Saturday, 28 December 2013

Taking a look at our Christmas...

Christmas went pretty well this year! - That is how I sum it up in a short sentence!

We usually go to my in-laws' for dinner on Christmas Eve, with my step son, but plans were changed and we ended up at my in-laws' house on Christmas Day at the last minute. It actually worked out really well and we all had a fabulous time - even though it was without our 10 year old as he spends the day with his mother!

Lots of laughs were had, we ate a lot of shrimp and my father in law made the best crab cakes i've ever had and my mother in law made mini pecan pies, which were to die for along with her mini cheesecakes!!

The children were spoiled and we all exchanged some nice little gifts and no one went without! It was a nice, peaceful, fun day and our youngest slept through most of it!!

I spent the day after Christmas feeling quite unwell, but I think I am finally back to normal, now!! Phew!

Anyhow. This year went off without a hitch and here are a few quick photos of our day!

My husband and I:

Me and the two youngest:

A couple of fun shots:

My eldest son made a special appearance (he isn't much for photos!):

We ate some of these:

Lots of prezzies were opened:

AND this happened:

*You're Welcome ;)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Here is looking forward to the New Year!!


Friday, 27 December 2013

Make A Meal Out Of Anything, With: Campbell's Soup!

At home, I do a LOT of cooking from scratch and I always have some kind of pie, pastry or cake on the go and during the holidays I like to have something quick and easy to whip up that not only saves time when you grab it later but that doesn't waste on taste or presentation at the same time!

I was sent a couple of cans of Campbell's soup this week to demonstrate how easy it is to put flavor into a meal with a single can and here is what I came up with!

Spinach, Potato and Sweetcorn Pie
[with TVP and Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup!]

You will need: 
1 pie crust mix (or make your own)
1 cup of TVP
1 cup plus 1/4 cup of hot water
2 small potatoes
1 can of sweetcorn
A cup or 2 of spinach
Salt and Pepper
A little oil
1 vegetable stock cube
1 can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup 


The VERY first step is to make up your pie crust. You can do this from scratch or a pie mix, it makes very little difference but for this particular effort I used a pie crust mix because it was to hand. Get your pie crust ready and set that aside.

Now comes the fun part - the filling! You will need to grab your TVP and pour it into a dish and add the boiling water. Before you add the water, though, stir in a little chicken stock cube to give the TVP some flavor - you can do this with any kind of stock you like or leave it out all together and just go with the flavor of the Campbell's soup, which will work just as well on its own! Stir up the TVP and leave on the side to rehydrate.

While the TVP is re-hydrating you should slice up your potatoes into cubes or pieces. Place your potato pieces into a frying pan with a little oil and just cook them up a bit [on a medium heat] until they begin to get a tad soft but not mushy. If you don't want to fry the potatoes, you can boil them in a little water instead - just make sure they are, again, not too soft and mushy as an end result AND make sure you drain off any excess water before the next step if you do.

Add to your pan: 1 can of sweetcorn, as much spinach as you enjoy and your seasoning - I used a little salt and pepper and nothing more at this point. Heat this all through and mix together, it doesn't have to be timed or perfect, you're just getting the pieces together for the next step. When ready, take it off of the burner and set aside.

Now, grab your TVP and, assuming it is ready, add to it the cooked mix from your frying pan, stirring lightly. You now has the basics for your pie filling and all you have left to do now is to add the soup, so open the can and pour that in - I didn't add water to mine, I just used it as it came and I maybe used about 3/4 of the can but you may like more or less depending on your taste. The can of soup will bring together all of your rich flavors and make the pie a little more creamy and robust - voila! Your pie filling is ready!

Now that you have you crust and your filling, you want to pour your filling into the crust - the more the merrier for a nice, filling, chunky pie. Pop the top crust onto your pie and place a couple of holes in the top for the steam to get out and for it to cook nicely.

Bake the pie until the crust is a nice golden brown. All other ingredients are cooked already and so all you're doing is heating the pie and bringing it together for the final product.

When you take the pie out of the oven, set it on the side to cool a little, but you want to eat it before it gets cold. Serve with a side of fries or a side salad, some yummy veggies, or even on its own!

There you have it. A quick, easy, tasty meal made with Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup, which really throws in that creamy, thick, delightful taste to compliment your meal!

