Sunday, 22 December 2013

Strongback Chair, Review! Great for the Camper, for Christmas!

I love to go camping but I haven't been in a while - I have been to some of our children's soccer matches though and I always wonder why I didn't take a chair with me when to sit and get comfortable but then I realize that most of those chairs I could pack up and fold into the car wouldn't be all that comfortable and so I may as well sit on the floor, and I do!

NOW, though, there is a new chair that I have stumbled over called the:


This chair is designed to be easy open, easy use, transportable and fabulous for camping, sitting, chilling and relaxing..BUT..these chairs are made with a design that gives you better posture, better comfort and less damage to your back!

To see more about these chairs, have a look at the following video:

I had the chance to try out an Elite and a Zen chair, both of which are comfortable as all heck and every member of the family wanted to claim them for themselves!! My husband thought that the Zen was perfect for taking to work and storing in his locker so that when he wants a break he has somewhere other than a cold, hard bench to sit in! He has back problems as it is and would hate for those to get worse and so with the Zen he can take it with him, store it easily and save trouble with his back just by using the chair instead of sitting around on the cold, hard, uncomfortable bench! 

I personally love the Elite! A little bigger than the Zen, with harder, sturdier arm rests, the Elite is a little bigger and more accommodating, even though the Zen is plenty enough chair for just about anyone! 

I can't wait to be able to use these at our next soccer match! No more sitting on the floor, no more standing around, just pop out the chair from its convenient storage bag and away we go! 

Retailing for $45.95 for the Zen and $79.95 for the Elite, these chairs don't come cheap but are well worth the money you pay, which, for the comfort of your back [and sanity of mind] it really is a small amount! 

Each chair is great for a few hundred pounds and conforms to your back to give you the best support possible! The chairs are available in Lime Green, Forest Green and Black/Gray as well as Navy/Black and so there is enough of a choice that there is sure to be something you like! 

These chairs are idea for packing up in the car and going off out anwhere you please or just for storing at home for times when too many guests arrive! 

To find out more about these Strongback Chairs, you should head on over to their website, HERE!

Had any experience with Strongback Chairs!? I would love to hear from you!!


Disclaimer: I was provided chairs to review for this post. All opinions are my own and yours may differ, thank you! 


calichristy2 said...

Now that is a nice looking chair, I cant tell you how many of the others we go through every year. It looks super durable and much better for our backs. Great review

Amy said...

I need one of those for all of the outdoor events we go to as a family. In my old age I can't keep sitting on the ground.