Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prepare for College with Campus Book Rentals!

Summer is in full swing, but it won't be long before the hot sweaty nights are behind us and the cool of winter drops its veil over us once again, bringing with it a fresh influx of new students headed out for the first time to start their adventures at colleges across the country, or to rediscover their education in their second, third or even fourth years!!

No matter at what point your education, we all know that money can be a struggle when study comes into play, but one element you do not have to worry about financially is BOOKS!

Thanks go Campus Book Rentals, you no longer have to buy every book you'll ever use for college and they can save you a few bucks if you already have!

Campus Book Rentals is a great resource for so many reasons, which include:
  • The ability to save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Absolutely FREE shipping both ways
  • They will allow you to highlight in the textbooks
  • Generous, flexible renting periods
There is no need to build up a backlog of books that you'll only use once, no need to fork out a small fortune on books you only need for one course and no need to spend money that could be used for other resources!

If you have books already, and no longer need them, you can also RENT BACK books, where by you send your books to Campus Book Rentals and they rent out your books to other students, who save money on not having to buy books, while you make a few pennies back on their cost of rental, which means you make a few bucks back on those books you've already spend out money for that might just be lying around your house at this very moment!

On top of saving a few pennies AND getting you a few pennies back, Campus Book Rentals also donate a small portion of the money you pay for rentals to Operation Smile, which is an international charity for children, that actively aids in the safe, quality medical treatment and reconstruction of cleft palette - restoring children's smiles in over 60 countries with their 5,000+ volunteers around the world, enhancing children's lives every single day!

For more information on this all-around fabulous tool for learning on a budget, you can take a look at the video below and head on over to the Campus Book Rentals site for more tips and benefits for making the books you have to work with, work for you!

Have you ever participated in rentals from Campus Book Rentals, or used their Rent Back system before?! If so, I would LOVE to know how it worked for you!

For everyone just starting back at college, or those starting for the first time, I hope you have a wonderful Summer vacation, and good luck with the next/first semester back!! - Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review, but it has not in any way changed my honest opinion of the service for which Campus Book Rentals provides! Your opinions may differ from mine! Thank you!


Becca Wilson said...

I really wish I would have known about them when I was going to college!

lanie craig said...

need to let my son know about this he is about to start college

meg frazer said...

Fabulous savings!!

Karen Glatt said...

This is such a great place to save money of Text books for college. Campus Book Rentals has free shipping both ways, and has every college book you can think of. Everyone should get their books from here! You will save money!

Andrea Watson said...

This is awesome! would've helped me out in college!

Sandy Cain said...

How I wish this was available when I was in college! I spent BIG bucks on textbooks, then sold them back for about 10% what I paid for them. What a great idea this is!