Sunday, 8 September 2013

School Zone Flash Cards and Activity Book Set, Review AND Giveaway!

My daughter is just 2.5 years old but has known how to recognize numbers and letters of the alphabet since she was a year old, and that was not via a lightning bolt or chance!

I have spent many wonderful hours sitting with her over those 2 years or so, reading books and singing songs and basically having fun while gradually incorporating some useful, educational knowledge along the way!

We don't watch too much T.V at home and I do allow her to watch the odd show BUT have always found it easier [and more entertaining] to sit with her one-on-one to help her learn and to build that love of knowledge on a day to day basis!

It is never too early to start the learning process, and it is never too late to introduce something new, and there is no right or wrong way, either! All children learn at the pace that is right for them and most of the time a child's interests can play a huge part in the process! You should never be discouraged if your child doesn't pick up the alphabet right away - they might just be better with numbers or vice versa! It doesn't have to be pushed, rushed or anything else! Just go with the flow and see what happens!

If you are thinking about, or have started to introduce letters, numbers, shapes and more to your child, then I have just the resources you'll need, and love, from School Zone!

School Zone, which can be found HERE, is a large melting pot of educational tools designed to educate and entertain your child both in paper and digital form, with various aids such as work books, activity books, flash cards, software and more to keep you checking in online with rewards codes and incentives!

School Zone recently sent me a 4 pack of flash cards and a 6 pack of activity books to work with my child and I am certainly impressed! The quality of the books and cards are of very good value and made to last! The cards are recommended for ages 3-5 but, again, if your child is ready a little sooner, or not quite there a little after then that is more than fine, too!

The activity books are bright and inviting, which really caught my daughter's attention before we began to look inside them! She is not quite 4, I know, but these books are something we can work on together and work well for her because she is already heading towards that level, which isn't to boast, it is just that she has a love for learning and seems to pick things up a little sooner than both of my boys wanted to, which I can only encourage!

The 6 activity books include crosswords, word searches, puzzles, dot-to-dot, hidden pictures and coloring pads, which allow for thought and hand eye coordination to develop. Sitting with your child and showing them how to hold a pencil and work on a maze isn't "cheating" it is encouraging and teaching them how to do it on their own, so do not panic if they don't get it at first, just persevere and go with the speed that they are comfortable with!

My daughter can hold a pencil well and follow a maze, but would need help recognizing full words and so the word searches for instance would be for a little later in her development so we wouldn't necessarily put those on her to figure out on her own right now, but would work with her to understand the way words work and the concept of the activity until she is ready to try it on her own! Your child might be better with dot-to-dot than coloring or better at coloring than the mazes and so you work with them and see where it takes you without fear! If they can't do it, try a lower level or different activity all together, they might very well surprise you, as they often do!

The flash cards consist of numbers, letters, shapes, colors and an assortment of words to match the pictures on the back or symbols to represent amounts when learning the numbers! They can enable communication with relation to products features in the photos and the words written on the back, letter/word association and visual concepts alongside the verbal.

Personally, I have been flipping through books such as thesauruses and children's dictionaries to get across the letters, words and photos of whatever that word is and this is how she began to learn. The flash cards certainly re-enforce this information and in a shorter, more playful and fun way and enable her to add the lesser known words to her vocabulary and memory!

I have a short film of my daughter going through the ABC set of cards and it should give you an indication of where to start! I try to make it fun for her and never press her if she isn't too sure of the letters in front of her! I will sometimes skip the upper and lower case letters so that she doesn't have to real off the same letter twice in a row and I will alternate on different days to make sure she does associate both cases with the same letters!

You will notice, in the video, that she is happy to play along and sometimes makes out that she doesn't know what the letters are - but she is well aware of her alphabet and likes to make a game out of it and I have to play along! It works both ways if I give a little, she gives a little more and there is no stress here - just fun!

I cannot stress enough how fabulous I think these resources are, and not just because we have them to try! I truly believe that sometimes, when we turn off the TV and just spend a little time with our children we find that they really do soak up the information like a sponge and they retain so much of that! 

Not only are we teaching our children, but sometimes we are re-educating ourselves along the way, and we are connecting with each other and allowing us to be O.K with taking that little chunk of time out of our day to spend with these little miracles we brought into the world without sitting in silence in front of a T.V! 

I would encourage you to check out School Zone if you would like to know more about these specific flash cards and activity books, but also to get a look-see at the many resources they have for children of all ages and levels! The work books are a wonderful thing to have to keep the mind ticking over holidays and on day-trips and sometimes the best way to learn is when they're just having fun and don't realize the benefits they might be getting from it! 

IN FACT! If  you would like to WIN yourself a set of flash cards and activity books, just like the ones featured in this review, then you're in LUCK! Right now! If you head on over here to School Zone's Facebook page, they have just launched a fantastic giveaway for a Pre-K collection and it only takes a few seconds to sign up to enter into the draw! 

Why not enter today, like their page and let them know you were there! Give them a wave or a nod of appreciation and see what they can do for you, today!

Have you had a fun learning experience with your child you'd like to share? I would LOVE to hear from you!!



Disclaimer: I was provided with the learning materials featured in this review but was otherwise not monetarily compensated. My opinions and experiences are open, honest and my own and may differ from yours! Mom's Gone Bronson is NOT responsible for the giveaway or prize fulfillment featured in this review! Thank you! 


Melissa Botelho said...

This is great for my niece who could use help in math and other areas. Great review

lanie craig said...

this would be great to have at Nanny's house so we can have fun while learning

Cyndie said...

This is a great learning resource!

Kecia said...

We love getting educational books and activities for our three year old. He can count to 10, say his ABC's, and knows his colors and shapes. It wouldn't have been possible without these types of materials!

Abrie S said...

These flash are great! The pictures make it much more fun for children to learn. You are engaging the eyes and children learn soo much better through eye candy. Autumn is soooo cute and smart for her age!