Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Are Chiropractors Like The Dr Gil Center for Back, Neck and Chronic Pain, The Way Forward?

I have not yet set off to try out a Chiropractor, yet I HAVE suffered with severe back pain for as long as i can remember - back before I had any children and way back before I considered myself an adult!

The aches and pains would come and go and I would be lain up in bed for days and it would eventually desist on its own. I put it down to being hereditary or weight related but it was never permenent and so I never had the chance to get it "fixed" before it would clear away on its own.

As I have gotten a little older, though, the pain in my [lower] back has come back with a vengeance every now and then and those days that I would be out of commission have turned into long weeks of chronic, mind-numbing pain that is relieved with some over the counter pain medicine or with a few days of taking it easy and riding it out! 

However, the pains that I had through my last pregnancy [and since] had increased to a point where alternate ideals and applications had to be sought for future reference and my insides have really called out for a little extra love and maintenance on my back and it has been recently that I have thought about seeking the advice of a Chiropractor from an institute such as the Dr Gil Center!

The Dr Gil Center especially deals in neck, back and chronic pain relief and so it is a great resource when looking to figure out what the cause of your pain might be and then follow up with the ability to provide care as needed through that facility. 

I like that the Dr Gil Center not only treats you at their facility, but they are happy to discuss alternative, natural treatments and steps that you can take at home to improve your situation without jumping head-on into services that you may not otherwise need! 

If you are in the Franklin, TN area and are in need of Chiropractic support, then this may be the place for you! They have offers on their website for customers and an extensive google rating guide with testimonials from current and former customers to help you make the best decision for you! 

I have certainly learnt that letting back pain get worse without looking to other treatments or at least having a consultation is not particularly the best route to take and that if something is bothering you then it is worth having it checked over before it gets worse to a point that it might not be reversible or treatable at all!

With advanced technologies and knowledge for healing, the right chiropractor can really make all of the difference to your prognosis and eventual healing!

These days, at 35, I am no spring chicken but I still have a lot of life in me yet though sometimes even the most menial task like lifting and shifting something might set off a bought of pain or longer-term discomfort and so I do think thinks through before I do anything that could at all put me at risk, though it is now time, also, to persue those other avenues to make sure that I am at my best for the forseeable future! 

If you have had any dealings with Chiropractors or are on the look out, then I would love to hear your experiences!!

If you would like more information on the Dr Gil Center, mentioned in this post, then you can find them HERE! You can also follow them on social media, of which links for such can be found at the main website!

How long have you suffered from back pain? What worked for you? I would love to hear from you! I would love to avoid any more days out and be ready to act when it happens again!! 

Stay well, and lets talk about it!


This was a sponsored post for Dr Gil Center, but thoughts and experiences are my own. Thank you!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Kids Academy Apps to Help Your Children Learn Through Play!

Here are some apps for your children, that I haved shared before, but which have been updated and are ready to help in the process of fun learning with Kids Academy Apps! This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own and yours may differ! Thank you!

Kid's Academy Apps!


This app contains classic versions of several children's stories...

The readers of the story tries to make the books fun by making voices for the characters! I also like that they use the original wordings-even if the words are big words that a preschooler normally wouldn't use, making it a great tool for vocabulary building!

My daughter loves books and this is a great app for her if I am too busy to read to her myself!

Get Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App on iTunes


The free version of this app includes 3 games-mazes, rhyming words and upper case. The mazes are easy to follow and the animation of he dog walking is great!After the maze is complete, there is a fun animation to reward the child.

In the rhyming words, a child may need a bit of help determining what some of the words are - such as when they show a pictue of a trophy and expect the child to know that it is a "cup" and they want it to be rhymed with "pup" and have a photo that children would label as "dog". Otherwise it is a great game!

Lastly, there is three uppercase letters a child can learn to write. This part of the app is more straight and to the point. There aren't any frills to reward the child or make it entertaining. However it is still a great portable tool for practicing letters on the go!

Get Alphabet Tracing & Montessori App on iTunes

Android users can also find Kids Academy on Google Play!

Also be sure to visit Kids Academy on social media!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and Kids Academy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Get Organized as a Family with the Hapimomi app!!

Here is an app that I think you are going to enjoy, and find extremely useful for getting organized and for private sharing between family and your closest friends, instead of having to open up to the world [as you might] on some social media sites.*

A privately shared, family calendar of evets in your pocket, Hapimomi [I think] is a great app, which allows you to get organize within your family - there is a calendar feature, which is easy to utilize and posts reminders on your "wall". I like that when you post an event or blurb that it allows you to either post privately on your own personal calendar or in the family calendar for those within the family to see, as well!

