Sunday, 22 December 2013

Let's Take A Look At: Hard Sided Water Bottles from Brita! (Review)

Hey, LOOK! I have something else to share with you, which is going to make your experience with drinking your water every day so much more rewarding! 


These are great, especially for us as we have water that NEEDS filtering for it to be anywhere near decent! I can go through a lot of filters in a year and we always drink a lot more water than anything else and so these new bottles from Brita are right up our alley! 

The larger bottles that you can see are 23.7 oz and available in Blue, Violet and Persimmon - the smaller one's you see are Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer and those are 16.9 oz bottles!

These are easy-open so the kids have no trouble and easy to handle and carry - even for little hands! There is a loop on the lid to hold the bottle if you wish and the filters inside last up to 300 refils!! That is a LOT of water! Even if you refill the bottle once a day that means 10 months worth of water, filtered and great!! 

Replacing the filter is easy and costs just $7.99 for a 2 pack of filters! That is an amazing investment that you can afford and will appreciate - I know that I do as I am always trying to get my daily intake of water right and it is somehow easier if I have a bottle readily available next to me rather than having to go back and forth for a drink every time I need one! 

These bottles are available at many online and retail outlets across the board and retail for about $18.99 for a bottle and 1 filter. The calculated savings for your water intake, [if you were to use plastic bottles usually] would be about $45 a month and that is fabulous! You are also contributing less to waste! 

To find out more about Brita's Hard Sided Bottles just head on over to THEIR WEBSITE! You can also find Brita on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date or just to say hi!

Pop one of these in your gift bags this Christmas and drink up! 


Disclaimer: I was given product in return for this review. All opinions are my own and yours may differ. Thank you!


Amy said...

Those are so fun and environmentally friendly, let's be honest it's body friendly too! Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...

My daughter has a weird fascination with water bottles. I'm not kidding when I say we have over 100 of them!

Lesley said...

I think this is awesome, I've heard of these filtered water bottles that do everything right there on the spot, that's cool. Do you know if takes out fluoride too? I really love the cool designs, thanks for sharing.

Fan R. said...

I never seen Brita's Hard Sided Bottle before, but think it is a great product for everyone who uses filtered water. We usually buy Brita filters, but looks like this bottle is much better.

Fan R @TeddyOutReady