Monday, 9 September 2013

Organic Socks from PACT - Review!

With my 4th child due any day now I am finally getting things together for my hospital stay and trying to figure out what I might actually need, rather than the things the internet thinks I need, and the one thing that keeps popping up (that I keep on forgetting to pack) is BABY SOCKS!

Now, until this weekend I only had ONE pair of socks for baby because every time I walk into a store to pick something new up for him, I would forget!

However! PACT just sent me over 2 packs of their twin sock packs, which are just absolutely adorable and just about to save my little man's feet this Fall!

These socks are not just cute, but they are extremely soft and comfy and not scratchy at all! These particular socks are 75% organic cotton, 24% nylon and 1% elastane! They are made without fertilizers, pesticides, bleaches or sweatshops, even - "no nasty stuff at all!" declare PACT, and I appreciate this sentiment!

In fact, describing themselves as "...a movement disguised as a clothing company", PACT isn't just about clothes at all and the little details make a huge difference all around as each season they release a new set of clothes to the world alongside a new cause to support for that season!

PACT are big on bringing you clothes made using ORGANIC cotton, which makes less of an impact on the environment around us and leaves us a little less attached to pesticides that we really do not need in our clothes or in the ground!

These particular socks are current, fun and fabulous but they are also limited editions, SO! If you want to pick up a pair, now would be the time to head on over and grab them! They are $10.00 per pack of 2 pairs and with each pack you buy over fall you'll be making a small contribution to low-income business-starter entrepreneurs!

I just love the designs on these cuties, they're 4 different patterns of blue, grey and orange and will compliment just about any little outfit! We all know that babies don't need shoes when they're first born and so why not make a statement with the tootsies with a neat pair of these, instead?! You can also pick them up in shades of pinks/purples if you'd prefer a more girly tone, which you can find by heading over HERE!

If you are interested in checking out some good clothing for yourselves, while you're over there, then PACT has something for you, too! They do not just make baby clothes, oh no! They also have a fine array of essentials for men and women and you will not be disappointed!!

To learn more about PACT and just what they stand for, you can pop along to their website and take a look at their "About" page, HERE! You can even check them out on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, too! Why not head on over and say "Hi!"

Have you purchased from PACT in the past or know of similar companies working with, and for the environment around them? Let us know, today! We would love to hear from you!!

Enjoy! - MGB

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