of stores and you'll get some GREAT bargains!! You do have to dig around a bit and you will not always get the same stuff every week but the choice is vast and you won't be disappointed!! 80% of everything I manage to find there is organic or good for you and so even better!! 

Very happy lady right now! Think i'll go and bake some rolls! - something else I can now do without spending too much money as a big bag of wheat flour was only 60 cents and a jar of yeast was 50 cents! Just ridiculous!! So much good, delicious and guilt free cheap bread!! Hungry hungry!! YUMMY! 

I really do love to share a bargain, do you have any discount stores near you?! I'd love to hear about them!! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

24/7 Frenzy Winners!


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You are all WINNERS of  $50 gift card to 24/7 Frenzy! 

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- MGB!

Therafit Sandals WINNER!

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Thank you so much to all who entered!! 


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Offline isn't too bad!

The workmen are still here, they'll probably be another week but it is starting to look really nice outside right now! If they manage to finish it in a week I will take my hat off to them because it does seem like they have a lot of work left but the guys seem confident that it'll be done!

In other news, I painted something yesterday for the first time in FOREVER, which is great because I have been putting it off and off and off so it was about time!

I also made a ton of dinner rolls and showed my 2 yr old how to make bread to go with our tuna pasta bake last night - all of which turned out AMAZING!

Rather productive day one step away from the internet for a moment! Need to keep my feet up today though! The swelling i'm having is rather annoying and I need to go and pick up some compression socks! SEXY!

The weekend is almost here, everyone! Just one more day!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Just Good Tobacco; Electric Cigarette Machine Review!

My husband is a smoker and I am not, but when we moved in together we decided that if we were going to get along then [aside from moving all smoking to the outside of the house] he was either going to have to give up smoking OR switch to rolling his own as the cost of buying cigarettes was never going to work on our budget if we were going to feed the kids and pay the bills as well!

We all know that smoking can be a ridiculously expensive habit and the cost per month [if you are buying just ONE pack of cigarettes a day] is roughly $140 a month right out of your pocket and up in the air!

However, after deciding to roll his own, the cost per month went down dramatically to around about $20! That is a HUGE saving and takes a little more effort to make the cigarettes BUT it is so worth it to see the savings on your wallet! 

The cost of his hand held roller was just over $10 and that actually turned out to be a poor investment as he has gone through a few of these now - they do not seem to last very long AND They can be hard on your hands! They regularly rip tubes and ruin cigarettes and so for every couple you may get right, there will be one that just won't cut it and is a complete waste of time! 

After the last machine he purchased broke within 24 hours, we decided to look for a better alternative! While searching around the internet, we fell across a wonderful website called "Just Good Tobacco", which promotes the use of natural tobacco sans all the nasty chemicals AND they have some FANTASTIC deals on bigger and better machines if you want to roll your own! 

We spoke to some lovely folk over at the site and we fixed my husband up with a Just Good Tobacco electric cigarette machine, which he has now been using for the past 2 weeks! 

The machine is sturdy and strong-built, looks nice and is easy to use! You literally turn it on, run a clean cycle and add your tobacco to the machine! You can adjust your packing so that you get a cigarette of your liking and within just a minute or two you can make an entire pack of cigarettes without straining your wrists, without too much fuss and with a consistent quality, which you can appreciate and prefer! 

The machine itself is not cheap, BUT there are some VERY, VERY good deals that come with the machine that basically make the machine pay for itself on the first purchase and so in the long run, it is going to save money and time and produce a good, clean cigarette with less chemicals and to your own taste when buying the Fresh Choice tobacco, which is best used with this machine! 

The machine alone will set you back $499, but you can sometimes get a deal on this machine for $220 for a limited periods of time by calling the company and speaking to them about their current deals and offers! 

There are several different deals on this machine that give you access to a LOT more than the machine alone. For instance, you can buy the "Starter Kit" special, which includes the machine and enough tobacco and tubes to make 12 CARTONS of cigarettes! a moisture meter AND a $50 gift certificate! This is a huge value package and with over a $700 value, you are already saving a TON of money and the machine practically pays for itself!! 

There are other deals, too, if you do not fancy such a big purchase! You can buy, instead, the "The Discovery Package", which does not come with the electric machine BUT does come with a Powermatic 1 cigarette injector, which is the next best thing! This is a hand worked machine worth $69 and a huge step up from the $10 hand slider machines that hurt your wrists and don't last 2 minutes! In fact, my father in law had one very similar to the Powermatic 1 and it lasted quite some years and so they are indeed a very good choice! 

The "Discovery Package" includes the Powermatic 1 injector, 6 ounces of natural tobacco, a box of 200 tubes and a $69 gift certificate! This is a HUGE saving and pays for itself in the first purchase and will continue to save you money as you continue to roll your own cigarettes! 

As I have mentioned a few times now, "Just Good Tobacco" supplies natural tobacco, which is important as it does not contain the chemicals or additives you might find in regular store-purchased cigarettes and you can buy it in various flavors, including menthol! 

