Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Dinner is SO good, on a budget, with Bottom Dollar Food!


Every year I write a post for you all about Christmas dinner and how it really doesn't have to break the bank or turn into an upset of an event for the big day, at all! Every year that I write this post I find a place to pick up the bits and pieces that you'll need for the meal at a cost that won't leave you crying in the street and, this year, with the help of my little friend, here [above], I have found everything you need at Bottom Dollar Food! 

I started shopping at Bottom Dollar Food when they popped up in my area a little while back and they really do offer some fabulous prices on your every day needs; Shopping there is easy and you can pick up a Bottom Dollar store card to make your savings even richer and stretch your dollar further by shopping the current week's flyer and deals!

Here is my local store:

We went at 8am and, as you can see, it wasn't too sunny out but that didn't stop us from shopping this weeks flyer and regular deal prices to bring you that meal you have been waiting for since the Christmas decks went up or since you pulled out the Holiday Spirit from wherever it had been hiding the past year!

Christmas can be such a terrifying thought for some people and an incredible pressure and with 4 children here we really can't afford to go overboard and so over the years I really have learned that sometimes what you NEED is usually a lot less than what you think you might need and so the first step to planning out the meal you are going to make is to write out a list - and stick to it! 

Don't be afraid to buy boxed food, don't be afraid to buy frozen and don't be afraid to cook from scratch either if it saves those pennies and if it produces the results you need at a cost you can afford without the headache and stress! 

Here is some of the food that I picked up on our trip: 

As you can see, we picked up a whole, home roaster chicken, 10lbs of potatoes, a bag of onions, 3 large bags of frozen vegetables, along with the essential trimmings for a Christmas dinner such as gravy, stuffing and whipped topping for the dessert of your choice! You could pick up a cake mix this week for just 99 cents but I already have a pie in mind that I intend to bake and so I only needed the topping - a pie will cost you the price of flour, butter and filling though if you put it together yourself so don't be worried about paying a lot for that, either!

You really can afford this! 

All of this food mentioned, plus extras like a HUGE box of clementines and a bag of roasted peanuts and yogurt for those who don't want whipped topping, plus butter for that added "umph" you need in the cooking etc - everything you see above for the actual meal, in fact, cost around about $25.00! That is enough food to feed a family of 6 a big Christmas dinner and still have leftovers - trust me, I know! 

The chicken was on sale at 68 cents per lb and so cost us just $4.57 for the delicious grade A bird ready to head the meal. I always choose to go with chicken as it is an everybody food in our house and my husband prefers not to eat ham. The HUGE box of clementines, which I simply love having around at Christmas, cost just $3.98 for the entire box, which is going to last some time and keep everybody going along with the nuts, which are a festive favorite, too! 

The veggies are always a no-brainer for me as I love the convenience of frozen vegetables on occasions like these and they really do taste just as great and save you all that time in the kitchen, when you would have been peeling, slicing and dicing! Just pop out the bag, use the required amount and then pop the bag back in the freezer! No fuss, no mess and no waste! Fabulous!

At under $2.00 per large bag this week, these are going to keep us going through the week, not just for dinner! There will also be leftovers for another meal, too and so really you're paying around $25.00 not just for the main meal, but for the snacks or fillers the following day, or that evening, too! 

All in all, our Christmas dinner is going to consist of chicken, vegetables, roasted potatoes, stuffing, gravy and home made yorkshire puddings, which I am making with ingredients already in my cabinets. There will be a giant mince pie, which I am making with a mix that I had already and with a home made crust, again with ingredients I had already other than the margarine, which I purchased on my shopping trip - if you need flour it isn't much more than a dollar and if you need a box of eggs then they are 99 cents for a box of large eggs, too! Very affordable! I am serving whipped topping with the dessert, if desired.

I picked up cup cake cases, while I was shopping and they are included in the price. I am going to bake a dozen for us at home and I am going to bake some for some family members too. You can gift those in little paper bags with a ribbon for an affordable gift if you can't afford to really spend on anybody this year - it is a nice thought and everybody loves cup cakes!

So there you have it! Bottom Dollar Food really delivers on value this Holiday with prices that aren't going to break the bank! You can feed the family plenty with the groceries pictured and even have some left if you have an unexpected guest! You are also going to have potatoes, veggies, stuffing, whipped topping and probably some cooked chicken left over by the end of it and so do it again the next day or get creative and make a soup, stew, pie, anything you like - its a lot of food and if you're able to make it stretch then why not!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting this together for you this year and am always so pleased when I find that getting your meal together on a budget is STILL possible as years pass.

If you would like to know more about Bottom Dollar Food, their locations, states and other relative information, then why not head on over to their website, HERE! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too, so why not head on over and say hey!

Remember, over the holidays we put so much stress on ourselves to make everything perfect and we often overspend where we really don't have to so, why not take a moment to really consider what you need and what you want this year and opt for what you can afford over everything else - you can afford a lot, just by looking in the right place!

I originally had a $40 budget to buy the meal this year, but it still cost considerably less, which was fabulous. I used the rest of my budget to buy some food for the rest of the week that was easy-cooking food to recover from Christmas! 

It is also worth noting that Bottom Dollar Food sells baby formula, too, so you can cater for your little one while you're in there, as well! No trips elsewhere, it is right there when you need it and at a good price compared to the leading brands - awesome!

I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, no matter how you spend it, and hope to share my dinner with you in a further post very soon, just so you can see the finished results of all that deal grabbing and my outing at Bottom Dollar Food! 



Disclaimer: My entire shopping trip was provided by Bottom Dollar Food in exchange for this post. I also gained a delightful piggy bank, who  has yet to be named! All opinions expressed here are honest and my own and your views and experience may differ! Thank you!


Ashley Gill said...

Ya done good, Momma! I can't wait to see your next post on how the dinner turned out. I've never heard of Bottom Dollar Food, but I'm pretty sure I wish I had one in my area!

Abrie S said...

Never heard of this place. Great find!

Sue Bailey said...

What a brilliant shop you did for so little Lisa, can you please ask them to open stores here in the UK! priceless

Rita VonCoupon said...

Nice! I just recently hear do Bottom Dollar foods, they've opened a few locations in Philadelphia over the last few years and my sister was asking me about it. I sort of thought it was more like a Save-a-lot but it seems I might have been wrong. I'll have to go check it out. Nice price on that bird!

Janette Rupple said...

Boy do I wish we had one of those in our area!