Have a grocery list? Write it down just the once and share it through the app - no more duplicate lists for groceries, to-do's or anything else, it is all there to access by those in your small, immediate circle! Share photos, bills that need to be paid, appointments that have to be kept [and more] in the privacy of your own little family network!

The contacts feature really shines through, too - with its assorted tabs, where you can input family doctors numbers in the health tab and insurance numbers in the insurance tab and then the usual friends and family in the friends and family tab! Better still! You can browse all of the above at the same time, through all categories at once, too if you prefer, which is a nice option to have!

There are many useable features on a free download, which is a nice step forward in comparison to some similar apps that I have tried in the past and you do not feel pushed to upgrade or to purchase anything at all.

If mom AND dad want to take care of the family together and co-admin then you can add extra to the admin list, too, no probem! You can run errands, organize parties, events, outings and more without having to jot down notes for the etire household to lose - information and direction is all RIGHT THERE, in Hapimomi!

I think that the overall set-up of this app is smooth and easy to use, which allows its functionality to shine through and makes sharing with the family just that little bit easier, which is the main goal of Hapimomi and one that I feel it does well!

You can check out Hapimomi and get the latest version [via iTunes] by clicking HERE to find out more!

If you have had experience with Hapimomi in the past, I would love to hear from you - and if you are about to give it a go for the first time, I'd love to hear your thoughts, too! I do not think that you will be disappointed, at all!

Happy organizing!

*disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Hapimomi, in which I share my thoughts and feelings abou the app in question. All opinions are my own and your views may differ. I do not make any money when you download the app! I am sharing the app with you because I truly think you are going to love it! Thank you!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Give the gift of Campus Book Rentals and Create Smiles, too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Campus Book Rentals but all opinions are my own - Thank you!

I have spoken to you previously about Campus Book Rentals and bring them to you once more as their service really is one I believe you can benefit from both in pocket and mind, all while giving a little back to someone in need at the very same time!

As most of us know, college courses are painfully expensive and the costs keep mounting as we sweep lists for necessary book titles come rolling in every semester demanding big bucks from your wallet, even though yu will probably never open those books again once that particular course is over!

Well, Campus Book Rentals have come up with the perfect solution and have devised a simple, yet clever solution for all of your text book needs and, better still, they want to bring this solution right to your door!

Designed in such a way as to make the acquisition of text books easy and affordable, with anything from a 40-90% savings on the average cost of any materials, Campus Book Rentals offers up one of the largest selections of books in the nation AND Shipping is FREE - BOTH WAYS!

On top of the discounted prices, each book you borrow can be held for a prolonged period of [set] time and you are given a rather generous 15 day grace period in which to return the book if something comes up that hinders the return of the text in a timely fashion! Just hold on to the book for the duration of your semester (or however long you need - prices vary) then pack it up and send it right back! No fuss, no mess and no books gathering dust on your mantle for years to come!

Campus Book Rentals allows you to:

* Have access to live customer support
* Highlight within each text book
* Purchase your books, should you decide that you would like to keep them!

By clicking HERE, you can shimmy on over to Campus Book Rental's website and compare prices of rentals to purchased books! The differences can be huge price-wise and really save you that costly dent in your wallet every time you have to pick up something new for your studies!

The added bonus to Campus Book Rentals is that they also contribute donations to Operation Smile every time you rent a textbook!

Operation Smile is a great cause that puts smiles back on the faces of children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and/or palette and so, by renting with Campus Book Rentals, you are also passing along the savings in the form of a child's happiness and a wonderful smile! What could truly be better than that! You can find out more about Operation Smile, HERE!

For a closer look at Campus Book Rentals, take a loo at the video below, or head on over to their website to find out more! I know that once you get started with their system, you will never want to buy again!

Don't forget about Rentback.com, too! Rentback.com allows you to rent out YOUR OWN books to other students in the same way that you would rent books out from Campus Book Rentals! You may even get up to 2 or 4 times more money in your pocket [renting] than from selling your text books alone. 

To find out more about Rent back.com, take a look HERE and start those savings, today! 

So what are you waiting for!?

Happy renting, happy lending and a happy wallet too - also makes for a great gift this Christmas as you can purchase credit for your loved one, too!


Use Your Influence to Share and Earn, with Advowire!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Advowire/Hireinfluence but my opinions are my own, as a user of Advowire. Thank you!


Advowire is currently working towards expanding their database of Advocates, promoting content for clients/businesses in return for earnings per share and YOU may be just the person they are looking for if you are influencial across social media.

Earnings are based on your ratings and social media influence as well as your topics of interest and understanding - the bigger you grow, and the more you know, the bigger the reward for sharing [and with room to expand on that potential, too].

I have been using Advowire to share for some time now and the process is incredibly simple! You just sign up, log in, show off your areas of influence and then apply to advertise per offer you receive!

