Thursday, 25 July 2013

Offline isn't too bad!

The workmen are still here, they'll probably be another week but it is starting to look really nice outside right now! If they manage to finish it in a week I will take my hat off to them because it does seem like they have a lot of work left but the guys seem confident that it'll be done!

In other news, I painted something yesterday for the first time in FOREVER, which is great because I have been putting it off and off and off so it was about time!

I also made a ton of dinner rolls and showed my 2 yr old how to make bread to go with our tuna pasta bake last night - all of which turned out AMAZING!

Rather productive day one step away from the internet for a moment! Need to keep my feet up today though! The swelling i'm having is rather annoying and I need to go and pick up some compression socks! SEXY!

The weekend is almost here, everyone! Just one more day!

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