Great for any day of the week - especially over the holidays when you really don't want to see another big meal for a little while, there! Perfect!

To find out more about Campbell's Soups, as seen in this post, or for recipe ideas [and more] head on over to their website, HERE and connect with them on Facebook to stay up to date - or just to give them a nod! Why not try them out today?


Disclaimer: I was given a couple of cans of Campbell's soup in exchange for this post. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated, my comments, recipe and thoughts here are my own, honest ones and your views may differ! 
Thank you!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Essentia, Super Hydrating Water! Review.

I know I just brought you a review on water bottles, but I also know that some people would still rather drink water from a store purchased bottle of water instead of filtering their own and, if you're going to go that route then why not try Essentia!?

Yes, it is a bottle of water! I know - but not just any water! This is "Super Hydrating Water" hold a pH level of 9.5, which is great for the body and on your taste buds!

Essentia water is taken through a purifying process, then electrolyte infusion and finally ionic separation, which gives the water a final clean, taste 2+ points above regular pH levels in most bottles of water.

The water comes in various different bottles, which are recyclable (PET #1), BPA free bottles, in regular or sports cap tops and they are great for on the go!

I liked the clean taste of the water and I liked that it was available in larger bottles, which could be used for the whole family to help themselves, but also quite enjoyed the sports bottle tops on the smaller bottles, which make it even better when you might be doing a work out or a run and would rather not spill the water all over yourself, while staying hydrated! The sports bottle tops are also great for kids, with less spill than a regular cap if dropped on the floor!

Here are a couple of great ways to jazz up your water, any time of day or night:

Cranberry and Mint Infused Essentia Water
Cranberries and peppermint are colorful and aromatic staples to any holiday season.  Plus, cranberries are high in antioxidants and a good source of vitamin C.  When combined with Essentia Water, the result is a colorful and refreshing pick-me-up for any occasion.

1.5 liter bottle of Essentia Water
1 cup fresh cranberries
½ cup cranberry juice concentrate
6-8 peppermint mint leaves
Pour Essentia Water into a glass pitcher. Lightly score each cranberry with a small nick and then add to the water. Pour in a splash of cranberry juice for added taste and color. Slightly wilt mint leaves by rolling between fingers and place in water.  Save a few mint leaves to adorn the top of each serving glass. For best results, let chill for 6 hours before indulging! YUM!!

Orange Infused Essentia Water
During a season of giving, oranges represent the ability to share what you have with others.  The fresh, citrus scent of a newly peeled orange can liven a room.  Vitamin- and nutrient-filled oranges are also known for their natural antioxidant ability, and for aiding in proper digestion.  Plus, the orange’s sugar content can provide a natural pick-me-up to help reduce fatigue, which we can all use during the busy holiday season.

1.5 liter bottle of Essentia Water
5-7 orange slices
Place sliced oranges in water. Cool in the fridge for 4-6 hours (up to 12 hours for stronger flavor) and...ENJOY!! 

You can find out more about Essentia, its process, outcome and availability HERE! You can also swing by their Facebook page and Twitter page, too - if you feel so inclined - and keep up to date on their latest offerings and news!

Keep your parties, events or day-to-day going with Essentia this holiday and beyond!


Disclaimer: I was sent several bottles of Essentia for review. My opinions are open, honest and my own. Your views may vary. Thank you!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Review!

I am one of those people who has had nothing but a broken phone or a second hand phone for the last 3 or 4 years and there was no way you were ever going to reach me by text as, for some unknown reason, I was only able to receive texts on my most recent phone from people who are on our family phone plan or network - even the phone company couldn't work it out! Thankfully I could still receive calls but I still felt like I was going backwards every time I got a "new" [to me] phone!

This past week, however, all my struggles with communication on the go have be thwarted since being given the chance to try out a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, on the Virgin Mobile network, which is also pay as you go and a great price and value!

This phone came with a $45 plan but you can also top up for just $35 per month for a set amount of call minutes but unlimited everything else and fabulous wi-fi!

I have definitely been living under a rock this past couple of years because my phone always used to be the new thing but, over time, I have noticed that I had been going backwards and never progressing with the current phone!