You can showcase a tweet, post on Facebook or share in other ways based on the options available to you at that time! You can share several times in a 24 hour period and cash out each time you hit the earning threshold - it really is that easy!
To learn more about Advowire, and to find out more about how you can share your influence and make a difference, just head on over HERE and start earning, today!
Consequently, if you have any questions about, or for the AdvoWire/HireInfluence team, then please feel free to reach out to them on Twitter @HireInfluence using the hashtag #ShareToEarn and someone will get back to you!!

What are you waiting for? Check it out, today!

Mantry is the subscribtion box your man is going to love, this holiday season!

Disclaimer: I was able to try out a month subscription box from Mantry in order to provide this review. My views are my own and yours may differ! Thank you!
If you have no idea what to get the men in further than Mantry!
Mantry.com is the ultimate in food subscription boxes for men, which you can sign up to for a month or longer, which is then delivered right to your door in a manly wooden crate!
In this box, which is aptly named the "Salty Dog",  I received Bar Harbor Clam Chowder, Island Trollers Wild Pacific Albacore Jalapeno Tuna, Butter and Pure Ocean Sea Salt Halfpops, Liddabit Sweets Sea Salt Caramel, Coop's Micro Creamery: Hot Fudge and White Whale Cocktails: The Filthy Liar.
Personally, I think that this box is amazing and Mantry have gone all out to search around the country for goodies that your man (and you) will LOVE to try! They gather, pack, ship and deliver and take all of the work away from you, leaving you the time to taste, talk about and share the end result!
Hot favorites from this particular box were the Liddabit Sweets and the Jalapeno Albacore, though all went down very nicely and not a single item in the box was any disappointment at all! There was even a menu included with the goodies to let us know exactly where and who they came from, making it that touch sweeter if we want to go out and buy some more! Nice!
The cost of the Mantry boxes are $75 and up, which isn't bad considering the products are sourced in America, from quality companies and with quality ingredients within treats and delights you may never have found had you gone it alone!
A mouthwatering box of deliciousness is waiting to wing its way to you, today, and you can check out more information on the subscription AND the various costs by heading to Mantry.com! Want to see the loot before you get involved? Then why not follow Mantry on Twitter and Facebook, too!!


Gift Retap bottles - the gift that keeps on giving!

Disclaimer: I was provided with 2 bottles from Retap in order to be able to perform this review. My views are my own and your views may differ, thank you!
Here is a great, simple gift to add to your list this season from http://www.retapbottles.com/, which is a solution to the every-growing problem produced by discarded plastic bottles [and other plastics amounting to produce so called plastic islands] and their longstanding impact on the environment.
The Retap bottle, released in 2010, is designed specifically for drinking tap water and is elegantly designed for everyday use and longevity! 

Available in several different sizes, I had the chance to try out a medium and large bottle, with a green lid on one and red for the other, which you can pick and choose to your hearts desire! If you would like an  orange top, they've got you covered! Prefer orange, yellow, black [or others], then they've got you there, too!
If you want to add a sleeve to your bottle, or mix and match with spare lids, then this is as easy as hopping onto their website and placing them in your cart! Once you pay, your bottles will be shipped right to your door!

Not only can you order these fabulous bottles, which are comfortable to use, thick enough to feel sturdy and fun enough for everyday, but you can also have them customized with a brand logo or text to promote a sentiment or business, which means that these also make great company products to disperse amidst employees or friends! The Retap bottle really is the gift that keeps on giving!
If you would like to find out more about these bottles, just head over HERE! You can also follow Retap on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with their products and progress!
So what are you waiting for? Drink up and save waste, today!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Best in Comfort and Style from KidOFit Shoes! Review AND Giveaway! Ends 12/26/14

Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of shoes in order to perform this review and give my honest opinion. I was not otherwise compensated and all thoughts are my own, thank you!

One of the most important things you could buy for your children as they develop [through any stage] is a good pair of SHOES and when it comes to the best, KidOFit really have raised the bar!

Not only are KidOFit shoes beautifully designed and a real treat to look at, but they are comfortable, good fitting and healthily designed for the best feel and use, while brightening up those tootsies at any occassion!

I received a pair of high topped shoes (Tulip) from KidOFit this past week and I was impressed with them before I even opened the box! The presetation of the shoes in their cute little box, neatly wrapped with tissue paper made them feel very special and my daughter was excited to get to the shoes!

The shoes, which are purple colored high-top shoes, with a pretty floral embellishement on the easy to use strap closure!

Inside the box, alongside the shoes, comes 2 sets of inserts, which are designed to make the fit of the shoe much better by either using 1 insole or the other, which provide a slightly different fit, OR both insoles together for a third fit all-together!

My daughter is a size 8 to 8.5 and so I ordered the 8.5 and we used both inserts inside the shoe to make them a nice, cozy fit!

