Monday, 30 September 2013

Cookwell & Company Cooking Sauces, Dips and Marinades - Review AND Giveaway! Ends Oct 14th, 13!

Last week I was sent over a box filled with goodies from COOKWELL & COMPANY, which is a fabulous venture started by a few friends who wanted to bring deliciously easy to put together meals to the world, via great sauces (and staple flavors) for the at-home cook without the hassle of starting from absolute scratch and without losing any of that scratch-cooking "umph!"

In fact, the Cookwell & Company website is a great place to pick up delicious 2-step cooking sauces and even dessert sauces alongside delicious quesos, soups, marinades and so much more!

In last weeks package I received a jar of Hatch Verde Tortilla Soup, Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, Queso Con Salsa Escabeche, Bananas Foster Sauce, Texas 2-step Chili Sauce and a 2-step Cacciatore Sauce!

Now, anyone that knows me will know that I love to cook and while I love to cook from scratch I enjoy the ease of use with sauces and marinades that I don't have to put together myself when time if of the essence - such as the past week or so when trying to get my brain around our new baby and juggle the family! 

I never know what to expect with sauces that I have never tried before, but always keep an open mind! My first impressions based solely on packaging and names alone made me want to try the products and in particular delve into the soups! 

The jars of soups are seriously HUGE and there is enough for a couple of servings per jar and they are really rather generous! The color and flavor of the soups are bold and beautiful alongside being delicious and tasty - you just can't go wrong! 

I tried the Hatch Verde Tortilla soup first as I'd never had it before and it went well with some nice, crusty bread and butter. It suited a slightly chillier day when snuggling up to a big bowl of soup is all you can think of and it certainly fills you up and tickles the taste buds! 

The Red Pepper and Tomato soup followed another day and, just as the first soup, this one held a bold color and really burst with flavor! Tomato soup has never been one of my favorites but for some reason the moment it becomes a Red Pepper and Tomato soup I am in absolute heaven! I can't get enough of it and, again, these are so easy to use! Just open, heat and serve for a home-made taste that you won't want to see vanish from your bowl quite as quickly as it inevitably does! 

I was impressed by the size of the jars of 2-Step sauces, also, which make meals a cinch without losing any of the flavor and the Chili sauce especially allowed me to throw down a large pot of Chili in minutes once my meat was cooked and I was ready to go! Just pour on the sauce, heat and serve on a bed of rice, pasta or even a baked potato - you could even serve in a bowl all of its own and be completely satisfied by a hearty meal! 

The Cacciatore sauce is just as delicious and gives a chunky texture and smooth flavor to anything you'd like to put in it! I went with chicken but you can make a vegetable dish with this and be just as happy with the outcome! 

The Queso is, again, delicious! Just great with crunchy veggies or chips to dip right in and scoop right on out!! Very creamy, strong flavor and thick - yummy! No complaints here at all!! In fact, this won't last very long in your house if it is anything like ours! It was gone in no time! Big winner!

I have to say that as a big foody, I absolutely adore these products and haven't had a bad experience with any one of them! They are well thought out, flavorful, they look bright and they really do make any meal seem easy and stress free with a click and pour!! 

If you would like to check out these items on Cookwell & Company's website, you can find them HERE! With prices in the $5.99 to $7.99 range per jar, you are going to adore these products and you are going to love what you make with them even more! Top notch! Very, very happy!! 

BUT WAIT! There IS more!! 

The generous folk over at Cookwell & Company would like to offer ONE of our readers the chance to win all of the products mentioned in this review (subject to change where products become unavailable), which is a prize package valued at almost $50!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize is head on down to the rafflecopter (below) and enter as many options as you like! Remember, you don't have to enter everything but the more you enter, the more chances you have to win!! 

You can tweet about this giveaway ONCE a day and you can also gain a TOTALLY FREE entry, too!

So, what are you waiting for!?! Enter now, get those fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!! - MGB!

Disclaimer: I was given these items free for review in return for my honest, open opinion, which was not at all sways by said provision. My opinions may differ from yours. Thank you! 

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Danielle F said...

I will have to show these to my husband - he's the cook in our family, lol.. he loves trying new sauces/marinades and such!