Saturday, 31 August 2013

Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals & Fillers 8/31/13

If you love to get a good deal then (like me) you probably already shop on Amazon! You may have Prime or Amazon Mom and you might be mildly addicted to Subscribe and Save!!

With Subscribe and Save items you can save 5% on your order and have it shipped to your door at increments of every 1 to 6 months! Shipping if free on Subscribe and Save items AND if you subscribe to more than 5 in a month then you qualify for a 15% discount on your entire order instead of just the 5% you would get on 1!

When ordering on Subscribe and Save there are often times when you want to find a "filler" item to boost your shipments up to the 5 you need without A. spending a ton of extra cash and B. spending hours trawling around Amazon trying to find said items!

Well! I have found a couple for you this morning after spending a $20 gift card over there yesterday and here are those "fillers" as they stand today (8/31/13) but subject to change at any moment:

Fels Naptha Laundry Bar and Stain Remover, 5.5 Ounce

YES! It is a bar of soap, but it is only 93 cents after your 15% discount kicks in and so if you only have a buck left on a gift card or need to boost your Subscribe and Save items, then this is for you! 

Again, it is FLOSS! But EVERYONE needs floss and this is only 85 cents right now after your 15% discount for Subscribe and Save (when you have 5 S&S items in your order for the month!). You'll be hard pressed to find it in the store for the same price and so this actually turns out to be a good deal, too! 

Again, it might seen like it is "just DISH SOAP" but we can all use dish soap and so adding this as one of your 5 items is a smart choice and the cost is the same as in store - and in some cases a little cheaper! This will set you back just $1.18 after your 15% discount kicks in and is a great, usable "filler" for your S&S!

You really can get a lot for around about $20, when you use S&S!

Just yesterday I had a $20 gift code for Amazon, which I won on one of the interactive online communities I am part of and I wanted to get as much bang for my buck as I could, without having to worry about spending cash out of pocket! I had an 89 cent balance before I added the card and so a $20.89 balance to use to buy everything you see listed in this post! 

I had 29 cents left when all was said and done and so it was JUST over $20 for EVERYTHING including ALL of the "filler" items above and ALL of the regular items below, totaling 7 USEFUL items for the money - shipped straight to my door!

Here are some of those current deals, which could change at any moment, so if you want to pick them up, I would grab them as soon as you can! 

List Price: $7.99
Current Sale Price: $5.47
Price AFTER Subscribe & Save 15% Discount [for having 5 orders in your shipment]: $4.65

List Price: $3.59 
Current Sale Price: $2.97
Price AFTER Subscribe & Save 15% Discount [for having 5 orders in your shipment]: $2.52

List Price: $5.28 
Current Sale Price: $5.28 
Price AFTER Subscribe & Save 15% Discount [for having 5 orders in your shipment]: $4.49

List Price: $7.99. 
Current Sale Price: $6.79 
Price AFTER Subscribe & Save 15% Discount [for having 5 orders in your shipment]: $5.77

Are you as crazy for Amazon as I am!? Do you see some great deals, steals and "fillers" out there right now? Why not let us know and we will pass them along!

Happy Shopping!! 

Disclaimer: I do not get anything for clicks on ANY links in this post. I am not associated with for monetary gain - I just like to share a god deal! Any deal may expire at ANY time! If you notice a deal price has changed, do feel free to let me know! Subsequently, if you see a BETTER deal, let me know about those, too! I do love your feedback and interaction! Thank you!! 

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