I am AMAZED by the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE like a kid in a candy shop for the very first time! There are fewer words to describe it than that! I now understand why so many people spend so much time looking at their phones these days - it really is like hosting an entire world in your pocket and you really don't even need a computer any more, almost, except for when you want to type something up like this review because it would take a considerably lengthier time to do on the phone than on a regular old PC.

I have been able to download several apps on this phone, even though I haven't yet put in any memory expansion, which it will require soon if I want to keep the apps that I have and not delete them to add others.

The phone runs great, the battery lasts a couple of days if you set everything up to power-save but won't last the day if you don't, which I learned pretty quickly! Luckily, it is very easy to set everything to best save the battery life and recommended, too!

This phone comes with a 4" touchscreen, 5mp camera with HD video capture, 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, 3G/4G Wifi and Blue Tooth capabilities and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

That is a lot for your money and it looks neat, too! Slim, lightweight, charcoal to silver in color, clear screen and fabulous for apps like Skype and games like Doodle Jump Christmas - yes! This is now the THIRD version of Doodle Jump that I have found in under 2 weeks!!

I can't express how happy I have been to be able to use the aforementioned Skype! I have a lot of family in England and it is SO GREAT to be able to call them for free and see them on the screen at the same time, which is something I haven't done for a long while, not even on the PC! This makes it so much easier and there is no lighting to set up or anything, - you just move into whichever spot is lightest and take the phone with you!

You can edit photos on this phone and upload them straight to any of your favorite places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram [among others] and I am IN LOVE with Instagram capabilities with this phone! I love snapping a shot, editing it on my phone, bypassing any editor on my PC, adding an effect on Instagram and uploading said pic - simple and easy and so much fun, I can't believe I was missing out on all of these connections for all of these years, it rocks my socks!!

I could go on and on all day about this phone, I just can't get enough of it! It wakes me up in the morning, updates me when i have something to do, I can check my email and Facebook or chat and I can connect with the world around me like never before, while trying very carefully not to get too attached! I can even use ebay in seconds or buy a little something online with the touch of an app!

I love the Swype feature, too! Never before had I heard of it until now but the idea that you can text just by swiping your finger across the phone is fantastic! You really don't even have to hit every letter any more as the phone is intuitive and tries to work it out for you! Once you get used to it, you'll never look back!

Yet another bonus on this phone is that you can get nook and/or Kindle readers as apps for the phone, too and read all of your books on the go - something I need as I am rarely able to get 10 minutes peace sat at my laptop with the children at my feet and have loved being able to just take the book to bed with me without having to switch on a light or get uncomfortable at my desk! Pillows and comforters all the way now, with the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE!

This particular phone is hooked up with Virgin Mobile, [as I mentioned before] and I like their plans and pricing A LOT! No contract, pay monthly, top up as you need to and unlimited data and messaging included on ALL of the plans available, too!! If you're a bit short one month and can't reconnect to your plan, you'll still be able to use the wi-fi on the phone and so you're never really going to be quite so disconnected anymore! As a Virgin Mobile customer you're also gaining access to Sprint's 3G network and coverage has never been so available!

I am finally in the 21st century with my phone and it feels GREAT!!!

For more information on Virgin Mobile, phones offered and available plans, click HERE. You can also follow Virgin Mobile on Twitter HERE and Facebook, HERE for all of the up to date information on new technology, great new phones and service!

If you are looking for a Smart Phone this Christmas for a loved one or you want to pick one up for yourselves then why not check them out! I have had no problems at all with the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE as yet other than I could use some memory expansion and that litterally costs about $6.50 for an 8gb MicroSD card on ebay! GREAT!

Galaxy Victory 4G LTE phones fly into our gift guide this year and rightly so!


Disclaimer: I was given the product featured in this review in exchange for my opinions which are open, honest and my own. Your views may vary. Thank you!

Gekkeinan Sake & Plum Wine For Your Christmas Stocking This Year!

OH LOOK! You can pick these up right in time for Christmas! There is still time and, if not, for the New Year!! 

I had the chance to try out several types of Sake and Plum wine for this review and I was not at all disappointed!!Gekkeikan sake, plum wine and various other sake varieties were the subject of choice from this company and they were all delicious! 

I have to say that the plum wine was a family hit with those old enough to try it and the sparkling sake, too! A little dry but sweet enough and sparkly - great to welcome in the New Year and I would surely choose this over regular wine any day right now! 