The tobacco my husband has thus far been using is a bold tobacco, which is his preferred choice and the cost of this tobacco can set you back up to $160 for a 12.5 lb bag of tobacco! This tobacco can easily make up to 30 CARTONS of cigarettes though, which works out at around just 60 cents and change per pack of cigarettes!! That is just $16.80 a MONTH in cigarettes if you are a pack a day smoker! A whopping saving of over $120 a month, or approximately $1,440 a year when buying generics!! That is a Disney trip, a second honeymoon or a down payment for a new car that you might otherwise not have been able to afford!! 

My husband is ecstatic about the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, and just couldn't say enough good things about it! The company goes above and beyond to satisfy customers with WONDERFUL customer support, too - if anything happens to your machine and it breaks, you can send it back to the company and get it fixed for free if you use the tobacco they supply, or fixed for cheap if you choose to buy your own. This does not expire, even if you pass your machine along to someone else, they will still receive the same benefits, which are renewed each time you purchase tobacco from the company, even if you had previously purchased some of your own elsewhere for a while and decided to switch back! 

The company goes so far above and beyond that they even send you schematics of the machine so that should a minor problem occur, you can take it apart and fix it yourself without voiding the warranty as long as you don't remove the panels at the back, and follow the instructions! This is wonderful and something that all companies should encourage when selling high-end or high-priced items! It allows the consumer to choose whether to repair by themselves or to send back to the company and it really gives you a lot of options! There are even videos online to help you with any problems you might encounter, which you just can't give enough credit, at all! 

This is a company that really wants to look after its customers and wants you to enjoy your experience with them! They want to give you the best and continue to work with you as their customer into the future! Of course they want you to buy their tobacco, but who wouldn't want to buy it at their prices knowing that i was natural tobacco and that you could make your own cigarettes with so little effort and keep so much cash in your wallet!? 

If you are interested in finding out more about the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, Fresh Choice tobacco and other products that make up some fabulous deals to get you started on saving those pennies then just head on over to their website, which you can find HERE! 

For a closer look at the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, and how easy it is to use and run, you can view the following video, which will give you just what you need!

Overall our household is thrilled with this machine and how it works, the price and the value for money with the combination of tobacco and extras that you get when buying a packaged deal!! There are also so many other extras from this company that there are not enough hours in the day to get them all over to you, but I will say that if you can also get a loyalty card for tobacco purchases where you buy 10 bags and get 1 free - you should ask about this if you decide to order as every little helps and the bonuses keep on coming!! 

I know that smoking is not ideal and many people would rather quit, but for those of you who really do not wish to quit, but also do not wish to spend big bucks or take in all of the extra chemicals when you do it, this is the deal for you!! Check them out today!

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson was supplied with a machine for the integrity of this review and this provision did not alter the opinions of anyone involved in reviewing it. All opinions are honest and reviewers own! Your opinions may differ! Thank you! 

Mom's Gone Bronson does not advocate smoking one way or another, but we do very much realized that it is up to the individual to make their own choices as to whether to smoke or to buy tobacco products, which is why we are happy to bring you this review! 

This post is intended for adults only. Please do not visit the mentioned websites unless you are 18 years or over. Please act responsibly. Thank you! 

Monday, 22 July 2013

See ya, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

This weekend was a bust! I didn't do anything but clean and clean some more!

Friday night I kicked out my father in law cause I was sick and tired of his childish attitude and total disrespect to simple house rules and I had enough! It didn't go down very politely, but it went down and he is now gone!

I am SO happy to have my house back and no stinky dogs taking up my whole space and no junk lying all around my house! - It took me 3 hours Saturday morning to pack up all his stuff and then another 2 hours to clean out all his stuff from the rooms he had more stuff in! I couldn't quite believe just how much space in my house he had overtaken but now that it is all packed up and mostly gone, it looks AMAZING!

My whole family is back to normal, we clearly prefer not having someone else in our house and we can now look forward to the baby coming instead of babysitting my father in law anymore!

For a man who had nowhere to go and who is always sick or sore or injured he sure found somewhere to go real quick AND had zero trouble lifting it all out of the basement!! Funny that!

The sad part of it all is, all he had to do to be able to stay here was follow some simple instructions like "wash your dogs" or "keep yourself to yourself" or "put the baby gate back up if you need to move it!" but he couldn't follow those kind of requests and he had to go.

Now that we have our space back it is so much more peaceful in the house and everyone's mood has gone through the roof! HAPPY HAPPY!!

Now time to get back to NORMAL!! :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dorm Co. XL Sheet Set Winner!

The WINNER of the XL Sheet Set from Dorm Co. IS...


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Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS! 

- MGB!

Disclaimer: Winner has 48 hours to respond and claim their prize, which is a prize fulfilled by Dorm Co. and not Mom's Gone Bronson. After 48 hours with no confirmation, a new winner will be selected until a winner is confirmed! Thank you!

Totally FREE!

A couple of FREEBIES this morning to start off your day!!

No shipping and no credit card needed!

Free shaker bottle from Natures Bounty

Free shot glass from Big House Bourbon


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for fulfillment of these freebies, nor am I associated with either one. Thank you! 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

...and the work goes on...!