This particular design is so pretty that they can dress up an outfit for an occassion or be worn every day as a well-fitting, practical-yet-pretty shoe! KidOFit shoes also have a Baefoot Sole™ design with a unique, thin, flexible TPU for natural motion akin to walking with bare-feet!

KidOFit shoes do not stop there, either! The soles of these shoes have a clear design so that it is easy to see where the child's feet/toes land at the end of the shoes to make sure that they have a properly fitting shoe! They also have a wide-fitting shape to allow for natural foot function and wiggle room for those tootsies!

Overall I am so thoroughlly impressed by these shoes and feel that they are so worth the money you pay to buy them! They are just the sweetest pair of shoes and my daughter has wanted to wear them daily since they arrived - they are so easy for her to put on and offer by herself, which promotes her independant streak and they compliment many of her dresses for a party look or her pants for an every-day play-at-he-park feel, too!

If you would like to check out these shoes, and more on offer from KidOFit, then just head on over to their website HERE! You can also follow KidOFit on twitter [@kidofit] and Facebook, HERE, too!

BUT WAIT! Yep! You've guessed it, there is MORE!

In the spirit of giving, this season, KidOFit is offering one of our lucky readers the chance to win their very own pair of KidOFit shoes!! You can choose one pair of shoes in the size of your choice (where available) and start your love for these stunning, practical shoes, today!

All you have to do in order to enter is scroll down the page and enter via the Rafflecopter! The giveaway will run until midnight of 12/26 and a winner will be chosen at random on 12/27! Please note that you have to be over 18 to win and reside in the U.S.A! Winners will be notified via email and so please also enter with a valid email address!

Winners will have 48 hours to reply to a winning email at which point, if no response has been received, their prize will become forfeit and a new winner will take their place until we have a confirmed winner!

**Neither Mom's Gone Bronson, nor any other participating blogger, is responsible in any way for the prize fulfillment. This fulfillment falls to KidOFit. Thank you!

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Head on down and enter!!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 15 December 2014

Gift a Personal Gift of Love, this Season, with a Build Your Own Locket, from Picturesongold.com - Review and Giveaway!"

Disclaimer: I was provided with product in order to perform this review. I was not otherwise compensated for my time and my opinions are my own! Thank you!

If you are looking for a little special gift to give this Holiday Season, then this is definitely something you might like to consider! It is a beautiful silver locket from picturesongold.com, which can be engraved on the front, the back and then inside with your favorite photos!

I had a bee engraved on the front of mine, which is sybolic of my last name, which begins with the letter "B" and then an "L" on the back for my first name - just because I can! I also have a larger locket and an 18inch rolo chain.

Inside the locket I had one of my favorite photos of my husband and I engraved, alongside a photo of our beloved dog, Rozz! You can, of course add photos of your chilren, or nothing at all if you want to gift it to someone who might like to add their own personal touch, later!

The locket comes available in several different sizes, with different types of chains [also in differing lengths] and with so many options to personalize it that you really can make something delighful for absolutely anybody, which offers something truly unique and heartfelt to call their own!

If you aren't immediately sure of the photos you would like to add to your locket, you can have it sent without the photos and send it back to include them when you do - you can also cut out your own photos and add them in the same way as you might have in an traditional style locket.

Picturesongold.com offers so much more than this pretty locket and so you can also pick up I.D bracelets, charms and gifts that everybody is sure to adore! What's more! You can use the promotional code: HOLIDAY 14 at checkout for a nice 10% discount on all orders placed on their website by December 23rd, 2014 and so there is even more reason to head on over and pick up that gift, today!!

But WAIT! There is also MORE! The lovely folk over at Pictures on Gold are giving away a "Build Your Own Locket", valued at a whopping $249, which is sure to delight someone you love or to treat yourself as we near the end of our shopping spree this side of Christmas!

The giveaway is open to U.S residents only and you must be 18 or over to enter! The giveaway ends on December 23rd, 2014 and the winner will get to make a locket their very own!

To enter, just scroll down to the rafflecopter, below!

Happy Holidays, and Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: Neither Mom's Gone Bronson or any other participating blogger is in any way responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize fulfillment is via Pictures on Gold. Thank you!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Enter to Win a Surf Sharks Gift Pack!!

Disclaimer: I was given a Surf Sharks gift pack in order to share my opinion. All thoughts are my own and your views may differ. Thank you!
Surf Sharks: The First Ride [by Chance and Shelley Wolfe] is a great adventurous, fun book for children, which introduces you to these colorful characters in the form of sharks!
"#1 Shark Brand for kids!"
With a lot of personality ad pizzazz, this gift pack shows you how to expand the Surf Sharks story beyong the pages of this 38 page book and into fun activities with stickers and collectors cards!