I had a really nice boxed set, which was "Black and Gold" and that was very pretty with 2 little sake glasses and a nice bottle in a great gift box! 

I do love sake but have not really explored the different kinds - something that is sure to change since this review!

I love the Nigori Sake and the Zipang sparkling sake along with the plum wine, but the Suzaku and Horin were right up my alley - not too dry, pretty smooth and semi-sweet these would all go with just about every meal and work very well on their own!

Mu husband took well to the plum wine, which is one of his favorite drinks and I think it is safe to say that he gives this particular brand a big thumbs up!

I would happily receive one of these as a gift this year [or gift one] and I find them heading off to our Christmas gift guide with ease! 

To find out more about Gekkeinan Sake, go HERE! You can also find them on Facebook HERE, so head on over and say hey!! 

Enjoy these at any time, responsibly, and have a fabulous holiday season! 

Merry Christmas! 

- MGB! xxxx

Disclaimer: I was sent everything pictured in order for review, I was not otherwise compensated monetarily and all opinions are honest and my own. Your views may differ. Thanks.

Gourmet Nut - for Christmas and beyond!

If you a looking for a gift this year, now or as a thank you gift after Christmas, then this is great for the foody in your life - even if that means you!

I bring to you...


Last week the people over at Gourmet Nut surprised me with this amazing gift basket with a selection of fruit and nut mixes, sea salts, olive oil and goodies in this fabulous gift basket!

There were a lot more than pictured but my two favorites were the Smoked Sea Salt and the Himalayan Pink Salt! I love them! I have been using them, and the others, in my mashed potatoes, when grilling and when baking anything and everything and even when I just wanted a little taster with some fries!

There were also several bags of nut mixes, consisting of Almond Cranberry Crunch, Soy Nut Health Mix and Cajun Hot Mix - all of which went down tremendously with our entire family! 

The cost of the sea salts are so good that you won't regret buying up some smoked sea salt or charcoal infused salt, Himalayan salt or more! 

Recommended retail price for the above nut mixes are:

$3.99 - $4.99 for a 6 - 8 oz. bag
$1.50 for a Power Up 2.25 oz. snack bag
$7.99 - $8.99 for a 14 oz. bag

My 2 year old really enjoyed these, along with the rest of the family! They really are an everybody food and you can pick some up today!!

To find out more about Gourmet Nut just visit them at their website HERE and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date! 

There is nothing more than being able to add a little flavor through something as simple as salt and nothing better to snack on a snack that'll keep you energized and happy happy! 

Check out Gourmet Nut today!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Dinner is SO good, on a budget, with Bottom Dollar Food!


Every year I write a post for you all about Christmas dinner and how it really doesn't have to break the bank or turn into an upset of an event for the big day, at all! Every year that I write this post I find a place to pick up the bits and pieces that you'll need for the meal at a cost that won't leave you crying in the street and, this year, with the help of my little friend, here [above], I have found everything you need at Bottom Dollar Food! 

I started shopping at Bottom Dollar Food when they popped up in my area a little while back and they really do offer some fabulous prices on your every day needs; Shopping there is easy and you can pick up a Bottom Dollar store card to make your savings even richer and stretch your dollar further by shopping the current week's flyer and deals!

Here is my local store:

We went at 8am and, as you can see, it wasn't too sunny out but that didn't stop us from shopping this weeks flyer and regular deal prices to bring you that meal you have been waiting for since the Christmas decks went up or since you pulled out the Holiday Spirit from wherever it had been hiding the past year!

Christmas can be such a terrifying thought for some people and an incredible pressure and with 4 children here we really can't afford to go overboard and so over the years I really have learned that sometimes what you NEED is usually a lot less than what you think you might need and so the first step to planning out the meal you are going to make is to write out a list - and stick to it! 

Don't be afraid to buy boxed food, don't be afraid to buy frozen and don't be afraid to cook from scratch either if it saves those pennies and if it produces the results you need at a cost you can afford without the headache and stress! 

