Thursday, 12 December 2013

The BEST Children's Tablet by Polaroid, at Hammacher Schlemmer! Review!

 "Offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected for 165 years" 
Hammacher Schlemmer

This might be one of THE best Christmas presents [on our Holiday Gift Guide] this year and, once you've had a look at it with us, you will absolutely see why!!

This is a fabulous 7 inch Kids Tablet, by Polaroid, as featured at Hammacher Schlemmer's extensive and high-end-product website, which brings you nothing but the cream of the crop in Children's toys and apparatus, such as this "Best Children's Tablet", with figurative bells on!

The design of this tablet is sleek and sturdy with large enough buttons that little fingers can use them with ease! Bumpers along the edges gives it a little more bounce if dropped, which I haven't experienced yet but these tablets have been extensively tested to withstand slips by toddlers from about 3 foot and survives with less damage than some other products currently on the market!

This tablet really can't be easily beat!! It switches on and loads up quickly and I was able to set up wi-fi and parental controls in under a minute with a couple of simple instructions. I was also able to start navigating through menus with a light touch and swipe of the screen, which is easy for little fingers to operate while holding on to the tablet itself, which has enough weight for it to feel sturdy [and of good quality] yet light enough for little hands to carry around with ease!

 Not only does it look good on the outside, it is also jam packed on the inside with over 35 FULL premium apps that children will love, 16 games [including the game Doodle Jump, which I actually spoke to you about earlier in the week], and learning games like "pairs", which make this tablet a fun factory waiting to be explored!

It really doesn't end there though! With several Dr. Seuss and educational interactive books, your child can flick through the "pages" and have the book read to them or they can choose to read alone. They can also explore the surroundings within the books with the touch of a button large enough for tiny hands AND with a flick of the screen! - We realy love being able to learn about dinosaurs and their habitats or learning the names of the items in a room during a Cat in the Hat story, which is why I think this is a GREAT educational tool for children as much as it is fun! - It certainly is superior by far!

The thrill that children are going to get out of this is vast and this device is easily one of THE must-haves this Holiday Season - Hammacher Schlemmer has gotten it absolutely right!! 

With a built in camera, musical application and fun arts and crafting effects for digital art or photos, this gift will make anybodys's Christmas a fabulous one - even for parents! I seriously haven't been able to put this down!! I am that impressed! 

I can download books, apps, videos and live stream from the internet as well as transfer files over via the ports on the device! This tablet comes with a charger and a stand and just about everything I could ever need is right here, in the palm of my hand! 

Definitely worth checking out this Christmas and definitely worth doing so through Hammacher Schlemmer, where you will find not only this BUT other fabulous toys, games, home ware, sports, travel and many many more gifting ideas and categories for the whole family, the whole year around! Heck! You can even buy a SEVEN PERSON TRICYCLE!! - Yes! You read that right! For a cool $20,000 you can buy that one true gift that suits that one person who really does already have it all!! They won't see this coming, but Hammacher Schlemmer has you covered!!

The Polaroid Kid's Tablet/Best Children's Tablet currently retails for $149.95 and can be found HERE along with other fabulous gifts and is available to order RIGHT NOW to be with you just in time for Christmas - why not get it gift wrapped, too for just an extra $6.95. PERFECT!

After 165 years, Hammacher Schlemmer really knows what they are doing and they would love to help you find that perfect gift! 
Why not look them up at their WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, today! 


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in return for this review. It has not, however, affected my opinions of tablet and all of my opinions are open, honest and my own! As always, your views may differ! Thank you!


Sue Bailey-Fewings said...

As it's a Polaroid one is that sold by Walmart Lisa it looks fab just wondering if we have it over here :)

Ashley Gill said...

My children would love this. My son loves to throw things and I don't think I'd be too afraid he'd hurt this with bumpers like that! What a fantastic Christmas gift!

Cyndie said...

What a nice tablet! I love that it is FOR KIDS and can take the wear and tear.

Louie belwick said...

that is an awesome holiday gift!! and it's also fun to play with as your child learns stuff