Friday, 18 October 2013

Things you no longer do when you have kids...

There are many things you can no longer do when you become a new parent, until you learn to juggle! Here are a few of them:

You can no longer successfully finish an entire cup of tea or coffee before it gets stone cold!

You can no longer take more than a 5 minute shower! When you have your 1st you can bring them in the bathroom or sit them in the crib until you're done, but as they get older they either want to get in the shower with you or stand outside the bathroom banging the door until you let them into the bathroom with you etc...when you have more than one, taking a shower just becomes a circus!

You can no longer hope to pee alone, either!! - That's right, folks! you wait and see how long it takes you to realize "HEY! I haven't pee'd all by myself in X amount of time..."

You no longer carry a sleek purse, you now carry a giant bag second only to that of Mary Poppins! The bag is endless and filled with all the goodies from diapers to wipes and beyond...

You can no longer refuse someone a tissue! As a mother you are bound to have a good stash of tissues in your bag AT ALL TIMES for any occasion - even when your kids are full grown and live in a different state, you'll have the ability to harness this mom power!

You no longer have time to put your hair together as you used to and throwing it up on your head in a pony tail is the epitome of mom fashion!

You no longer care if that shirt you're wearing is clean or not! Heck, may as well not get dressed today! You're only going to get puked on anyway!!

You no longer remember what sleep is, you just look back and remember that once upon a time you used to enjoy it!

You no longer have the ability to remember anyone's name successfully! The more kids you add, the less you remember! Have a kid called Sue? Chances are you're going to call them by every one of your other kids names before you get to Sue!! My mum regularly calls me name is not Laura...

You no longer care about any of the above, you have your kids and they're worth it! ;)

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