Here is some of the food that I picked up on our trip: 

As you can see, we picked up a whole, home roaster chicken, 10lbs of potatoes, a bag of onions, 3 large bags of frozen vegetables, along with the essential trimmings for a Christmas dinner such as gravy, stuffing and whipped topping for the dessert of your choice! You could pick up a cake mix this week for just 99 cents but I already have a pie in mind that I intend to bake and so I only needed the topping - a pie will cost you the price of flour, butter and filling though if you put it together yourself so don't be worried about paying a lot for that, either!

You really can afford this! 

All of this food mentioned, plus extras like a HUGE box of clementines and a bag of roasted peanuts and yogurt for those who don't want whipped topping, plus butter for that added "umph" you need in the cooking etc - everything you see above for the actual meal, in fact, cost around about $25.00! That is enough food to feed a family of 6 a big Christmas dinner and still have leftovers - trust me, I know! 

The chicken was on sale at 68 cents per lb and so cost us just $4.57 for the delicious grade A bird ready to head the meal. I always choose to go with chicken as it is an everybody food in our house and my husband prefers not to eat ham. The HUGE box of clementines, which I simply love having around at Christmas, cost just $3.98 for the entire box, which is going to last some time and keep everybody going along with the nuts, which are a festive favorite, too! 

The veggies are always a no-brainer for me as I love the convenience of frozen vegetables on occasions like these and they really do taste just as great and save you all that time in the kitchen, when you would have been peeling, slicing and dicing! Just pop out the bag, use the required amount and then pop the bag back in the freezer! No fuss, no mess and no waste! Fabulous!

At under $2.00 per large bag this week, these are going to keep us going through the week, not just for dinner! There will also be leftovers for another meal, too and so really you're paying around $25.00 not just for the main meal, but for the snacks or fillers the following day, or that evening, too! 

All in all, our Christmas dinner is going to consist of chicken, vegetables, roasted potatoes, stuffing, gravy and home made yorkshire puddings, which I am making with ingredients already in my cabinets. There will be a giant mince pie, which I am making with a mix that I had already and with a home made crust, again with ingredients I had already other than the margarine, which I purchased on my shopping trip - if you need flour it isn't much more than a dollar and if you need a box of eggs then they are 99 cents for a box of large eggs, too! Very affordable! I am serving whipped topping with the dessert, if desired.

I picked up cup cake cases, while I was shopping and they are included in the price. I am going to bake a dozen for us at home and I am going to bake some for some family members too. You can gift those in little paper bags with a ribbon for an affordable gift if you can't afford to really spend on anybody this year - it is a nice thought and everybody loves cup cakes!

So there you have it! Bottom Dollar Food really delivers on value this Holiday with prices that aren't going to break the bank! You can feed the family plenty with the groceries pictured and even have some left if you have an unexpected guest! You are also going to have potatoes, veggies, stuffing, whipped topping and probably some cooked chicken left over by the end of it and so do it again the next day or get creative and make a soup, stew, pie, anything you like - its a lot of food and if you're able to make it stretch then why not!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting this together for you this year and am always so pleased when I find that getting your meal together on a budget is STILL possible as years pass.

If you would like to know more about Bottom Dollar Food, their locations, states and other relative information, then why not head on over to their website, HERE! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too, so why not head on over and say hey!

Remember, over the holidays we put so much stress on ourselves to make everything perfect and we often overspend where we really don't have to so, why not take a moment to really consider what you need and what you want this year and opt for what you can afford over everything else - you can afford a lot, just by looking in the right place!

I originally had a $40 budget to buy the meal this year, but it still cost considerably less, which was fabulous. I used the rest of my budget to buy some food for the rest of the week that was easy-cooking food to recover from Christmas! 

It is also worth noting that Bottom Dollar Food sells baby formula, too, so you can cater for your little one while you're in there, as well! No trips elsewhere, it is right there when you need it and at a good price compared to the leading brands - awesome!

I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, no matter how you spend it, and hope to share my dinner with you in a further post very soon, just so you can see the finished results of all that deal grabbing and my outing at Bottom Dollar Food! 



Disclaimer: My entire shopping trip was provided by Bottom Dollar Food in exchange for this post. I also gained a delightful piggy bank, who  has yet to be named! All opinions expressed here are honest and my own and your views and experience may differ! Thank you!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Strongback Chair, Review! Great for the Camper, for Christmas!

