Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Just Good Tobacco; Electric Cigarette Machine Review!

My husband is a smoker and I am not, but when we moved in together we decided that if we were going to get along then [aside from moving all smoking to the outside of the house] he was either going to have to give up smoking OR switch to rolling his own as the cost of buying cigarettes was never going to work on our budget if we were going to feed the kids and pay the bills as well!

We all know that smoking can be a ridiculously expensive habit and the cost per month [if you are buying just ONE pack of cigarettes a day] is roughly $140 a month right out of your pocket and up in the air!

However, after deciding to roll his own, the cost per month went down dramatically to around about $20! That is a HUGE saving and takes a little more effort to make the cigarettes BUT it is so worth it to see the savings on your wallet! 

The cost of his hand held roller was just over $10 and that actually turned out to be a poor investment as he has gone through a few of these now - they do not seem to last very long AND They can be hard on your hands! They regularly rip tubes and ruin cigarettes and so for every couple you may get right, there will be one that just won't cut it and is a complete waste of time! 

After the last machine he purchased broke within 24 hours, we decided to look for a better alternative! While searching around the internet, we fell across a wonderful website called "Just Good Tobacco", which promotes the use of natural tobacco sans all the nasty chemicals AND they have some FANTASTIC deals on bigger and better machines if you want to roll your own! 

We spoke to some lovely folk over at the site and we fixed my husband up with a Just Good Tobacco electric cigarette machine, which he has now been using for the past 2 weeks! 

The machine is sturdy and strong-built, looks nice and is easy to use! You literally turn it on, run a clean cycle and add your tobacco to the machine! You can adjust your packing so that you get a cigarette of your liking and within just a minute or two you can make an entire pack of cigarettes without straining your wrists, without too much fuss and with a consistent quality, which you can appreciate and prefer! 

The machine itself is not cheap, BUT there are some VERY, VERY good deals that come with the machine that basically make the machine pay for itself on the first purchase and so in the long run, it is going to save money and time and produce a good, clean cigarette with less chemicals and to your own taste when buying the Fresh Choice tobacco, which is best used with this machine! 

The machine alone will set you back $499, but you can sometimes get a deal on this machine for $220 for a limited periods of time by calling the company and speaking to them about their current deals and offers! 

There are several different deals on this machine that give you access to a LOT more than the machine alone. For instance, you can buy the "Starter Kit" special, which includes the machine and enough tobacco and tubes to make 12 CARTONS of cigarettes! a moisture meter AND a $50 gift certificate! This is a huge value package and with over a $700 value, you are already saving a TON of money and the machine practically pays for itself!! 

There are other deals, too, if you do not fancy such a big purchase! You can buy, instead, the "The Discovery Package", which does not come with the electric machine BUT does come with a Powermatic 1 cigarette injector, which is the next best thing! This is a hand worked machine worth $69 and a huge step up from the $10 hand slider machines that hurt your wrists and don't last 2 minutes! In fact, my father in law had one very similar to the Powermatic 1 and it lasted quite some years and so they are indeed a very good choice! 

The "Discovery Package" includes the Powermatic 1 injector, 6 ounces of natural tobacco, a box of 200 tubes and a $69 gift certificate! This is a HUGE saving and pays for itself in the first purchase and will continue to save you money as you continue to roll your own cigarettes! 

As I have mentioned a few times now, "Just Good Tobacco" supplies natural tobacco, which is important as it does not contain the chemicals or additives you might find in regular store-purchased cigarettes and you can buy it in various flavors, including menthol! 

The tobacco my husband has thus far been using is a bold tobacco, which is his preferred choice and the cost of this tobacco can set you back up to $160 for a 12.5 lb bag of tobacco! This tobacco can easily make up to 30 CARTONS of cigarettes though, which works out at around just 60 cents and change per pack of cigarettes!! That is just $16.80 a MONTH in cigarettes if you are a pack a day smoker! A whopping saving of over $120 a month, or approximately $1,440 a year when buying generics!! That is a Disney trip, a second honeymoon or a down payment for a new car that you might otherwise not have been able to afford!! 

