Friday, 15 November 2013

Calgon: Velvet Body Cream Review!

Over the years you might have heard of Calgon - you know, "Take Me Away..." - well, personally I can't get enough of them and they really do have some wonderful products on the market right now that not only make a little treat for you at home, but fabulous gifts for the coming season!

I don't like to keep a good product to myself when it comes along and so I wanted to share with you Calgon's trio of body creams that I received this week to review, which come in:

*Angelic Kiss
*Royal Rendezvous
*Enchanted Embrace

Designed to be used after bathing, these creams are delightfully soft and moisturizing with a mild fragrance to each, which isn't overpowering at all!

With the combination Vitamin E. Aloe and Shea Butter, these velvet body creams will leave your skin feeling refreshed without feeling too greasy or sticky to the touch!

I have been using the Enchanted Embrace cream after my shower and I really do like the way it feels - I'm not a big fan of those creams than leave a greasy film on your skin or take forever to rub in, at all! These are, in my opinion, just right!

Right now, each cream sold separately retails for $4.99. So try one or try them all! They make wonderful presents for Christmas giving, too and so Calgon makes an appearance on our Holiday Gift Guide, for the second year running and with delicate ease!

To learn more about Calgon and all the goodies they have to keep you relaxed and comforted this season, just head on over HERE to their website or check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their latest news!

They have so much to offer besides velvet body lotion, so why not explore??


Disclaimer: I received products for this review. All opinions are honest and my own. Your views may differ. Thank you!


Jan Rose said...

Calgon take me away!! I love when i'm taken away!! I love lotion. I have it every where. My 3 year old daughter carries it in her purse!! Angelic Kiss sounds nice!

kat b said...

Those look so nice and sound like they smell fantastic!

Abrie S said...

Ooh I used to use the bath soak all the time. Never tried the creams. They sounds nice.

Brandy said...

There are literally thousands of body creams to choose from but believe it or not, all of them are not healthy for your skin. Many contain synthetic oils (to create scent) and chemicals that can actually damage your skin! Proper research is needed to find the best body cream for you and this article is a good place to start.

John N. Beeler said...

Why does one utilize a body cream in any case? To hydrate our skin which is the thing that emollients are intended to do. Body moisturizers and body creams are quite recently that. They are emollients that hydrate the skin. Salves are more slender in consistency than creams are.