Wednesday, 17 July 2013

...and the work goes on...!

My crazy day continues with more workmen! The hole in the ceiling is gone, the pipes are repaired and all is well in the we have a few men in the yard mixing up concrete and coming in and out for water to lay the foundations for what will eventually be the new base to our new fence at the back of our yard!

It is quite late in the day for them to be here, especially as I was about to get a nap, but at least they're here and work is being done and so I can't say no to that!! Rather have it all going on in one day - the one day I thought I was taking time off and lying around all day - than spacing it out through the week!

As it turns out, though, having said that, we will have people in working TOMORROW! At least sometime soon all those little things that have been bothering me for a while will be fixed and all will look nice...probably just before we move! ha!

Ah well, my nap will come soon enough! SO TIRED!

At least i'm nice and cool sitting here on my back porch with my feet in the baby pool, again! Can't really ask for much better than that, other than maybe an ice cream and a big glass of sparkling lemonade! 


Karen Glatt said...

How nice that you are getting some things done around the house,and it is hot, what a good place to put your feet in some cold water and drinking a nice iced drink. I need to do this!

Sandy Cain said...

Relax! Soon all the workmen will be gone, and you will have blessed quiet and your home to yourself again. And it will all have been worth it. Now stick those tootsies back in the baby pool and cool off!

Go Bronson! said...

They left after 10pm last night, I took a shower and crawled into bed! It was a really long day, but you can really see some progress in the yard, which is GREAT! I have waited almost 5 years for them to get me a new gate and, instead of a gate, they're building me up a whole new base, support, wall and gate, so it is going to be fabulous! You're right! :)

Cheryl Fisher said...

It sounds like through all the havoc in your life you will eventually have a beautiful yard and house.