My crazy day continues with more workmen! The hole in the ceiling is gone, the pipes are repaired and all is well in the kitchen...but...now we have a few men in the yard mixing up concrete and coming in and out for water to lay the foundations for what will eventually be the new base to our new fence at the back of our yard!

It is quite late in the day for them to be here, especially as I was about to get a nap, but at least they're here and work is being done and so I can't say no to that!! Rather have it all going on in one day - the one day I thought I was taking time off and lying around all day - than spacing it out through the week!

As it turns out, though, having said that, we will have people in working TOMORROW! At least sometime soon all those little things that have been bothering me for a while will be fixed and all will look nice...probably just before we move! ha!

Ah well, my nap will come soon enough! SO TIRED!

At least i'm nice and cool sitting here on my back porch with my feet in the baby pool, again! Can't really ask for much better than that, other than maybe an ice cream and a big glass of sparkling lemonade! 

Better watch those pipes!

Today is ridiculously hot! I have 9 weeks or so to go of this pregnancy and all I want to do after the long weekend and the 2 birthday get-togethers this week is crawl into bed and stay there until dinner time!

Unfortunately for me, the one day I decided to sit and do a whole load of nothing, my neighbors kids decided to jam one too many things down their sink and all of their pipes are blocked and the maintenance guys were unable to fix it directly upstairs over the last 2 days and have now descended on my kitchen instead!

Thankfully, the problem has been located pretty swiftly and they know what they need to do and how to get it done BUT it is one of those little jobs that is taking ALL DAY to do and they're taking over my kitchen for it and leaving me with tons of black, nasty, smelly mush! NICE!

They will be cleaning up after themselves, which is always a bonus - and while they're here, they can fix the sink in my upstairs bathroom, which is on the fritz again! SO! I guess it is annoying but it is pretty much a win-win for me - if they hurry it along!

For now, though, I am resigned to my living room with ice water, my blog and facebook! Might even put my feet up and read a book! I do have 6 of them to start on now, too!! Nothing like some light reading!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Erin Condren Review and $50 Giftcard Giveaway!

As you all now know, I love my books and planners and getting everything down on paper and so it will be no surprise to you when I introduce to you one of the brightest and colorful websites for note pads, planners, calendars and personalized accessories!

Erin Condren (the website in question) let me get a peek at one of their note pads last week, which I was able to see personalized with "Mom's Gone Bronson!" on the front and with optional add-ons for further accessories like pens, log sheets, stickers and more!

The beauty of having the ability to pick and choose your add-ons and accessories is that absolutely nothing gets wasted, you can make it what you want and what you need rather than be bulked down with things you may never use!

The cost of one of their notepads is $38 for a basic notepad before extras, which does seem like quite a lot of money, but the quality is nice and the customer service is good with fast shipping right to your door! The notebooks are unique to you dependent on your personalization and they really are thick and heavy in your had as though you are holding something of good, durable quality.

The book, which I received for review, was wrapped in a colorful pink tissue paper and boxed in a very arty box and was a pleasure to receive in the mail. There were a few little added labels and extras and the book itself did not disappoint!

The design I chose it very pretty and the covers are laminated so it will stay nice for quite some time! There is a 1 page calendar in the back and a pocket for storing pens or papers. There is also a ruler and some blank pages at the back, which compliment the ruled notepad paper the rest of the way through the book.

I look forward to using this notepad for my next writing venture, and can see this having a LOT of use for me, personally as I am so much better with the pen and paper than I am sitting down to the laptop or parking myself in front of the P.C. There is also always something quite nice about being able to curl up somewhere with a pen and paper in hand and just let your imagination roll with it rather than having to fight with glaring screens and, beeps, noises and the distractions of social networks!


I would love to show you how nice these are, and to help do so, the lovelies over at Erin Condren would like to offer our readers the opportunity to win a whopping $50 gift card to their website! That is a wonderful prize and one I am sure you will enjoy if you are selected as our winner!

The giveaway is simple and entries are easy! All you have to do is to scroll down a little to the rafflecopter on this post and enter one or all of the options to gain entries and sit back and wait for the drawing to happen, which will go ahead on 30th of July 2013!

As per usual, all entries are optional, but the more you do, the more chances you get to win and we sure do love it when you like our sponsors and tweet to the world about these fabulous giveaways!

This giveaway is open to all in the U.S and over 18, so please get your parents permission if you are underage! The start date is July 16th, 2013 and will end on July 30th 2013, where by the winner will be chosen.

The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize and must reply to the email we send to confirm themselves as the rightful winner so please use a valid email address for all entries for your own peace of mind! If no winner is confirmed after a 48 hour period, the winner will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen. This will continue until we have our confirmed winner.

The prize will be shipped directly from the vendor and Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

So, what are you waiting for?! Let the entries commence!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson was provided with a notepad for the integrity of this review but was not otherwise compensated. All views are honest, open and her own! Prize fulfillment is reliant upon, and direct from, Erincondren.com and no one else. Thank you!

Wonderful Weekend!

