Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spread some love!

Every year in our area there is a Peace and Love march through our city and then there is a celebration in the park with music and food and a few activities like hula hoops, crafts, raiki and so on...also a few tables of clothes and donations to pick up if you need it!

This will be the third year I have attended and it went off without a hitch and the weather was super, which is a fabulous bonus!

There is nothing better than spreading some good will and a little joy around and I do say it every year, especially when it is so easy to be nice to someone and wear a smile once in a while!

I do enjoy seeing so many good people in one place and hold out hope that something sticks from the events every year - even if only one or two more good people emerge on the way, it is always a bonus!

The food was spectacular as usual and the company was great! I even remembered to take my huge bag of clothes down to donate for the kids, too, which I am pleased about as I picked up some cute coats there last year and really wanted to return the favor this go around!

Roll on the next one!

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