Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ice Cream Cellars and Birthday Cake Vineyard Wines; Review!

If you are looking for something special to take along to a meal this holiday season, or as a gift in general, then this is something I think you will LOVE! - Wines that taste just like Ice Cream or Birthday Cake!!

It is true! Straight from Birthday Cake Vineyards and Ice Cream Cellars, come these fabulous gems in flavors, which include [but are not limited to] Cheesecake, Black Forrest Cake, Espresso and French Vanilla!

These aren't your gimmicky, overly sweet or hard to take wines, either! They are quality wines that have been painstakingly brought into fruition over a couple of years by the makers in order to bring you the fine wine you love alongside the tastes that capture your senses!

To enjoy, each should be chilled, including the red, and [in my opinion] poured into a nice big glass to savor on its own or as an accompaniment to a meal!

I absolutely LOVE the aromas that come out of these wines and the smell hits you before you even take a sip - just delightful on the senses and doesn't remind you of your average glass of wine, at all!

These aren't your sickly-sweet dessert wines, they can be consumed any time of day [or night] at a relaxed pace without having to be partnered with anything other than a friend's company or a good book!

I adore every single one of these flavors, and they are all magnificent! The reds are bold but tasteful and not at all sharp on the tongue! They leave a light flavor and hit all the right buttons as you drink in the aromas of Espresso or Black Forrest Cake!

The white wines were both crisp and delicious, easy on the palette and conjure up all sorts of images of a scoops of french vanilla ice cream or a slice of cheesecake with ease and really made me feel as though I was getting a little bit of dessert, in a glass, with every sip!

These are some fabulous wines you would be sure to miss out on if you didn't at least give them a try once in your life! I know you might be put off if you think they're going to be overly sweet but they're well balanced and easy to take all around - reds and whites!

I think my favorite has to be the Espresso, which surprised me because I was sure that the favorite was going to be the Cheesecake, but the depth and flavor to the espresso was like a smooth, velvety rush with a hint of a chocolate! It was just rich and powerful, deep and dark, full and flavorful!

I would certainly purchase these wines again as they have taken me pleasantly by surprise and may well be up there with my absolute favorites! In fact I think you'll love these so much that I could see them at your Thanksgiving or Christmas table this holiday season and, for that reason, they make their way into my Holiday Gift Guide!

If you would like to find out more about these wines, flavors offered and places to buy, just head on over to the respective websites HERE and HERE! You can also follow Birthday Cake Wines on Twitter and Facebook alongside Ice Cream Cellars on Twitter and Facebook, too!!

If you are anything like me, you won't be disappointed in these heavenly, tasty, afters!


Disclaimer: I was given these wines to taste in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and your views and tastes may differ. As always, please drink responsibly and legally! Thank you! 

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