I love to go camping but I haven't been in a while - I have been to some of our children's soccer matches though and I always wonder why I didn't take a chair with me when to sit and get comfortable but then I realize that most of those chairs I could pack up and fold into the car wouldn't be all that comfortable and so I may as well sit on the floor, and I do!

NOW, though, there is a new chair that I have stumbled over called the:


This chair is designed to be easy open, easy use, transportable and fabulous for camping, sitting, chilling and relaxing..BUT..these chairs are made with a design that gives you better posture, better comfort and less damage to your back!

To see more about these chairs, have a look at the following video:

I had the chance to try out an Elite and a Zen chair, both of which are comfortable as all heck and every member of the family wanted to claim them for themselves!! My husband thought that the Zen was perfect for taking to work and storing in his locker so that when he wants a break he has somewhere other than a cold, hard bench to sit in! He has back problems as it is and would hate for those to get worse and so with the Zen he can take it with him, store it easily and save trouble with his back just by using the chair instead of sitting around on the cold, hard, uncomfortable bench! 

I personally love the Elite! A little bigger than the Zen, with harder, sturdier arm rests, the Elite is a little bigger and more accommodating, even though the Zen is plenty enough chair for just about anyone! 

I can't wait to be able to use these at our next soccer match! No more sitting on the floor, no more standing around, just pop out the chair from its convenient storage bag and away we go! 

Retailing for $45.95 for the Zen and $79.95 for the Elite, these chairs don't come cheap but are well worth the money you pay, which, for the comfort of your back [and sanity of mind] it really is a small amount! 

Each chair is great for a few hundred pounds and conforms to your back to give you the best support possible! The chairs are available in Lime Green, Forest Green and Black/Gray as well as Navy/Black and so there is enough of a choice that there is sure to be something you like! 

These chairs are idea for packing up in the car and going off out anwhere you please or just for storing at home for times when too many guests arrive! 

To find out more about these Strongback Chairs, you should head on over to their website, HERE!

Had any experience with Strongback Chairs!? I would love to hear from you!!


Disclaimer: I was provided chairs to review for this post. All opinions are my own and yours may differ, thank you! 

ProFOOT Pedi-Rock & Accessories Make For Great Stocking Stuffers!

My feet are not exactly the daintiest of feet and I wear a size 11 shoe! I am on my feet most of the day and I do get dry, cracked and embarrassing feet that really don't need to be shown off at certain times of the year when its dry, hot and just a nightmare for my poor old feet to get by!

I have tried all of the creams and stones and what-not to try and smooth off any rough skin and to moisturize them but it always took a lot of effort and a long time to really work and so I was always hopping from one thing to the next and back again hoping for some relief, which I would find here and there and be done with it!

I was interested to see how ProFOOT products lived up to their name when I was offered a chance to try those out this past week and I am happy to report that so far, so good!

I have been soaking my feet and then using the ProFOOT Pedi-Rock on them to remove old skin and to smooth them down a little, with little to no hassle at all!

The Pedi-Rock is rounded and softer than a regular pumice stone and it is larger and easier to hold and maneuver than any I had personally previously tried - and I have tried many!

I found that sitting back and soaking my feet, then gently using the Pedi-Rock worked best for me. It really took away a lot of the rough skin and, while it didn't leave them 100% perfect they weer about 95% smoother, which is a thumb up for me!

After soaking my feet and using the Pedi-Rock, I also used some Heel Rescue cream, which is a thick luxurious cream that is not greasy and which leaves my feet feeling soft and pampered. I found that using this then going to bed with socks on over it really gave me the best results!

After a week of use my feet do feel so much happier but they still have a ways to go! I am definitely going to keep up the maintenance and let you know how I get along! For now though, I love the look and feel of the Pedi-Rock and how easy it is to grip and use and the softness put it a step above my old rock! If I didn't have one already I would love to find this in my stocking this year and so it make our Holiday Gift Guide!

To find out more about the Pedi-Rock of other foot care products available from ProFOOT, you can find them HERE! You can also like them on Facebook and Twitter, too!

ProFoot also have many other products that help to rejuvenate and invigorate your feet and you should take a look! Their custom heels and insoles may be just what you need!!


Disclaimer: I was given products for this review but my opinions are open, honest and my own. Your views may differ! Thank you!

Ivanabitch Vodka, Look-See!