Over the weekend my husband celebrated his birthday and we had far too many people in our apartment, but it was fun!!

Every year he asks why I bother organizing it as he isn't too worried about his birthday but this year he had a blast and even declared that it was the best one yet! I don't know if I should now quit while I am ahead or strive for an even better one next year, but I am sure I will carry on doing something each time it rolls around!

I made so much food, spent the entire day preparing everything and I was sooooo sore on Sunday, but it was well worth it!

Monday was a little bit of a blur, but today I am back on the ball!

I do hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Only 3 more days until the next one!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Enjoying Tea Giveaway WINNER!

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Thank you to everyone who took part, you were all fabulous, as always!!! 

- MGB!

Grand Vacay Giveaway!! Ends July 31st/13! Lots of Prizes!!

Brought to you by Savvy K!!

Grand Vacay Giveaway!

grand vacay giveaway
Savvy K has just finished a Summer Vacay series over at their blog and so RIGHT NOW it is time for you to win some of the amazing items featured! We have numerous prizes for this giveaway that you can win! 

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Each prize will have a unique winner! Yes, that means this giveaway will have 13 winners in all. Each prize will have a different rafflecopter to enter on below for whichever prize you wish!! Enter one or enter all, it is completely up to you!! 


 This giveaway starts July 15th, 12:01 am and ends on July 31st at 11:59pm.
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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lunch! (and not just with my 2 yr old!)

Yesterday I went for lunch with a friend and it has been so long since I went for lunch with anyone, and so much longer since i've had any decent adult conversation that it was a real treat!

Usually, lunch involves me sitting down to a home cooked lunch with my 2 year old and babble for conversation - although her sentences are getting so wonderful now that we do pretty well as far as that goes and it can be quite the treat! BUT! Today, we went to Moe's!

I have never been there before and, if I am completely honest here, I had never heard of them until yesterday either so I wasn't really sure what I was ordering or what to expect! I do have to say though that I was VERY pleasantly surprised! They have the most awesome quesadillas and their portions are so generous that I was STUFFED by the time we left!!

The kids came along, too and I have to say these kids were SO well behaved at lunch that it makes me so happy! If 2 and 3 year olds can act that civilized while still having a good time in public then there is absolutely no reason at all why adults can't do the same thing!

The kids meals are fabulous sizes and they both had the mini quesadillas, nachos and a drink, one of them had rice and beans too and they both ate almost every bite! There were cookies for after also and there was just so much for their little bellies that it was so worth the trip!

Such wonderful company and just an all around pleasant experience that I had to shout about Moe's to everyone! If you get a chance to visit I absolutely recommend them any day!

My friends have great taste and totally rock my socks!!


Disclaimer: I wasn't in any way compensated for this post and these are my own opinions. Yours may vary! Thank you! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

24/7 Frenzy Dress Review AND Giveaway! Ends 7/25/13

I don't know about you, but I personally find it VERY hard to find clothes that I like in my size - what with being a 1x or 2x and 6 feet tall and pregnant to-boot, it is almost impossible!

I do come across the odd website here and there though, which do offer clothes in my size that aren't too short, aren't too tight and aren't too much like your grandmothers tablecloths when you put them on!

One of these sites is 24/7 Frenzy, which offers a wide range of regular size clothes and lingerie alongside a nice selection of plus size clothes too!

I got in the mail, last week, a dress from 24/7 Frenzy, which is a pretty summer dress that rests off the shoulder, belts at the waist and finishes off with a frill trim and is very pretty for summer! My husband isn't too keen on it, and would argue that it makes me look like something out of the Waltons, but actually this dress looks much better on the body than it does on the rack and [paired with the right kind of shoe or boot] could make for any occasion!

My dress came in a size 3x and it fits well but I had been told ahead of time that the dresses ran a little small and so I ordered up to be prepared - the extra space also allows for a bit of a baby bump without too much trouble even though this is not intended as a maternity dress!

The photo to the left is my actual dress, on the hanger, and the photo to the right is from the 24/7 website (all rights reserved) and shows how the dress is supposed to be worn! 

The belt is cute and will cinch in the waist as necessary and so you really can make this dress fit your shape without too much of a hassle, too! The only real problem I do have with the dress is that is it a little shorter than I would usually wear, BUT this is easily fixed with a cute pair of tights or a short legging! In fact, it would look nice with a thick tight and knee-high boot for a fall look without any problems at all!!

I do love the selection of tops that 24/7 Frenzy has on their site and would encourage you to take a look over there and see exactly what they have to offer as they are so much more than summer dresses! One of my favorite items is actually to be found HERE - it is a long, tunic top and SO pretty and floaty for summer!

It really is about time more clothing lines added a plus size range and perhaps thought about us tall folk too! Sites like 24/7 Frenzy really do buck the trend and cater for real women with curves and do not expect us all to be a size 0!

You could WIN!

So how could 24/7 Frenzy make your day any brighter than the simple knowledge that they were in existence!? WELL! I'll tell you:

The good folk over at 24/7 would like to offer THREE of our readers the chance to win a $50 e-gift card to purchase something from their site - including items on sale!! This is a FABULOUS prize that you won't want to pass up and the entry requirements are simple, quick and easy, too!!

