Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gourmet Nut - for Christmas and beyond!

If you a looking for a gift this year, now or as a thank you gift after Christmas, then this is great for the foody in your life - even if that means you!

I bring to you...


Last week the people over at Gourmet Nut surprised me with this amazing gift basket with a selection of fruit and nut mixes, sea salts, olive oil and goodies in this fabulous gift basket!

There were a lot more than pictured but my two favorites were the Smoked Sea Salt and the Himalayan Pink Salt! I love them! I have been using them, and the others, in my mashed potatoes, when grilling and when baking anything and everything and even when I just wanted a little taster with some fries!

There were also several bags of nut mixes, consisting of Almond Cranberry Crunch, Soy Nut Health Mix and Cajun Hot Mix - all of which went down tremendously with our entire family! 

The cost of the sea salts are so good that you won't regret buying up some smoked sea salt or charcoal infused salt, Himalayan salt or more! 

Recommended retail price for the above nut mixes are:

$3.99 - $4.99 for a 6 - 8 oz. bag
$1.50 for a Power Up 2.25 oz. snack bag
$7.99 - $8.99 for a 14 oz. bag

My 2 year old really enjoyed these, along with the rest of the family! They really are an everybody food and you can pick some up today!!

To find out more about Gourmet Nut just visit them at their website HERE and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date! 

There is nothing more than being able to add a little flavor through something as simple as salt and nothing better to snack on a snack that'll keep you energized and happy happy! 

Check out Gourmet Nut today!


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