***Over 21 Review. PLEASE Drink Responsibly AND Legally!***

A few weeks ago I brought you a review on Naughty Nog by Ivanabitch and now I would like to share with you their flavored Vodka! 

Ivanabitch Vodka comes in over 10 different flavors including Cherry, Coconut, Whipped Cream and Orange - there is something to suit everybody's palette! 

I had the chance to try out the whipped Cream, Cherry and Coconut varieties and I thought that the Cherry was going to be my favorite but it was very strong and not my cup of tea - the Whipped Cream one, however, was delicious and smooth and easy to drink on its own or with a mixer! The Cherry was better when mixed with cola. 

I did like the coconut, too, that one I felt was best on its own, with ice, or mixed with a lemonade! Very easy to drink, the right amount of body and a kick right at the back of your throat to let you know that what you're dinking isn't pulling any punches! 

Ivanabitch delivers effortlessly with the flavors that I tried but I haven't had the chance, yet, to try them all even though I am intrigued by the Orange, Vanilla ad Blackberry varieties there is also a flavor that doesn't really take my fancy, at all - but which might take yours - in the form of Tobacco flavor! 

I am not a smoker and so the Tobacco flavor doesn't appeal to me one bit, but I hear along the grapevine that it is a drink of choice to some people who do like the taste of a good tobacco or even a menthol tobacco flavor and so worth a shot if you think it is for you! 

Ivanabitch is a great gift to bring along to any Christmas party or as a gift to a friend who like a little tipple! At 35% Alcohol by volume though you will want to drink responsibly and legally!

To find out more about Ivanabitch you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook or find them in a store near you, today! 

Enjoy, responsibly and legally, please! Thank you!

Disclaimer: I was given 3 flavors of Ivanabitch vodka to try out in order to write this review. My opinions are my own and your views may differ. Thank you! 

Let's Take A Look At: Hard Sided Water Bottles from Brita! (Review)

Hey, LOOK! I have something else to share with you, which is going to make your experience with drinking your water every day so much more rewarding! 


These are great, especially for us as we have water that NEEDS filtering for it to be anywhere near decent! I can go through a lot of filters in a year and we always drink a lot more water than anything else and so these new bottles from Brita are right up our alley! 

The larger bottles that you can see are 23.7 oz and available in Blue, Violet and Persimmon - the smaller one's you see are Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer and those are 16.9 oz bottles!

These are easy-open so the kids have no trouble and easy to handle and carry - even for little hands! There is a loop on the lid to hold the bottle if you wish and the filters inside last up to 300 refils!! That is a LOT of water! Even if you refill the bottle once a day that means 10 months worth of water, filtered and great!! 

Replacing the filter is easy and costs just $7.99 for a 2 pack of filters! That is an amazing investment that you can afford and will appreciate - I know that I do as I am always trying to get my daily intake of water right and it is somehow easier if I have a bottle readily available next to me rather than having to go back and forth for a drink every time I need one! 

These bottles are available at many online and retail outlets across the board and retail for about $18.99 for a bottle and 1 filter. The calculated savings for your water intake, [if you were to use plastic bottles usually] would be about $45 a month and that is fabulous! You are also contributing less to waste! 

To find out more about Brita's Hard Sided Bottles just head on over to THEIR WEBSITE! You can also find Brita on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date or just to say hi!

Pop one of these in your gift bags this Christmas and drink up! 


Disclaimer: I was given product in return for this review. All opinions are my own and yours may differ. Thank you!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Boxai - The Gift That keeps on Giving: Review

Check these out! They are so delightful that I have to share! 

As a person who can really appreciate photography [and the art in it], these little boxes make a wonderfully stunning picture series spring to life in what might be likened to a Russian nesting doll that is both fun and artsy at the same time! 

These little boxes of fun, called BOXAI are "An exhibition in the palm of your hands" and they are going to make gifting even more special this year, no matter if you're gifting a small item or a simple message to say thank you - BOXAI has you covered! 

I got to check out the boxes with the bees and the boxes with the fireworks on them and they really are a splendid little treat to open! They come with 3 full boxes, so that makes up 6 pieces, with a message in the middle, which you can customize yourself to say whatever you please OR replace with a gift - a ring, perhaps or a token of appreciation!? 

