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California Delicious Review and $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

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Beauty and quality are two things I relish! I also love to give gifts that reflect this. Sometime getting everything togather..well it just doesn't come together as easily as I would like it too! We have kids, grand-kids, pets, jobs and daily life...the usual hectic pace of the world as we all know.

 This is why I LOVE California Delicious! They take all the guess-work out of the equation! The Golden Delights Gourmet Gift really is a perfect example! Fist let say kudos To California Delicious for their KILLER packing skills! Our new Fed Ex driver literally THREW the boxes from the back of the truck into the front when he was delivering our packages. I cringed. We get a lot of fragile things delivered because of the sites. While a few things in other boxes did break, not one thing in the California Delicious package was damaged! This leads me to believe that the California Delicious basket makers must have super hero packing powers of some sort!...This alone sets them apart!! Anyhow, when we opened up the box the package was almost to pretty to break into! Everything was perfectly placed - BEAUTIFUL!

The Golden Delights Gourmet Gift basket was a great choice! It has a bit of everything! This gift sets the gold standard. A beautifully woven basket is filled to the brim with a bevy of treats, cheese straws, biscotti, Ghirardelli milk and caramel squares, chocolate truffle hot cocoa mix, cheese, flatbread crisps, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies, nuts, Amaretti cookies, butter toffee pretzels, French chocolate truffles, Monterey jack cheese, a wood handled cheese knife, and chocolate crackle cookies. And we are not talking about tiny lil packs of miniature taste. This really is packed!! 

We have a fairly good-sized family and it was so much that everyone got plenty!! A few of the favorite items where the truffles...litteraly melt in your mouth good! And the baby loved the cheese straws.....Sadly I too loved the cheese straws. I almost feel badly about eating most of them...but in my defense it was needed to write an accurate review. Ok I have to order more! ...Yes I ate the baby's Cheese Straws .....and they where divine too! I did let her keep the basket! It is a very well made and nice basket!! She loves putting thing in it. So huge bonus...9 month old Bellamie gets a snazzy toy tote!! I do not know if California Delicious weaves the baskets on site or now, But I have to mention that even the basket was a high quality item!!

California Delicious does not send stale, bland and unappealing items! Everything taste as great as it looks! And everything arrived looking better than it did online. I know how many places can you say that about right?! Their products are something I would be thrilled to receive and am happy to send anyone! There is something for all occasions from the California Delicious catalogs. California Wine and Gourmet Picnic Gift Basket, Gourmet Cheese and Meat Gift, Golden Star Gift Tower of Chocolates Premium are just a few of the seemingly endless choices! Even can overnight your gift if needed! Just found our uncle Stan is showing up fr the family holiday dinner...Forgot to get your brothers new wife a gift....? California Delicious has got you covered! From baby showers to wedding gifts and everything in between, let California Delicious take the guess-work out of gift giving! You can enjoy your day knowing that they have got you covered!

Because of Quality, Value, Presentation and all over fantastic service California Delicious is a shoo-in for BHDD's 2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

AND LOOK!! yOU ARE GOING TO love THIS...One of our readers will get to start the year off right as well! Someone is going to win hemselves a $100 Gift Card to California Delicious! Because they are amazing they are one of our holiday round-up finalist! The winner will be announced on December 24th...Just in time to get something wonderful to celebrate the New Year! Just enter on the rafflecopter, below! 

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Disclaimer: all views that of the original writer, who was compensated with products for this review. your views may differ, thank you!

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I am getting the San Francisco Chocolate Ghiradelli Gift Basket!