Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fall is coming...

It seems like just yesterday I was having my son, who is now 16 and about to turn 17!! I can't quite believe that in 34 days he hits his 17th birthday and in 35 days I hit my due date for my husband and I's 4th child!!!

I never saw myself sitting here with a great husband, 4 kids, a dog and a bunch of fabulous reptiles back when I was 16 but here I am, at 33 and about to turn 34 just 2 weeks after my due date!! It really is going to be a heck of a couple of weeks coming up at the end of September as we roll into October!!

The bonus is, my mother is visiting on Sept 26th, so even better! I haven't seen her in person for years due to distance and cost and so it should be a LOT of fun!!

I never like to say goodbye to summer, but bring on fall!

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