I will be giving each of my children one of these this year, and my daughter has already had a little look-see at the boxes and loves the bees so much that she has hers early! 

I plan to write a personal message to each of my recipients and I really know they are going to love them and adore the photos long beyond the day they are received - they make for a fabulous display and really are the gift that keeps on giving!

If you would like to know more about this simple, yet brilliant, idea in BOXAI, then head on over to their website HERE to see their full rage of photographic collections from bees to cats, dogs, babies, dancers and more! Pick some up for your next occasion, today for as little as $10 per set! Fabulous!

For further information on BOXAI, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!! 


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Flat Iron Experts Presents: Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System! Review!

As you know, I had my hair cut rather short, recently and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it isn't weighing me down, presently! I have come to find that my hair likes to go crazy some days in this extreme cold and with the heaters on all day and have had to get creative to either straighten it or to make it look rather fun and sassy and I needed a little help! 

My friends over at Flat Iron Experts have come to the rescue, once again, with a FANTASTIC item to breathe life into ANY hair cut and to tame that frizz along with it! 

What am I talking about? I am talking about the: 

In short, it rocks my socks!

The Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System is the bees knees! It perches up on your counter top, dresser or wherever you might like to use it and plugs in with a cord/lead that is SO LONG you are sure to be able to get the rollers wherever you might need to be!

Here I am with my hair as straight as I can get it with a straightening iron...

It is quite fluffy - but i kind of like it!

To change it up a bit I could use a curling iron and give it a tight curl but I wanted something a little more natural and with a little give and I was told that these might do the trick and so I thought: "Why not!?"

Here are the rollers in their "hub":

I placed my rollers on the side and plugged them in - they became super-hot within minutes and were ready to go in no time! They come with enough clips to keep you going and Flat Iron Experts included a second set to make sure I wouldn't go without and voila! Here I am with my hair in hot rollers for the very first time...

Now, because this was my first attempt at using the hot rollers, I wasn't sure what to expect, how long it might take or what the end results might be! I gave them a whirl though, on dry hair and with a little spray to ease heat damage from the rollers and the left them in for about 5 minutes and then took them out. 

Getting the rollers into my hair wasn't too difficult at all and once you get going it is easier to figure out which parts to do first, middle and last and how to hold the clips so that they cover the roller and don't just hang in your hair! I managed to get this down to a fine art by just the second attempt and I was pleased with the way the curlers went in.

I wouldn't imagine this taking anybody more than 20 minutes to get them in correctly if they share a similar hair cut and thickness to mine.

I have to be honest, I was expecting more from that first go, but it took a little patience and a second try to get the result that I was looking for in particular and I learned that I shouldn't rush! After just 5 minutes, my extremely thick hair wasn't very curly [on that first go around] but I learned to let the rollers heat up a little longer and to leave them in my hair to cool right down, too, to get the desired effect! 

When the rollers had cooled down I gently eased them out of the hair, letting them drop into my hand and trying to not get them on the floor! The curls and waves were immediately apparent and my hair was ready to be worked into a style.

Above, you can see the rollers going back into their case one by one after styling - I find it best to put them back as you go along so you know exactly where they are and how many you have left in your hair so that you don't look a little crazy trying to find that last one!

After letting my hair sit for a few minutes, I back combed my curls at the front and added  a little mousse [for hold] and shine spray [for zing] and a huge grin and a happy note in my hair! 

Here is the finished result of the hair, which was literally, as I said, hot rolled until cool,  back combed a tad at the front and shaken out a little for the finished effect! 

I absolutely adore these hot rollers and Babyliss never seems to disappoint! I have been using their products since I was in my teens and purchased my very own first little hair dryer! I loved them then, I love them now and they just make hair care easier for the average person [like me] and they make the products look great, too!! Another 10/10 for me on all levels, I just can not fault the Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System at all, or Flat Iron Experts for stocking them, BRAVO!

If you would like to find out more about this product, or any other products offered by Flat Iron Experts, then why not head on over HERE to check them out some more! You can also find Flat Iron Experts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, too! Fabulous!

Why not add a Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System to your gift list this year as they have of course [rather stylishly] made our Holiday Gift Guide for 2013!


Disclaimer: I was provided with hot rollers to use for this review. My opinions are open, honest and my own - your views may differ! Thank you!