Friday, 31 January 2014

Cater Your Super Bowl Party, With Bottom Dollar Food!

You may have already picked your team for Super Bowl Sunday, but how about your food!?

Time is running out and you want to get the best for your buck, with quality as well as quantity, and what better place to head to than Bottom Dollar Food?

I have spoken to you before about how to afford a meal on a budget, but you can also cater your Super Bowl Party with Bottom Dollar Food and really get the job done with a happy wallet - even when buying national brands and fresh produce!

Whether you are going for wings, burgers, fries, chips, dips, chilli bowls, fruit platters or something more extravagant like home made parfaits, veggie skewers or fruit carved into roses, Bottom Dollar Food has everything you might need [including kabob sticks] and then some more!

I popped into my local store to stock up for our Super Bowl Sunday festivities this week and stocked up with everything from fresh, crispy red apples to fresh chicken legs and anyone at my house for the Super Bowl will not be disappointed!

To list everything I bought would take forever and a day but some of the things included in my shop were: Ball Park franks, Ore-Ida fries, Pringles, Egglands Best eggs [because everybody loves a devilled egg here], Pepsi, Johnsonville sausage, clementines, apples, onions, celery, potatoes and fresh chicken thighs and drumsticks to name a few!

How good are the prices, you ask!? Well, even when compared to one of the wider-known, leading stores in our area, which has some of the best prices around, I found that Bottom Dollar Food actually out-shined them on value, too!

Here are some price comparisons for some of the national brands and fresh produce available at Bottom Dollar Food (prices good as of 01/31/14 and may change at any time in either store).

  • Chicken Legs $4.98 for 14 pieces in our competitors store but just an amazing $2.27 in Bottom Dollar Food for 14 pieces of a similar weight!
  • Ball park franks $3.78 at one of our competitors stores but just $2.48 this week at my local Bottom Dollar Food.
  • Onions were $2.68 for a 3lb bag at our competitors store and only $1.68 for a similar 3lb bag in Bottom Dollar Food!
  • Celery was just $1.28 each in Bottom Dollar Food but $2.48 at the competitors store.
  • A 10lb bag of russet potatoes was $4.57 at the competitors store, but for $1.98 per 5lb bag of russet potatoes in Bottom Dollar Food, you can pick up 10lbs worth of potatoes for just $3.96.
  • Ore-Ida Fries $2.96 with the competitor and $2.83 with Bottom Dollar Food!
  • Pringles - $1.50 with the competitor and just $1.44 at Bottom Dollar Food.
  • EB Eggs 2.78 with the competitor and just $2.68 at Bottom Dollar Food. Their store own brand eggs are also only 99 cents a box, which is an amazing price!
  • Pepsi is just 98c for a 2ltr bottle this week at Bottom Dollar Food but $1.38 with the competitor we shopped with.
  • Johnsonville Brats were $3.98 with the competitor and just $3.78 at Bottom Dollar Food.
  • Juicy clementines were $4.97 per 3lb bag at the competitor but for just an extra dollar you can buy a 5lb box in Bottom Dollar Food at $5.97

If these prices don't take your fancy, then how about a jar of Ragu at just $1.54 this week or a bag of red apples for only $1.98? I even found Welches juice at $2.98 in Bottom Dollar Food but a whole dollar MORE in our competitor store!

All of these savings [and more] spread out across the store on national brands as well as fresh produce and will help you serve up your favorite game-day snack at a reasonable price! Even if you don't want to pick up the name brands then Bottom Dollar Food also has plenty of store brand's own products to throw into the mix and you're sure to cater to all of your guests with an all-knowing happy-little-smile on your face with all of those saved pennies in your wallet!

But WAIT! Also, did you know that Bottom Dollar Food not only has low prices on your national brands but they accept coupons, too!? This means that you can drop your shopping totals for national brands even further and you could walk out with a steal of a shop - you don't even HAVE to use all paper coupons anymore, either as Bottom Dollar Food also has SOME coupons available to load right to your store card from the web once your store card is registered to you!!

So what are you waiting for?! Game day is coming, the snow and ice are clearing and if you have any place to go today then why not take a trip through Bottom Dollar Food first and see just how much you could be saving!

Why not check out Bottom Dollar Food over at their website, Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date on the next great buy!

Whoever you're rooting for this Sunday; enjoy the game and, of course, the food and savings!!

Go teams!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift card in order to shop for Super Bowl Sunday and to have fun finding great savings. The provision of the card has not in any way influenced my views and all thoughts are honet and open. Prices correct at time of publication and may be subject to change. Thank you!


Becca Wilson said...

Those are great prices! I will have to check out if they have a store near me :)

Brie S said...

I really really wish I lived near one of these! You are so lucky to get things this deeply discounted. Go mama!

Cyndie said...

I wished i had a Bottom Dollar near me. You cannot beat those savings.

kat b said...

I wish I had one of those stores around here. Sounds like an awesome store for great savings!

Rita Von said...

I think we've got a few of those here I Philly. I didn't realize they had those products. I always sort of thought it was more like a Sav-a-lot. I'll have to go check it out, those prices are fantastic!

Freetail Therapy said...

I honestly have no idea what we are making special for the Super Bowl. Maybe wings and a good dip? We don't have that store around here, but the prices are great!

ALittleSomethingExtra Lagniappe said...

Great deals! Now I have to go look for a location.

lanie craig said...

You got some really good deals!!! SuperBowl parties are fun to shop for!

lou said...

I should have thought to go there for my super bowl foods.

Jer said...

Can't wait to sample everything at your smashing super bowl get together!