Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dragonfly Jewelry GIVEAWAY!!


SCHWEET!! I am soo excited that Arlene from Dragonfly Jewelry is working with BHDD again!! She makes stunning creations that HAVE to be seen! BHDD has several grandchildren who have benefited from her creations and always love more!! She is also the creator of Miss Bellamies Beloved Key Chain!! 

Those who follow the BHDD facebook site have seen many photos of said creations...they are one of the things Bellamie does not care to share with other's. ..She is only just at the crawling stage, she scoots around with her keys in her mouth to transport where she is headed. Odd looking but hey it works for her! For those who would like to order a set of their own be sure to contact Arlene! 

You can find her [Arlene] pretty easily on Facebook through the following link: and should notice that she does a lot of custom creations and is also making Bellamie's First holiday Orniment! 

 You will want to check out all the goodies she carry's! and hold on tight as she once again makes the BHDD Must Have 2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

How can you not be here with such amazing Items! 

ENTER THE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW for a chance to grab something of your very own!! 


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Tabitha said...

My favorite piece is the Bracelets of beads, pearls, crystals and charms..

Debbie Jackson said...