Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Journals Unlimited, Inc. Review!

I don't know how many of you are like my good self, but! I can be extremely unorganized to the point where if I do not scribble something down on a piece of paper - I forget!

It would seem as though I have been forgetting things since the day I was born, but not to any real extreme! However!  With me being well into my 3rd pregnancy [with our 4th child] the ability to remember everything necessary to my daily life is slowly on the decline once again and this is where Journals Unlimited, Inc. comes along to my rescue!

Contrary to the standard, I am not one to want to keep a lot of things in my phone and [if I had to rely on it for updates and reminders every day] it would slowly drive me insane if I did! I do not particularly need a random Dr. Who theme tune alarm going off to tell me that it is so-n-so's birthday while i'm in the middle of the store, or while i'm trying to do something that requires some form of concentration, or even while I am taking a nap - no one wants to be told anything while taking one of those!

I am, and will probably always be, the kind of person who loves to write things down, likes to get out a pen and paper and scribble and scribe notes-to-self, which perhaps sometimes no one else on earth can comprehend - and, on occasion, notes that I myself can no longer understand, either! BUT! Never-the-less, there is something comforting about having jotted a note down inside a well-kept book, planner or scrap pile, which makes my day go a little smoother and provides a wondrous comfort!

Journals Unlimited, Inc. has helped me immensely over the past week or so as I have had the sincerest pleasure of trying out one of their day-planners, which is one of the many (over 65) titles of planners and journals offered in the "Write It Down!" series, which include journals for bucket lists, a couples journal, a journal for Grandma and many more!

These journals are so much fun and just holding one in your hand can make you feel powerful and in control of your own thoughts and feelings! They have weight and durability to them and to make these even better, they are printed in the USA from recycled materials AND retail for LESS THAN $20 each!

In case you are not convinced by the traditional method of pen-to-paper, the ups to using them are always many! You will never have to suffer beepy, annoying alarms to remind you of the date! No 10 minutes scrolling through applications or getting distracted by facebook for 3 hours before remembering to put the reminder in your phone in the first place AND no fuss if your power goes out and you need some critical information in a hurry - a book or a planner is never going to lose its charge, suffer a cracked screen or fall prey to some type of malfunction and digital error!

There is a lot to gain by writing it down and I can certainly approve! Over the last week I have watched in actual amazement as I put down all of my to-do, to-write and to-remember lists into this planner, which is conveniently not dated so you will never waste a page unless you want to! There are more tasks in a day than I realized before when I scribbled things down on pieces of paper and threw them up on the fridge and I have managed to keep up with my dates, calls and errands much better just having them all written down and ready to go!

I do feel very organized with this planner, and I know that it will make all of the difference! Every Journal available from Journal's Unlimited, Inc. is going to provide you with either the same comfort, a space to reflect, a way to organize, joke or remember and these are what pages were made for!

Why not head on over to Journals Unlimited, Inc. today and see if there are any particular journals that catch your eye - they even have a color collection to suit your individuality and flare and you're almost certain to find something you'd like to use in order to "Write It Down!" yourself OR as a gift for any occasion!  You may even want to give them a shout out over at their Facebook, which you can find HERE!

Let me know what you think of the wonders they have to offer and if you have had any experiences with them in the past that just made your day!!

What are you waiting for?


Disclaimer: I was provided with this planner for the sake and integrity of the review, I was not otherwise compensated and the provision of the planner in no way impacted my truthful and honest thoughts about the planner itself. Your views may differ! Thank you!

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Sandy Cain said...

OMG, I need something like this. I am THE most unorganized person on the planet! I can never remember anything, or where I put anything, or what I'm supposed to do. Thanks for the info on this!