Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Better watch those pipes!

Today is ridiculously hot! I have 9 weeks or so to go of this pregnancy and all I want to do after the long weekend and the 2 birthday get-togethers this week is crawl into bed and stay there until dinner time!

Unfortunately for me, the one day I decided to sit and do a whole load of nothing, my neighbors kids decided to jam one too many things down their sink and all of their pipes are blocked and the maintenance guys were unable to fix it directly upstairs over the last 2 days and have now descended on my kitchen instead!

Thankfully, the problem has been located pretty swiftly and they know what they need to do and how to get it done BUT it is one of those little jobs that is taking ALL DAY to do and they're taking over my kitchen for it and leaving me with tons of black, nasty, smelly mush! NICE!

They will be cleaning up after themselves, which is always a bonus - and while they're here, they can fix the sink in my upstairs bathroom, which is on the fritz again! SO! I guess it is annoying but it is pretty much a win-win for me - if they hurry it along!

For now, though, I am resigned to my living room with ice water, my blog and facebook! Might even put my feet up and read a book! I do have 6 of them to start on now, too!! Nothing like some light reading!


Sandy Cain said...

Oh, the pipes! The major problem here is the toilet. It is always getting backed up, and it's a disgusting mess. We have to call the super at least 3 times a week so he can snake it out. Yuck! I wish there was a way to make sure that everything in the sinks and toilets just vanished with no problems!!

william saylor said...

Pipe problems are always a pain.

Gaby57 said...

Good Luck with your pipes. I never had problems with any of them in all the places we lived, I guess I'm lucky. I also flush my pipes every month with the old baking soda from the fridge and I add 1 cup of vinegar, i/2 a box of the old soda and 1 cup of vinegar to ea bathroom sink(stopper is closed) let it bubble for a few sec. then open the plug and drain. Keeps the pipes clean and fesh smelling no buildup scum smell and so far no issues with clogs. I also don't have young children anymore. I use vinegar and baking Soda in all my cleaning projects it's healthier and serves 2 purposes gets the messes clean and then the pipes when rinsing or discarding cleaning solution.

Karen Glatt said...

I can not stand plumbing problems. We have had the sink plugged this year and do you think that we could get it unplugged on our own, no we had to get a plumber. I tried for 3 days with my nephew to get the kitchen sink drain unplugged with a long plumber;s wire, but it did not work. I had to get a plumber, and they cost a lot of money!! Glad to hear that your plumbing problem is getting fixed! Have fun reading!

Go Bronson! said...

They luckily fixed the pipes, but you never can tell how long a new fix is going to last! Hopefully a good while! :)