Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lunch! (and not just with my 2 yr old!)

Yesterday I went for lunch with a friend and it has been so long since I went for lunch with anyone, and so much longer since i've had any decent adult conversation that it was a real treat!

Usually, lunch involves me sitting down to a home cooked lunch with my 2 year old and babble for conversation - although her sentences are getting so wonderful now that we do pretty well as far as that goes and it can be quite the treat! BUT! Today, we went to Moe's!

I have never been there before and, if I am completely honest here, I had never heard of them until yesterday either so I wasn't really sure what I was ordering or what to expect! I do have to say though that I was VERY pleasantly surprised! They have the most awesome quesadillas and their portions are so generous that I was STUFFED by the time we left!!

The kids came along, too and I have to say these kids were SO well behaved at lunch that it makes me so happy! If 2 and 3 year olds can act that civilized while still having a good time in public then there is absolutely no reason at all why adults can't do the same thing!

The kids meals are fabulous sizes and they both had the mini quesadillas, nachos and a drink, one of them had rice and beans too and they both ate almost every bite! There were cookies for after also and there was just so much for their little bellies that it was so worth the trip!

Such wonderful company and just an all around pleasant experience that I had to shout about Moe's to everyone! If you get a chance to visit I absolutely recommend them any day!

My friends have great taste and totally rock my socks!!


Disclaimer: I wasn't in any way compensated for this post and these are my own opinions. Yours may vary! Thank you! 


Sandy Cain said...

Isn't it cool to get out and have some ADULT conversation once in a while? When my daughter was 2, I swear I lost the ability (temporarily) to say anything past, "Mommy loves you SO much. Now time for your nap!"

Go Bronson! said...

hah, yeh, you're not wrong!! I also have pregnancy brain right now so i'm between a rock and a hard place. Childish conversation and the inability to remember anything! I couldn't even remember how to send a text message yesterday! I think i'm done for! :D

Karen Glatt said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a great time and the kids had a great time, too. It is always nice when the kids love the food and eat it at a restaurant. I wonder where Moe's is. I would love to go there!!

BlessieNelson said...

How awesome! I should try Moe's sometime with our family! We loved going to chick fil a and trying all the salads out!