For hours of fun, kids can log on to the surfsharks.com website and emerse theselves in shark facts, fun stuff, see how the artist puts together the characters and stay informed on future installments in the Surf Shark book series!

Such a cool idea to bring these brighter than life characters to children who love to soak up
educational tid-bits at the same time as enjoying the fun that comes along with the Surf Sharks story! 
I would say that Surf Sharks is great for any age and any gender! It was enjoyed across the board at our house and I may even have learned a thing or two along the way, myself!!
If you would like to learn more about Surf Sharks then head on over HERE to their website, follow them on Twitter: @surfsharks and take a look over at Facebook, too!
Want to WIN a gift pack of your very own!? Then enter the Rafflecopter form, below!
  • Must be resident in the U.S to win and over 18 years of age (or with parental consent). Winners will be notified by email so please use a valid email address for your entries - we do not sell or trade your information, ever.
  • Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize, ater which the prize becomes forfeit and a new winner is chosen.
  • All entries -are varified and the winner chosen, at random, via Rafflecopter.
**Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment, nor are any participating bloggers.**

Thank you! Good Luck!

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kitchen Ezentials Heat Resistant Oven Gloves for cooking and Gifting!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with these gloves for review but was not otherwise compensated for my opinions, which are my own! Thank you.
Now, THIS! is my kind of Christmas gift! I cook almost everything from scratch and I am ALWAYS burning myself gettig things out of the oven, but NOT ANY MORE!
With Kitchen Ezentials, my hands are now totally covered and able to move around freely with these gloves made from Kevlar & Nomex by DuPont, plus a high heat protection raging up to 480 degrees Farenheight and flame resistance!
You can safely place your cookware into the oven and remove, too, without so much as batting an eyelid!! Perfect for those big Christmas meals or the summer BBQ and not to mention, they look pretty darn great, too!
I absolutely love these and they get a big thumbs up! They are so much better than a pot holder or a regular oven glove and I e I usually do now, but with added comfort and protection!
If you want to gift these to someone you love that loves to be around the kitchen or to cook-out, then you can find them on Amazon, HERE!
So what are you waiting for!? Lets get cooking!

Holiday Gift Wrapping: You're Covered at BJ's Wholesale Club!

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card in order to pick up wrapping to review for this post. I was not otherwise compensated. My opinions are my own and your views may differ. Thank you!
I was let loose at BJ's Wholesale Club this week, when I was presented with a gift card and sent out to shop for gift wrapping!  - I popped the children in the cart and we were on our way!
After remembering to grab my BJ's membership trial at the front desk (free right now with current promotions for 60 days), we put on a smile and headed towards the giant snowman!
When we reaced the right area, we found so much choice that I knew it wasn't going to be easy to pick and choose, but this is great as the more the merrier and there is definitely something here to suit every taste!!
I am all shopped out for gifts, this year, and so I knew exactly what I needed in order to get those gifts together and, as always, I wanted to pick up a wide range to give the kids something a little different on each present to make it their own!
BJ's didn't disappoint! With a HUGE selection of wrapping papers, tissues, bags, tags and cards, we found so many patterns and delights that it took us a while to choose!
We found 150 ft rolls of paper [less than $10!], which is a LOT of paper and enough to wrap an army of presents! Paper will keep, too, so you can store it for next year if you have a little left over!
We picked up a big box of mixed papers (5 rolls) and ribbons, bows and tags and we picked up extra card and wrap! The selection boxes were $12.99 but almost everthing else was less than $10!
If you are the kind of person that loves to add ribbons and bows, then BJ's has those for you, too! BJ's also has gift boxes, handcrafted cards, tags and even Christmas crackers for that extra special topping to a gift or a place setting embellishment, which can be pulled after dinner for a little fun and a quality gift!

I honestly did not imagine that there was going to be THIS much of a selection at such a great price but BJ's has really outdone themselves and you have everything covered, right here under one roof, at a spectacular price!

To find your nearest BJ's Wholesale Club store, head on over HERE then head on down, today!

Happy gifting!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Young Living Essential Oils for Health, Wellness and a Great Gift, This Season!

I have always been a believer in essential oils, and their benefits, which is why I was extremely happy to try out some of the oils from Young Living Essenial Oils! These oils were provided for the sake of this review, but all views and opinions are my own! Your views may differ, thank you!
I recieved Christmas Spirit, Lavender, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint and Thieves!

Oils have, for a long time, been suggested to have healing, soothing and mood-boosting properties [amidst others], with which I personally would be inclined to agree!

*These theraputic grade oils, in particular, [provided by Young Living Essential Oils] that I have here are designed for topical use [or as an aromatic or dietary aid] and must be diluted appropriately before using at all - these are strong oils and you must remember to follow directions or consult a doctor before use if you have any particular pressing concerns.

