Monday, 28 October 2013

Where Did All The Good TV Go?

I am trying to be enthused about the current line-up of shows gracing our screens this year but I am so disappointed! Nothing seems to stick with me other than The Black List and I feel as though we're hitting a wall!! 

I loved Big Brother back in the day [when it first came about and presented a new idea and a new viewing experience] but all these years later and there is only so much reality TV I can take! 

Whatever happened to originality and creativity? There used to be a time when seasoned actors played out a script and made it their own and had us glued to our sets, suspending our beliefs for a moment, jumping into a world of Maude's and Jack Tripper's for something to lighten the load

Everywhere I look I see a duck hunter or a dance mom or a dancing celebrity competing against a dancing reality TV star trying to be a celebrity - and apparently it really doesn't take THAT much to be a "celebrity" of sorts these days, either - BAM, oops I just became famous for doing just about NOTHING! 

Back in the day, you earned your stripes by putting something out there that nobody else was doing, or showed off some skills, but these days you just have to have a few clicks on YouTube or a popular Twitter account and you're away! 

Don't get me wrong I am sure there must be something in it for people to keep tuning in - I mean, we all like to see what's going on in other people's lives to some extent but it is getting ridiculous! The truth is, though, reality TV is cost effective and thus, of course, networks LOVE it - and even more so when the show becomes a hit! 

I don't want to take your reality TV away, but couldn't we just have ONE channel dedicated to it and be done? Make room for complex shows or fun series we can get into without it being taken off the air before it has a chance to shine?

It boggles my mind to see some of the shows being renewed this year, while other shows with much more potential have had the boot in the past! Take Carnivale for instance; great cast, great sets, great story but left unfinished - what a disappointment! It should never have ended with 2 seasons, that show was worth so much more but in the end I hear it came down to lack of funds for such a great look and no one willing to compromise and so it was done - just a shame!

Once in a rare while something new will pull through and surprise me but rarely am I satisfied with it by the end of its run because writers either jump the shark or have no idea how to draw the line!

Dexter ended terribly, that whole scenario doesn't make any sense (I won't spoil it for you) and Under The Dome felt as though it went absolutely nowhere! Breaking Bad DID manage to pull off a great ending but it is just not enough - with so many failures, what is the motivation to tune in until the show ends and you know and buy the DVDs? Who knows, but we do now have a catch 22 situation where you won't tune in until you can see them all but by not tuning in you might have the show cancelled for ratings, so what can you do??

Someone, somewhere, needs to bring back decent TV! Bring me a slapstick off-the-wall comedy or gritty drama that DOESN'T involve police, fire or rescue! Bring me a show with substance, character and pizzazz and keep me entertained, on the edge of my seat and WANTING to tune in to watch more! 

Stop remaking "old" TV, it is still too soon! Stop with the spin offs! Just make ONE good show already and if it works the money will take care of itself!! 

For now I can't think of a show I want to see other than Justified when that returns - everything else is up in the air!

Come on guys, where is the next big thing?? It is certainly not on any current schedule!!

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own, yours may differ, thanks!

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