Friday, 20 December 2013

Boxai - The Gift That keeps on Giving: Review

Check these out! They are so delightful that I have to share! 

As a person who can really appreciate photography [and the art in it], these little boxes make a wonderfully stunning picture series spring to life in what might be likened to a Russian nesting doll that is both fun and artsy at the same time! 

These little boxes of fun, called BOXAI are "An exhibition in the palm of your hands" and they are going to make gifting even more special this year, no matter if you're gifting a small item or a simple message to say thank you - BOXAI has you covered! 

I got to check out the boxes with the bees and the boxes with the fireworks on them and they really are a splendid little treat to open! They come with 3 full boxes, so that makes up 6 pieces, with a message in the middle, which you can customize yourself to say whatever you please OR replace with a gift - a ring, perhaps or a token of appreciation!? 

I will be giving each of my children one of these this year, and my daughter has already had a little look-see at the boxes and loves the bees so much that she has hers early! 

I plan to write a personal message to each of my recipients and I really know they are going to love them and adore the photos long beyond the day they are received - they make for a fabulous display and really are the gift that keeps on giving!

If you would like to know more about this simple, yet brilliant, idea in BOXAI, then head on over to their website HERE to see their full rage of photographic collections from bees to cats, dogs, babies, dancers and more! Pick some up for your next occasion, today for as little as $10 per set! Fabulous!

For further information on BOXAI, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!! 


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