My husband is ecstatic about the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, and just couldn't say enough good things about it! The company goes above and beyond to satisfy customers with WONDERFUL customer support, too - if anything happens to your machine and it breaks, you can send it back to the company and get it fixed for free if you use the tobacco they supply, or fixed for cheap if you choose to buy your own. This does not expire, even if you pass your machine along to someone else, they will still receive the same benefits, which are renewed each time you purchase tobacco from the company, even if you had previously purchased some of your own elsewhere for a while and decided to switch back! 

The company goes so far above and beyond that they even send you schematics of the machine so that should a minor problem occur, you can take it apart and fix it yourself without voiding the warranty as long as you don't remove the panels at the back, and follow the instructions! This is wonderful and something that all companies should encourage when selling high-end or high-priced items! It allows the consumer to choose whether to repair by themselves or to send back to the company and it really gives you a lot of options! There are even videos online to help you with any problems you might encounter, which you just can't give enough credit, at all! 

This is a company that really wants to look after its customers and wants you to enjoy your experience with them! They want to give you the best and continue to work with you as their customer into the future! Of course they want you to buy their tobacco, but who wouldn't want to buy it at their prices knowing that i was natural tobacco and that you could make your own cigarettes with so little effort and keep so much cash in your wallet!? 

If you are interested in finding out more about the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, Fresh Choice tobacco and other products that make up some fabulous deals to get you started on saving those pennies then just head on over to their website, which you can find HERE! 

For a closer look at the "Just Good Tobacco" machine, and how easy it is to use and run, you can view the following video, which will give you just what you need!

Overall our household is thrilled with this machine and how it works, the price and the value for money with the combination of tobacco and extras that you get when buying a packaged deal!! There are also so many other extras from this company that there are not enough hours in the day to get them all over to you, but I will say that if you can also get a loyalty card for tobacco purchases where you buy 10 bags and get 1 free - you should ask about this if you decide to order as every little helps and the bonuses keep on coming!! 

I know that smoking is not ideal and many people would rather quit, but for those of you who really do not wish to quit, but also do not wish to spend big bucks or take in all of the extra chemicals when you do it, this is the deal for you!! Check them out today!

Disclaimer: Mom's Gone Bronson was supplied with a machine for the integrity of this review and this provision did not alter the opinions of anyone involved in reviewing it. All opinions are honest and reviewers own! Your opinions may differ! Thank you! 

Mom's Gone Bronson does not advocate smoking one way or another, but we do very much realized that it is up to the individual to make their own choices as to whether to smoke or to buy tobacco products, which is why we are happy to bring you this review! 

This post is intended for adults only. Please do not visit the mentioned websites unless you are 18 years or over. Please act responsibly. Thank you! 


Amberlee said...

I know of a lot of people that would love this machine! It sounds really awesome! Thanks for the review, I now know of what to get some people for Christmas! lol

Becca Wilson said...

This machine looks amazing! We spend a lot on cigarettes a month and would love an easier way to make our own. Thanks for sharing this :)

Cyndie said...

GREAT review! I need to cut back on what I spend so this is definitely worth looking into further.

Amy said...

Wow, what a steal! I wish I had known about this when I was a smoker.

Sandy Cain said...

Some ashamed, I admit I am a smoker. I rolled my own for 8 years, then broke down and went back to buying Newports. The little plastic roller was very tough on my hands. But now THIS sounds like a great invention - I can't afford to spend $12 one ONE pack!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

james said...

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Lewis N. Clark said...

That is a HUGE saving and takes a little more effort to make the cigarettes BUT it is so worth it to see the savings on your wallet!

Fiverr Work said...

We all know that smoking can be a ridiculously expensive habit and the cost per month [if you are buying just ONE pack of cigarettes a day] is roughly $140 a month right out of your pocket and up in the air! ElectricSmokr.com