Friday, 26 July 2013

Groceries and a penny left over!

I just got home from shopping and I did SO GOOD this week at the store we go to! They are an Amish store and sell lots of goods that are close to date or slightly dented or mis packaged etc and they are all good to eat and great to use and the prices are to die for!

For $20 this week I picked up a ton of organic girl spinach and arugala (4 boxes!), 4 packs of Stoneyfield greek+honey yoghurt, tons of organic crushed tomatoes, canned milk, salad cream, iced tea, a few packs of veggie burgers and dinner items and fries and such along with some nice deals on energy mixes from gatorade and Nut-ricious PB with bananas and stuff, which is YUMMY! I won't real you off the entire list for fear of boring you to death!!

I totaled up the stuff I got when I got home and it is easily 70-80 bucks worth if getting it just about anywhere else and I just can't argue with that! Just loving this place ever time I get to go and I adore my friend with the wonderful sense of savings who reminded me it existed and takes me along shopping every week! She rocks my socks! 

Also, the store has free coffee so I look forward to a free cup of coffee every week and no need to buy myself any to drink at home! I love it! WOOP! 

Take a look around if you're in PA, there are a couple of these kinds of stores and you'll get some GREAT bargains!! You do have to dig around a bit and you will not always get the same stuff every week but the choice is vast and you won't be disappointed!! 80% of everything I manage to find there is organic or good for you and so even better!! 

Very happy lady right now! Think i'll go and bake some rolls! - something else I can now do without spending too much money as a big bag of wheat flour was only 60 cents and a jar of yeast was 50 cents! Just ridiculous!! So much good, delicious and guilt free cheap bread!! Hungry hungry!! YUMMY! 

I really do love to share a bargain, do you have any discount stores near you?! I'd love to hear about them!! 

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