Just head on down to the rafflecopter below and do as many or as few of the entries as you like and VOILA! You're entered to win! The more entries you do, the more chance you have to win - but nothing is mandatory and you can pick and choose as you go along if you do not want to do them all!

Giveaway will run from 7/11/13 to 7/25/13 and will end with 3 winners! Winners will be contacted within 24 hours of giveaway end and will have 48 hours after that to claim their prize! If no response has been received after 48 hours, the winner will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen in their place! You must be in the U.S to enter and over 18 or with your parents permission, in order to qualify! Thank you! 

SO! What are you waiting for!? GOOD LUCK! - MGB. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given a dress to evaluate for this review but was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are honest and my own and your views may differ! Thank you! - Special thanks to all participating bloggers on this giveaway! You rock my socks! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Journals Unlimited, Inc. Review!

I don't know how many of you are like my good self, but! I can be extremely unorganized to the point where if I do not scribble something down on a piece of paper - I forget!

It would seem as though I have been forgetting things since the day I was born, but not to any real extreme! However!  With me being well into my 3rd pregnancy [with our 4th child] the ability to remember everything necessary to my daily life is slowly on the decline once again and this is where Journals Unlimited, Inc. comes along to my rescue!

Contrary to the standard, I am not one to want to keep a lot of things in my phone and [if I had to rely on it for updates and reminders every day] it would slowly drive me insane if I did! I do not particularly need a random Dr. Who theme tune alarm going off to tell me that it is so-n-so's birthday while i'm in the middle of the store, or while i'm trying to do something that requires some form of concentration, or even while I am taking a nap - no one wants to be told anything while taking one of those!

I am, and will probably always be, the kind of person who loves to write things down, likes to get out a pen and paper and scribble and scribe notes-to-self, which perhaps sometimes no one else on earth can comprehend - and, on occasion, notes that I myself can no longer understand, either! BUT! Never-the-less, there is something comforting about having jotted a note down inside a well-kept book, planner or scrap pile, which makes my day go a little smoother and provides a wondrous comfort!

Journals Unlimited, Inc. has helped me immensely over the past week or so as I have had the sincerest pleasure of trying out one of their day-planners, which is one of the many (over 65) titles of planners and journals offered in the "Write It Down!" series, which include journals for bucket lists, a couples journal, a journal for Grandma and many more!

These journals are so much fun and just holding one in your hand can make you feel powerful and in control of your own thoughts and feelings! They have weight and durability to them and to make these even better, they are printed in the USA from recycled materials AND retail for LESS THAN $20 each!

In case you are not convinced by the traditional method of pen-to-paper, the ups to using them are always many! You will never have to suffer beepy, annoying alarms to remind you of the date! No 10 minutes scrolling through applications or getting distracted by facebook for 3 hours before remembering to put the reminder in your phone in the first place AND no fuss if your power goes out and you need some critical information in a hurry - a book or a planner is never going to lose its charge, suffer a cracked screen or fall prey to some type of malfunction and digital error!

There is a lot to gain by writing it down and I can certainly approve! Over the last week I have watched in actual amazement as I put down all of my to-do, to-write and to-remember lists into this planner, which is conveniently not dated so you will never waste a page unless you want to! There are more tasks in a day than I realized before when I scribbled things down on pieces of paper and threw them up on the fridge and I have managed to keep up with my dates, calls and errands much better just having them all written down and ready to go!

I do feel very organized with this planner, and I know that it will make all of the difference! Every Journal available from Journal's Unlimited, Inc. is going to provide you with either the same comfort, a space to reflect, a way to organize, joke or remember and these are what pages were made for!

Why not head on over to Journals Unlimited, Inc. today and see if there are any particular journals that catch your eye - they even have a color collection to suit your individuality and flare and you're almost certain to find something you'd like to use in order to "Write It Down!" yourself OR as a gift for any occasion!  You may even want to give them a shout out over at their Facebook, which you can find HERE!

Let me know what you think of the wonders they have to offer and if you have had any experiences with them in the past that just made your day!!

What are you waiting for?


Disclaimer: I was provided with this planner for the sake and integrity of the review, I was not otherwise compensated and the provision of the planner in no way impacted my truthful and honest thoughts about the planner itself. Your views may differ! Thank you!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Therafit Sandals Review AND Giveaway! - Ends 7/24/13

I was recently introduced to a company, which makes fabulous footwear of the athletic type and discovered, at the same time, that they make SANDALS too! Not just any sandals - these are long-wearing, chunky, comfy and sporty sandals, which come in several colors and sizes and make wonderful footwear throughout the summer!!

With my pregnancy now counting down to d-day, I am every more uncomfortable and I do get bouts of swelling - especially on these hot 90+ degree days and humid nights! I still like to walk to get my joints moving though, which always keeps me more comfortable than when I sit and do little-to-nothing, and Therafit sandals make walking ever more comfortable and not at all a trauma on my feet or body as a whole!

