Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bummis Cloth Diapers! First Look, Review!

As a "been there, done that" mother of 3, with one on the way (any day now!) I have always wondered what it might be like to cloth diaper, but it has been one of those things that I have never gone full-steam ahead with and actually done!

Well, this time around I am looking at all of my viable options for contributing a little less waste to the environment and giving cloth a try! My son will be here sooner than I can imagine and the more I consider cloth, the more it seems like "the right thing to do", even though I am not dead-set against disposables at all, just that I would like to make an effort before I go one way or the other without at least saying I gave it a shot!

Well, to my delight, Bummis sent me over one of their cutest BeautifulBASIC starter packs of pre-fold cloth diapers this past week to have a look at, feel and discover, while waiting for my little guy to arrive!

The BeautifulBASIC packs consist of:
  • 3 Organic, soft, cotton inserts
  • 1 Beautiful, bright colored, waterproof cover

This pack costs around about $20, depending on where you buy them, and you just can't beat the price for 3 diaper changes in a box!! In fact, if you purchase a few of these you could have diaper changes to last you the duration of your child's growth from birth to potty training for a hundred bucks or so and save a small fortune on all those disposable diapers!

When these arrived on my doorstep, I was blown away actually at just how CUTE a diaper could be! I have officially turned into one of "those" mom's who genuinely thinks of a diaper as cute and I am ridiculously excited about putting them on my son! The only draw back I can find with cloth is the up-keep with the washing, which has ALWAYS been my one-and-only concern due to the lack of washer at home, but if i can hand wash an entire family's worth of clothes every week, there is no reason why I can't hand-wash dome pre-fold diapers either and hang them out to dry!

AND, even better than just the diaper cover to brighten up my day, Bummis also included one of heir Best Ever Bibs, which are fabulous, cover-all bibs with a pocket for catching messes to-boot! These bibs can be purchased to match your diapers and are sold separately from the BeautifulBASIC packs, but are just adorable and make any time a bright, bold, colorful time for baby!! You could even mix and match and buy diapers and bibs just for certain occasions and get really creative with it!

It sounds crazy, especially when you think about the function of a diaper, what you need to do to change your baby and what the diaper is actually going to hand to you when you take it off to change it, but yes, I am going to say it, diapering can actually look like a lot of fun AND save you a lot of money!

Changing a cloth diaper doesn't have to take forever, either! Simply keep your pre-folds ready to go and pop them and the waterproof cover on your baby and fasten them closed with the easy-close tabs on the sides just like a disposable diaper! The only extra you'll really have to think about each week, is the extra wash or two you'll have to put on, which is nothing at all if you have access to a machine!

If you would like to find out more about Bummis and what they have to offer, you can find their BeautifulBASIC packs HERE and have a look around their website for more choices, larger packs and great deals while you're visiting their site!

Diapering doesn't HAVE to be expensive, it doesn't HAVE to be boring and you really can save some money and do a little good for the environment while you're doing it! The cost is more effective than  most people seem to think and once you're done with diapering you can pass them along, make a little of your money back or make another mother VERY happy with a gift that will do the same for her for years to come as it will do for you for the duration of your diapering needs! 

There is no wrong or right way to diaper, but there are so many options out there that it is always worth giving them a try!! Bummis for me looks so much fun and I can NOT wait to share an update with you when I am able to put my son in these and show them off, so keep your eyes peeled for that post in the coming weeks and we'll let you know our progress and how we're getting along!! 

Do you have any experience with cloth diapering?! I would LOVE to hear from you!! 

Disclaimer: I was provided with the items you see in the photos for my honest opinion and review, which was not influenced one way or another by those provisions. I was not monetarily compensated for my views. Your views may differ from mine! Thank you! 


Amberlee said...

I love the design! Super cute

Da Freebies said...

so cute! i have 2 grandsons age 3 mnths an 5 mths n another grandbaby on the way!! one of em could wear this lol!

Amy said...

Oh I love that diaper and the fact that it has a matching bib is awesome, thanks for sharing.

Ashley Boyd said...

These are cute! Yup diapers can be cute :D

Melissa said...

I've never done cloth (mostly because didn't know much until after my last child was born), but I have a couple friends who are strictly cloth. & I'll admit, those babe have some stylish bums!