Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Give Colorful, Fun Education This Holiday with National Geographic Books!

One thing I can't get enough of if BOOKS! You will see a myriad of books throughout my apartment and I encourage my children to pick them up, even if it is just to look at the pictures! I think it is healthy to get a good start and happy outlook on books as a child and not wait until you hit school to figure out the wonders that lie within them!

It is with great joy, then, that I received a few books from the National Geographic Kids line for my children this holiday, which would make an excellent gift for just about anyone [child or not] for any occasion!

We got the chance to look at "That's Creepy!", "Weird, but True!" and "Ultimate Bug-opedia", which I have to say is our favorite of the three!

My children are fascinated by living things and bugs are no exception. We would rather go and investigate them than step on them and this book helps us to do that without having to put us or the bugs in any kind of sticky situation!

Great for all ages, all three of these books are bright, bold and colorful with close ups of bugs, informative facts, clear images to accompany the facts and hours of knowledge to soak up and out of each page!

My step son is 10 and so able to read these books to himself or share with my daughter and so they are able to laugh, learn and bond over these books and learn something along the way! He especially loves the "That's Creepy" book filled with all sorts of creepy facts that kids his age get a thrill out of!

The photos are bright and beautiful and the information is so vast that even I have learned a thing or two since we have welcomed these into our home!!

Did you know that the game Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany and that a girl from the former Soviet Union, Nina Kulagina was said to be able to move things with her mind and was video taped doing so? How about that Dragonflies form a "mating circle" to procreate?! Neither did I...until I read through these books! It just goes to show that you are never to young, or old to pick up a book and why not start with these National Geographic Kids books and go from there?!

National Geographic has a plethora of titles to choose from such as "Courageous Canine" and "That's Gross!" along with a magazine tailored to teach kids in a fun, bright way via subscription along with learning toys, DVDs and even an experience for the Xbox Kinect!

National Geographic is your one-stop shop for teaching children about the world around them and it comes at a reasonable price! You can buy all of the books [shown in this review] HERE and why not stay a while? You never know what discoveries you might make with plenty of information to keep you going online at their site, too!!

National Geographic books fly into our Holiday Gift Guide this year and I would love to find some more under my tree!!


Disclaimer: books featured in this review were provided in exchange for the review. All thoughts are my own and yours may differ! Thank you!

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