Therafit sandals are unique in that they feature Therafit's very own patented Personal Comfort System and feel like you're wearing a sneaker rather than a sandal! They give you a good grip and comfortable bounce and yet leave your foot open and stylish, which is perfect for the hot summer but just as stylish to wear all year around!

Therafit sandals are available in various colors and styles from the Sandy Pink ones to the Carly Brown! You can see the entire selection of sandals by visiting HERE! They are diverse and stylish, comfortable AND affordable from $59.00 - $69.00 per pair, and are going to last you a LONG time - much longer than your average pair of flip-flops or sandals and with better comfort!

I especially love the fact that, after testing these out for the past couple of weeks, my feet always seem to return home without being achy or sore, unlike when I go out in my plain, flat sandals! They give me the ability to walk distances without worry and they keep me cool in this ridiculous humidity! My ankles really couldn't fit into a standard pair of boots or shoes right now, either and so these sandals have really been a life-saver for me this summer!

I don't think I have a single bad thing to say about the fit or comfort of the sandals and the color is a real joy - they are every bit as bright as they are on the site AND they came gift wrapped with a delightful box and packaging, which is a fabulous touch on a fabulous shoe!! Therafit definitely score high on our scale when customer service and present-ability are concerned! They are simply a JOY!


For a full line up of sandals [and other Therafit shoes] you can head on over to their website and have a look around! BUT! Thanks to the folk over at Therafit shoes, you can also ENTER TO WIN a pair of Therafit Sandals all of your own!!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is enter on the rafflecopter below!! These are great sandals and I know you're going to have fun with them if you are anything like me!! You can do as many, or as few, options to enter as you like but remember that the more you do, the more chances you have to win - and you can come back every day to do some of them again! How fabulous is that!

The giveaway starts on 7/8/13 and ends on 7/24/13! You have to live in the U.S and be over 18 OR have parents permission to enter and make sure you enter with a valid email so that we can successfully contact you if you win! We never pass on, sell or distribute any of your personal information so your details are safe with us!

We will contact the winner within 24 hours of giveaway end and that winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize, where-by, if no winner is chosen, they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen until we have successfully confirmed our winner! 

Therafit Shoes is responsible for prize fulfillment, which is limited to your choice of Therafit SANDALS only, not athletic shoes. You can choose your size, up to an 11 [where available] in the color of your choice!

What are you waiting for!? Enter on the form below! GOOD LUCK - MGB! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Sandy Pink Sandals for the sake of this review but was not otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions are open, honest any my own. Your views may differ from my own! Thank you! AND Thank you to all the blogs participating in this giveaway! You rock my socks!

patented Personal Comfort System, providing the same cushioned comfort you have come to expect from Therafit Footwear, but in a cute sporty sandal - See more at: http://www.therafitshoe.com/shoes/Shoes_sandals/#sthash.3jdV4qlE.dpuff
patented Personal Comfort System, providing the same cushioned comfort you have come to expect from Therafit Footwear, but in a cute sporty sandal - See more at: http://www.therafitshoe.com/shoes/Shoes_sandals/#sthash.3jdV4qlE.dpuf
patented Personal Comfort System, providing the same cushioned comfort you have come to expect from Therafit Footwear, but in a cute sporty sandal - See more at: http://www.therafitshoe.com/shoes/Shoes_sandals/#sthash.3jdV4qlE.dpuf

Dormco.com XL Sheet Set Review and Giveaway!! Ends 7/18/13

I recently brought you a post about the cost of books while heading out to college and how you can save some money by renting them - well, how about the comforts of home you're going to need while heading off to college for the very first time, and money you'll have left [from renting all of those lovely books] to be able to buy from stores such as dormco.com

Dormco.com is a great website dedicated to supplying you with everything from the basic to the luxurious need for all of the home comforts you may miss while away at your new home, dorm room or apartment while working through college!

From laundry baskets and wash sets to  full sized comforters and single futons, dormco.com has a little of everything for every age and preference while away from home - and even for those at home who just want to jazz it up a little!!

I was lucky enough last week to try out some of their Supersoft XL twin bedding, in a beautiful teal colour, which came packed neatly and shipped fast right to my door!!

While I don't have any children heading out to college this year, my son is 16 and the time to think about college and furthering his education is definitely near and he is always looking for ways to change up his room from the young teen to the young adult and dormco can definitely help with that!

I didn't put the sheets on my son's bed though, I actually utilized them in my daughter's bedroom to show you how versatile these sheets are and to show you that they add a lovely pop of color to just about any room!

The set that I received comes with extra long sheets in 6 different colors from Aqua (the color of ours) to plain white or purple with orange, pink and lime green in between! These are bold colors and bring life to the room with a fitted sheet, flat sheet AND pillow case [all 100% super soft microfiber] for just the cost of $18.98 and can be located HERE!

The set is perfect for hot nights if you just use the sheets alone, but are wonderful for cooler nights when topped with a comforter - also available from dormco.com with a little search through their inventory!

As far as sheet sets go, this one is very nice! I love the feel of the fabric and I love that is isn't a struggle to get it over the mattress! The extra length allows for easy coverage and a snug snooze at any time of day - be it between classes, all day between concerts or all night for a night of peaceful sleep!

