Friday, 29 November 2013


Good morning! I hope you all has a restful day yesterday if you had a day off or celebrated for Thanksgiving!

Growing up in England, we didn't have Thanksgiving and so it isn't that big of a holiday for me, even now, but I do go to my mother in laws for dinner and this year was no exception!

The weather held out and I can't complain, at all! My mother in law cooked up a delicious meal and her sweet potatoes this year were the most amazing sweet potatoes I've ever tasted, with pecans in them - I love pecans!!!

We all ate and chatted and then ate some more - home made cheesecakes were on offer for dessert, alongside pumpkin pie, and everything was, again, delicious!

My daughter learned what spray cream was for the very first time, but for some reason she is calling it "ice cream salt" and I think that's hilarious - especially as she never uses actual salt either and so none of it makes any sense!!

My youngest had his first Thanksgiving but he is still quite boring at this age and was happy to cat nap through it!

My hair did look a little crazy today as I had to rush it to get out the door in time, but I like it!!

Heres to the next big day, Christmas! Not long to go now!!


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