With that said, there can be many benefits to using top-grade oils and benefits include:

  • Digestive aid, liver support, concentration/alertness, cap hunger, flavor booster - Peppermint
  • Antiseptic properties, enhancement for food, relaxation and wellness - Cinnamon Bark
  • Aromatherapy for the soul and sweet scents of the season - Christmas Spirit
  • Immune support, cleansing ability/wellness - Thieves
  • Soothing, refreshing, relaxing, skin beauty, flavor enhancer - Lavender

Each oil has its own set of properties and uses and I personally like to add them to beverages - Peppermint is my favorite for this! It takes such a tiny drop/amount for an affective outcome that I am always surprised every time I am bowled over by that fresh aroma. It really clears the sinuses and feels as though it really is doing something, while i'm enjoying the sensation!

Lavender is one of my favorites for the room, in general, and I like to diffuse this one and make the home smell light, floral and fresh! It is quite relaxing and welcoming, especially when guests might come for a visit!

Of course the Christmas Spirit is perfect for this time of year, too and is a perfect compliment to the decor [and mood] of he holiday season, which is nicely accompanied by the sweet Cinnamon Bark in some home-baked goodies!
Thieves® is new to me, I had never used this one at all in the past, but I do like it, a lot! I like the story behind it, too, which goes: "Thieves® was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims" - [http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essential-oils/blends/thieves-essential-oil].

Thieves® is reportedly great for wellness, aromatically or topically and is popularly available in Thieves® Household Cleaner, wipes, mouthwash and more!

All of these oils [featured] are great for aromatics and topical uses and in some cases dietary, but you must follow directions and seek medical advice if you are unsure as to how these Theraputic Grade Oils might affect you! Not all oils are meant for the same purpose and so please do your research!
You can find out more about the many benefits of Essential Oils [from Young Living], inclusive of those featured here, along with a vast array of extra Essential Oils and products containing the essence of those oils you come to love the most! You can also find the best tips on using those oils, too! Just head on over to http://www.youngliving.com/en_US for these and much, much more!

Relax, and enjoy!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Get Canon in your gift bag, from Best Buy this season! @BestBuy #CanonatBestBuy #HintingSeason @CanonUSAimaging

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

As an avid photographer, I know there is nothing better than being able to capture the moment! I am currently in the market for a new camera and this little beauty is definitely going on my long list of things I would love Santa to bring me this fine Chistmas morning!!

If you want to capture your holiday memories this year, then Best Buy is the ultimate destination for THE latest cameras! The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is especially one of the best-selling DSLRs and I am going to show you why!
This camera makes advanced photography easy and lots of fun, while giving you an exceptional image quality, along with a host of features to enhance your creativity and expression.

You can shoot pictures in style with:

• Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video
• Continuous autofocus while taking HD video
• Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images.
• The 3" vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation.

A gift that would fit any member of the family, which you can pick up today at... BEST BUY!!

In fact, right now, you can save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy - so visit Best Buy, today, to learn more!!*

*offer valid 12/7-12/20

What are you waiting for? Put it on your list, today and follow Best Buy on Twitter @BestBuy and keep your eyes on the hashtag: #HintingSeason and #CanonatBestBuy

Snap to it!

BUT WAIT! There is more...

Do you love twitter parties? Well, then tis is for you! Best Buy is hosting an LG OLED Twitter Party on Thursday December 4th at 7PM CST and a Canon Twitter Party on Thursday December 18th at 7pm CST. Feel free to join this party for a chance to receive Best Buy gift cards and other great prizes. Tweet #HintingSeason with your top gifts that you want this Holiday from Best Buy.

Good luck!

Votre Vu Has You Covered For Luxury Gifts This Holiday Season!

Disclaimer: I was provided with Votre Vu samples to test for the sake of this post. My opinions are my own and your views may differ. I was not otherwise compensated for my time. Thank you!

Votre Vu is one of the leading direct sales companies, today, which offers you quality products at such great prices and delivers them right to your home!

This season, Votre Vu has some amazing limited edition gift sets and goodies available for you and they include some old favorites and new offerings you are sure to adore!

Party Girl limited edition gift set! Containing:
  • LIP LUSTRE Vitamin E Lip Gloss in Party On!
  • LE JOLI CRAYON Soft Eye Liner in Violectra
  • EIFFEL POWER Mascara in Charbon
The Bod Squad gift set! Containing:
  • AMOUR D’ORE PETITE Les Vitamines Pour Vous
  • TARTE D’AMANDE Almond Pie Body Soufflé
  • BÉBÉ DUETTE Original (1 tube)
The Bundle Up gift set! Containing:

6 BÉBÉ DUETTE SINGLES: Almond Pie, Green Tea and Grapefruit
Hand Crémes each with an Original and Framboise Lip Balm


PALETTE PLAY Eye Shadow Single Palette in:
  • Champagne Gold
  • Heirloom Silver
Lip Gloss in Joyful! (Also pictured, is the Lip Lustre in
Passionate, as featured in Vu’s Holi-Kate Haute Spot tutorial.)