These are basics that you just can't live without, no matter where you are or what you might need - these are a must have in any home or location and I am definitely not disappointed with them at all! In fact, for the price, I am extremely satisfied with what you get AND the XL feature is perfect for everyone!

If you're wondering just how much difference that extra length might make on your sheets, how about listening to this bedtime story, from dormco.com, which can be found over at YouTube HERE! 

BUT WAIT! There is MORE!
The fabulous people over at dormco.com would like to offer one of you lovely readers a chance to try out a set of these XL sheets for yourselves! They're sending ONE WINNER a Twin XL Set, in the color of your choice (where available) to use in any which way you wish - for your college leaver, the home body who needs to jazz up his or her room, your toddler who loves a splash of color or just for you!!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this set is enter via the rafflecopter below! Simple, quick entries and you can do as many or as few as you'd prefer!

Giveaway will run from 7/8/2013 and end on 7/18/2013! You must be in the U.S in order to enter and have your parents permission if you are under 18! Fulfillment will be the responsibility of dormco.com and not Mom's Gone Bronson, and you will need to sign in to the rafflecopter with a valid email as this will be used to contact you if you are the winner!

The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of giveaway end and will have a further 48 hours to respond to that email. If no response has been received within that 48 hour period then a new winner will be chosen until we get our winner!

So, now you have all of the nitty-gritty, what are you waiting for!? You know you want these sheets!! Especially for these hot summer nights where comforters are out and cool sheets are in!!

Enter now! Good Luck!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 7 July 2013

FREE Microphone or Headset! HURRY! While Stocks Last!

Right now you can score a TOTALLY FREE microphone or headset just by heading on over HERE and entering this code: SM123educator 

Once registered, scroll down and you'll see a selection of various different head sets, microphones and combination headset/microphones to choose from and each customer can choose ONE totally FREE with FREE shipping! 

No credit card is required, no payment at all! 

I chose the USB headphone/mic combination valued at almost $40!! 

What are you waiting for? Let me know if you get one! 


Disclaimer: I was not at all compensated for this post in any way, thank you!  

Enjoy Hair Care Review and Giveaway; Courtesy of Beautiful Incentives! - Ends 7/17!

Review Brought to you by Beautiful Incentives!

I am always in search of sulfate-free hair care that will quench my thirsty locks. Sulfate-free is far better,  gentler and healthier for your hair. Enjoy haircare is a perfectly ph balanced hair care line that focuses on healthy hair and sulfate-free choices. They have every shampoo, conditioner and styling product for every hair type. One thing I love about them is that they DO NOT test on animals, only hair dressers.

 The reason why my hair is so dried out is because I love to blow dry and flat iron my naturally curly hair straight. I have to constantly deep condition and moisturize to keep it manageable. Enjoy hair care helps me keep it manageable.  It left my hair shiny and soft and I love the spray conditioner for when I wear my hair curly. It gives it the perfect moisture.

The set I am reviewing and giving away today is their "Summer Sizzle" It is perfect for those that go swimming a lot during this boiling summer or for those that may use a bunch of products in their hair, like me.

The set includes the following (All color safe) 
  • ENJOY Sulfate-Free Shampoo pH 4.5 – 5.5
  • ENJOY Clarifying Spray pH 4.5-5.5
  • ENJOY Conditioning Spray pH 3.5 – 4.5
I love the very fresh and slightly sweet scent of all these products. They definitely have a very beachy scent to them. They are not over powering at all and really unique to hair care products. I wish more smelled like this! 

The Clarifying spray works like any clarifying shampoo, but much more gentle on the hair. This is perfect for getting out all the product gunk or chlorine from swimming. 

The Sulfate free-shampoo is very gentle and leaves my hair squeaky clean. 

To get the best benefit, their tip on the site is to: Wet your hair. Spray in Clarifying Spray and work through hair. Do NOT rinse. Then apply the Sulfate-Free Shampoo, work into lather and rinse thoroughly.

I tried both ways and I definitely prefer the shampoo and clarifying together. It makes it much easier to wash out and the shampoo leaves it softer. 

The Conditioning spray smells divine and left my hair very easy to comb through. My curls looked great when I left it in and coupled with a straightening and protecting lotion, so did my blow dried look. You can leave this on or wash it out. 

This is my [Brie from Beautiful Incentives] hair as a result of using these products. It is so soft to the touch. Having a serum or pomade would have been the perfect finish for my naturally frizzy kinky curly hair. I hope to try their curly line too!

To maintain beautiful summer tresses, you need to try this line! 

I am dying to try out their straightening lotion and other curly hair products! 

To find out more about other products they carry and to keep up with promotions, follow them on their social media sites. 

Youtube - Lots of styling tips here! 

I'm excited to be able to offer one lucky winner their own "Summer Sizzle" set! 

Giveaway goes live at 1pm 7/7/2013!! 

Good Luck! - MGB

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prepare for College with Campus Book Rentals!

