Thursday, 19 December 2013

Flat Iron Experts Presents: Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System! Review!

As you know, I had my hair cut rather short, recently and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it isn't weighing me down, presently! I have come to find that my hair likes to go crazy some days in this extreme cold and with the heaters on all day and have had to get creative to either straighten it or to make it look rather fun and sassy and I needed a little help! 

My friends over at Flat Iron Experts have come to the rescue, once again, with a FANTASTIC item to breathe life into ANY hair cut and to tame that frizz along with it! 

What am I talking about? I am talking about the: 

In short, it rocks my socks!

The Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System is the bees knees! It perches up on your counter top, dresser or wherever you might like to use it and plugs in with a cord/lead that is SO LONG you are sure to be able to get the rollers wherever you might need to be!

Here I am with my hair as straight as I can get it with a straightening iron...

It is quite fluffy - but i kind of like it!

To change it up a bit I could use a curling iron and give it a tight curl but I wanted something a little more natural and with a little give and I was told that these might do the trick and so I thought: "Why not!?"

Here are the rollers in their "hub":

I placed my rollers on the side and plugged them in - they became super-hot within minutes and were ready to go in no time! They come with enough clips to keep you going and Flat Iron Experts included a second set to make sure I wouldn't go without and voila! Here I am with my hair in hot rollers for the very first time...

Now, because this was my first attempt at using the hot rollers, I wasn't sure what to expect, how long it might take or what the end results might be! I gave them a whirl though, on dry hair and with a little spray to ease heat damage from the rollers and the left them in for about 5 minutes and then took them out. 

Getting the rollers into my hair wasn't too difficult at all and once you get going it is easier to figure out which parts to do first, middle and last and how to hold the clips so that they cover the roller and don't just hang in your hair! I managed to get this down to a fine art by just the second attempt and I was pleased with the way the curlers went in.

I wouldn't imagine this taking anybody more than 20 minutes to get them in correctly if they share a similar hair cut and thickness to mine.

I have to be honest, I was expecting more from that first go, but it took a little patience and a second try to get the result that I was looking for in particular and I learned that I shouldn't rush! After just 5 minutes, my extremely thick hair wasn't very curly [on that first go around] but I learned to let the rollers heat up a little longer and to leave them in my hair to cool right down, too, to get the desired effect! 

When the rollers had cooled down I gently eased them out of the hair, letting them drop into my hand and trying to not get them on the floor! The curls and waves were immediately apparent and my hair was ready to be worked into a style.

Above, you can see the rollers going back into their case one by one after styling - I find it best to put them back as you go along so you know exactly where they are and how many you have left in your hair so that you don't look a little crazy trying to find that last one!

After letting my hair sit for a few minutes, I back combed my curls at the front and added  a little mousse [for hold] and shine spray [for zing] and a huge grin and a happy note in my hair! 

Here is the finished result of the hair, which was literally, as I said, hot rolled until cool,  back combed a tad at the front and shaken out a little for the finished effect! 

I absolutely adore these hot rollers and Babyliss never seems to disappoint! I have been using their products since I was in my teens and purchased my very own first little hair dryer! I loved them then, I love them now and they just make hair care easier for the average person [like me] and they make the products look great, too!! Another 10/10 for me on all levels, I just can not fault the Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System at all, or Flat Iron Experts for stocking them, BRAVO!

If you would like to find out more about this product, or any other products offered by Flat Iron Experts, then why not head on over HERE to check them out some more! You can also find Flat Iron Experts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, too! Fabulous!

Why not add a Babyliss Professional Electric, Ceramic, Ionic Hot Roller System to your gift list this year as they have of course [rather stylishly] made our Holiday Gift Guide for 2013!


Disclaimer: I was provided with hot rollers to use for this review. My opinions are open, honest and my own - your views may differ! Thank you!


Becca Wilson said...

Your hair has so much volume!

kat b said...

That looks so neat! I need one of those. I love your hair!

Melissa said...

What a difference in your hair! I have a set of hot rollers but I suck at using them. (They're rather bulky & have those little pins.) Now I'm starting to think it's not me, it's the rollers. I've gotta try these!

Amy said...

I need this because of all the sizes! Thanks for sharing.

Abrie S said...

i never use rollers, as my hair is naturally curly but would love to see how I look with big barrel curls. Great review.

Hair Care Coach said...

Your curl hair look is awesome. I love straight ,silky hair. So I use my flat iron. I also use my flat iron for curl wave hair style. For best hair styling tools ( Wish it will help you.