These are all such glamorous colors that can be worn out on a special occassion or every day! The creans are some of my absolute favorite, EVER! I have such a love for he Almond Pie Soufflé that I use it all the time! The hand cream and lip balm duo's are just so good for the cold winter and keep you moisturized and smelling just divine!

You can pick these gifts up right now via Votre Vu and have them at your door in time for Christmas - but remember, these are limited editions and so available for a short while!

*Votre Vu is a direct sales skincare/cosmetics company offering custom-blended, botanically infused French skin and hair care plus handcrafted cosmetics just as you see here in this post! If you love what you see, you may want to get further involved and become a seller for a small set-up fee that is much less than many similar companies! To learn more about the direct sales side of things then you can head on over HERE!


Start a New Tradition This Christmas with Reindeer Dust, by Kate Dwyer!

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Reindeer Dust for evaluation purposes only. All opinions here are my own and your views may differ. Thank you!

"Sensing trouble, William formed a smart plan: "Let's make Reindeer Dust!" And so it began..."

My children and I have started a new tradition, this year, thanks to this wonderfully sweet book called Reindeer Dust, by Kate Dwyer.

Reindeer Dust takes us on a rhythmical journey through Christmas Eve, as Santa and his reindeer get ready to deliver presents to the chidren across the globe - there is one problem, though! The reindeer didn't have time to eat before they left and they are all hungry AND there is a fog coming!!

Just as the reindeer are ready to give up, and head home, a smart little boy named William saves the day with his reindeer dust!

This is a wonderfully illustrated, happy and fun book for children of all ages and includes a recipe in the back to make your own reindeer dust on Christmas Eve, which you sprinkle outside for the reindeer to find and to direct Santa on where to land!

As you are sprinkling your dust, there is a poem to be read to make it even that much more special! A nice touch to round out the book.

Such a great way to breathe a light-hearted and no-strings-attached tradition into the holidays, with a short enough story that it never gets tiresome reading it over! My children can't wait to go outside and sprinkle their own Reindeer Dust and, to be honest, I am quite excited myself!

You can check out Reindeer Dust at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon and you can find out more by following on Facebook and Twitter as well as visiting www,reindeerdust.com.

A new tradition, this Christmas, is born!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Many Different Fertility Drugs Available

I have been incredibly lucky to be blessed with 3 biolgical children and 1 step child, who all breathe a light into our family's lives, but there are so many couples that struggle with infertility and have to go though a lot of emotional heartbreak to build a family that they so desperately desire.
When it comes to fertility drugs these days, there are many different options out there that can help women to get pregnant quickly and easily. According to Pregnancy Tips, the most common fertility drug on the market today is Clomid. Clomid has been around for close to 30 years and is extremely effective in stimulating ovulation in the women who take it. Clomid is effective in up to 80 percent of women who take it, and more than half of those women will become pregnant as a result. Clomid does not have too many negative side effects, which makes it a great choice for women who wish to become pregnant.
There are several other fertility drugs on the market that are also growing in popularity as well. For example, Femara is a drug that was originally designed to treat breast cancer patients but it has been shown to stimulate ovulation in women with just about as much success as Clomid. Metformin is a drug that is used for diabetic patients who have problems with insulin resistance. However, it has been shown in many studies to able to boost fertility in women who have PCOS by helping with their insulin resistance. As you can see, there are several different fertility drugs available today. 
I would like to open up the discussion on infertility and truly hope that if you are strugging right now  that you can fulfill your dreams and be blessed with all that you so desire.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Get Stying This Holiday Season, With Instyler Products For Your Hair! #RSVPInStyler #GotitFree

I was given these items free, to test and tell you how I felt about them, thanks to the RSVP/Vocalpoint program and Instyler. All opinions are my own, thank you! 
My hair has always been a struggle to style and manage, it seems as though I am always blow-drying, straightening, curling, you name it, I've given it a try! See, my hair isn't curly but it isn't naturally straight, either and so I am suck somewhere in the middle with a while to go!

This past couple of weeks I have had the chance to try out some InStyler hair products, which include the Ionic Styler Pro, TULIP Auto Curler and the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron.

The InStyer Ionic Styler Pro is, in essence, a hot brush and straightening iron combo, which allows you to create straight looks, add shine plus volume at the roots. It is great for just about all hair types when using the flat iron but suggests that the hot brush might be even better on shorter, thinner hair.