Summer is in full swing, but it won't be long before the hot sweaty nights are behind us and the cool of winter drops its veil over us once again, bringing with it a fresh influx of new students headed out for the first time to start their adventures at colleges across the country, or to rediscover their education in their second, third or even fourth years!!

No matter at what point your education, we all know that money can be a struggle when study comes into play, but one element you do not have to worry about financially is BOOKS!

Thanks go Campus Book Rentals, you no longer have to buy every book you'll ever use for college and they can save you a few bucks if you already have!

Campus Book Rentals is a great resource for so many reasons, which include:
  • The ability to save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Absolutely FREE shipping both ways
  • They will allow you to highlight in the textbooks
  • Generous, flexible renting periods
There is no need to build up a backlog of books that you'll only use once, no need to fork out a small fortune on books you only need for one course and no need to spend money that could be used for other resources!

If you have books already, and no longer need them, you can also RENT BACK books, where by you send your books to Campus Book Rentals and they rent out your books to other students, who save money on not having to buy books, while you make a few pennies back on their cost of rental, which means you make a few bucks back on those books you've already spend out money for that might just be lying around your house at this very moment!

On top of saving a few pennies AND getting you a few pennies back, Campus Book Rentals also donate a small portion of the money you pay for rentals to Operation Smile, which is an international charity for children, that actively aids in the safe, quality medical treatment and reconstruction of cleft palette - restoring children's smiles in over 60 countries with their 5,000+ volunteers around the world, enhancing children's lives every single day!

For more information on this all-around fabulous tool for learning on a budget, you can take a look at the video below and head on over to the Campus Book Rentals site for more tips and benefits for making the books you have to work with, work for you!

Have you ever participated in rentals from Campus Book Rentals, or used their Rent Back system before?! If so, I would LOVE to know how it worked for you!

For everyone just starting back at college, or those starting for the first time, I hope you have a wonderful Summer vacation, and good luck with the next/first semester back!! - Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review, but it has not in any way changed my honest opinion of the service for which Campus Book Rentals provides! Your opinions may differ from mine! Thank you!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

So far, so uncomfortable: The fun of being pregnant with 11 weeks to go!

As most of you know, I am pregnant with our 4th child! This one will most definitely be our last and more-so now since all this pain I am currently getting with him being so low and putting a lot of pressure on everything underneath my ever-disappearing waist line!

Over the last week or so I have started to feel a lot of pain in the top of my legs AND it has been hard to walk without A. looking like I might have left my walking stick at home or B. just feeling like I want to sit down every 5 minutes! I mentioned it to the OB just yesterday and right away she prescribed me a prenatal cradle!

I haven't gotten it yet but I do have to go up and get measured for one. The cradle, which is like a lara croft style harness [without the weaponry] SHOULD take off some of the pressure currently being put on my whole lower body and, in turn, alleviate some of that pain!

This is definitely new to me, since neither of the children I carried before gave me any hassles like this one at all! I think the truth is definitely in the saying that no two pregnancies are ever quite the same - and boy do I feel it this time!

I have about 11 weeks or so left until this baby comes and I am definitely hoping not to be a huge wreck of a woman by then! So far, so good, if I just take it slowly and try and calm down a little and not be quite so eager to get up and run around like a headless chicken on a mission, but unfortunately this "get-up-and-go" attitude is something I have never been able to shake!

Thankfully, I do have a 16 yr old who is very helpful with running to the store for me, or with picking things up around the house,  and I do love him for that! He also makes a pretty decent cup of tea, which is a great cure for just about everything!!

With all that said, the latest baby update is that his heartbeat remains at a steady 136 and everything is going as it should and I am now on 2 week appointments instead of every 4!! Things are coming around VERY fast now!! I will certainly be glad when he is on the outside!! Roll on September!!

Monday, 1 July 2013

$100 Vitacost Giftcard Giveaway!

Vitacost, for whom I have an upcoming review this week, is currently offering up a FABULOUS prize to our readers, and theirs, through their latest group giveaway, for none other than a whopping $100 gift card to their site!!

As you may well know, Vitacost has everything to offer from vitamins to diapers, make-up and organic products at great prices, which means that $100 will go a long, LONG way!! 

If you are not already a member, you can sign up with Vitacost, HERE and receive $10 (via my refer-a-friend link) when you do, to spend through the site as you please!! You can also shop as a guest and not sign up at all, it is completely versatile and up to you! You are still going to snag some fabulous items at more than fair prices AND have them delivered right to your door!

How to enter: 
To be in with a chance of winning the $100 Vitacost giftcard prize, all you have to do is enter through the rafflecopter below!! It really is that simple!!

The giveaway opens on July 1st at 12am EST and will end on July 14th, 2013!

SO! What are you waiting for!? Enter NOW! Good luck everyone!! Let us find ourselves a winner!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this post, but I will receive $10 in credit for Vitacost for everyone who signs up through my refer-a-friend link should you choose to sign up that way. This is in no way mandatory and will not affect your ability to win the prize! Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for prize fulfillment! This responsibility lies solely with Vitacost, who shall pick the winner and make contact at the end of the giveaway period! Thank you!