I honestly did not have much luck with the Ionic Styler Pro because my hair is just too thick and difficult to manage with the brush getting in the way, but I do like the idea of this product! I have friends who swear by it and so I can't give it a bad rap because not everybody agrees with me and because sometimes, hair tools of one kind or another are just better on different styles of hair - in this case, I just do not have the right hair for it!

As for the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, I LOVE this product, I really do! It works wonders for my hair, which is thick, wavy, messy and sometimes near untamable! With several heat settings up to 425 degrees F, I found it best to somewhat dry my hair with a hairdryer and some product then to use the Max 2-Way Rotating Iron to finish straightening and smoothing the hair out. It took a little work to get used t as it is a tad awkward at first but once you find your stride with it, it actually works better than a traditional straightening iron!

Here is my hair! It gets very wavy and curly and I usually just throw in some mousse and leave it!

Here is my hair after blow drying it and using the Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron:
This is probably the flattest and shiniest my hair has been in a while! The bright light also brings out the color and you can see how the volume of my hair is minimal!
Finally, we have the one product that most intrigues me! This is the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler "wand" that allows you t place a little hair into the device, press a button, have it wrap the hair around he hot barrel and sit for several seconds before releasing and leaving behind a rather neat curl!

There are several heat settings so that you can create tighter or loose curls as you desire and there is a hair measurement device that allows you to put just the right amount of hair in the wand at one time. There is a safety barrier around the top of the wand that keeps you from burning yourself and all-in-all this is a great looking device!

The TULIP Auto Curler has 3 rotation settings for curls - left, right or alternating. It can leave you with tight curls, soft curls or beachy waves and is best with naturally straight/wavy hair, Thin to medium textured hair and naturally wavy hair that has been blown dry before use!

I tried this on my own hair and because it is so long and tricky I didn't have as much success at first as I would have liked - BUT! As you get used to how it works, it does get easier! I had more immediate success on my daughter's hair, which is thinner ad shorter and which took a LOT less time to curl and manage!

I would definitely recommend having a friend help you out with the TULIP Auto Curler as when you get to the back of your head it gets very annoying trying to juggle the curler and your hair, but it goes so much smoother and faster with a helping hand!!

So, in conclusion, I do love all of these products but the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro was not the best for my hair type. My personal favorite, by far, is the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, which is closely followed by the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, which is a great styling tool if you have a helping hand!

If you would like to find out more about any/all of these products, which would make for great gifts this Christmas, then why not head on over HERE to see more! Best of all, if you would like to purchase one of these (or all of these) products, while you are there, then there is currently a 30% discount available, when you purchase TWO tools, to save you a pretty penny this season! Just enter the coupon code: SAVE30 (which is good through to 1/31/15) at checkout and you're all set!

Happy Styling!!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Give the gift of financial peace of mind, with Capital One 360's Black Friday Sale, this weekend!!

Financial peace of mind is a universal want, which means a lot of different things, to many different people. To me, however,  financial peace of mind comes when I have a roof situated over my head and my bills are paid, with food on the table and the stress of just getting through each [and every] day is lifted or removed.

I strive each day to educate myself towards financial freedom by adjusting simple elements, which include, but is not limited to, paying the pills promptly in order to avoid those unecessary fees that mount up over the course of the year!

I have finally learned that bills don't have to cost you as much as you might think and that you can save a bundle just by paying directly from your bank account, avoiding processing or handling fees and the many late fees that build up and cost a small fortune over the course of a 12 month period!

Just in one month of late bills I could rack up $5 here and $8 there [or more] if the bill demanded it, and the more late fees I had, the further behind I fell into next months budget and the one thereafter and so-on until something just clicked to get on top of my game and handle those fees by avoiding them all together!

Having the financial peace of mind that comes with a little organization [and adhering to payment dates] really leaves enough to put aside every month and to have a small bumper should something come up that you have to deal with - or just to have to hand if you feel like a treat!

There is nothing better than being able to breathe and to know that I have that financial peace of mind, which allows me to enjoy the holiday season even more knowing that I am watching my game!

There are so many ways to gain financial peace of mind that saving money on bills, investing and getting the best deal are something to treally consider! You could also do well to check out Capital One 360's Black Friday Sale, which also offers a level of peace of mind to give you a headstart!

With great deals on banking, mortgage & brokerage products, why not gift yourself a Capital One 360 checking account, avoiding pesky fees and earning you $100 [once the requirements are met] again boosting your financial peace of mind through the season and beyond!

On top of great deals on mortgage, brokerage & banking, with Capital One 360, you may also be eligible to pick up a $40 bonus for referring your friends [and family] as you encourage them to take steps towards their financial peace of mind, as well!

To check out the Capital One 360's Black Friday Sale, through the entire weekend and start your journey, today, simply CLICK HERE!

Happy Holidays!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.