Friday, 3 January 2014

Upcycling, Recycling and Gifting, with Terracycle: Review!

Now that the big spend is over [for gifting to everybody else, at least] it is time to get something for yourself with all of the monies you have made over the festive season from all of those doting, loving relatives!

Here is something I like a lot, which I wanted to share with you this morning, from:

What is it?! 
Well, Terracycle is a place where previously non-recyclable waste, such as drinks and chip bags/pouches, are transformed from rubbish [destined for the landfill] into usable products that will extend their lives and continue to provide a benefit to the next owner via recycling and upcycling!

Terracycle has something called "Brigades", which are groups of like minded people collecting the same one type of item and sending it over in order that it be transformed into something useable. There are several of these brigades and you can join as many as you like - for example, you can elect to collect drinks packets like Capri Sun and Honest Kids drinks, which can be taken and upcycled into various fabulous items such as a tote or a back pack!

I had the chance to check out a tote and a back pack for myself and I just love the idea behind both! Simple, colorful and useable - my daughter adores the honest kids back pack, which she can use to travel around with all of her prized possessions! It looks great, it is well made and is durable.

What is fabulous about the way Terracycle works is that for every piece of "trash" you send in to be re-used, you may be awarded a gift or monies towards a non-profit charity for your efforts. Rewards are based on the amount you send in and the items themselves, but the cherry on the cake is [other than not putting these to waste in the first instance] is that once you are done with a product you buy from Terracycle, you can send that back to be upcycles again, and to be rewarded again on those items! They're gifts that keep on going and giving!

Terracycle doesn't just recycle and upcycle trash, though, they also upcycle things like old postal sacks and turn them into unique items such as this tablet case, which is a one of a kind, lined to cushion your tablet and zips shut. There is also a handy storage pocket on the front, which is also spot on - but could use a button or a clip to make it a little more secure, but which doesn't detract from the item so much at all.
The cost of the tablet case is a little pricey at $55.00 at Uncommon Goods but, when you think about it, these are genuine old mail sacks and they aren't around in great abundance and no two cases are every going to be exactly alike and so not only are you doing a great turn for the environment but you are getting a one-off item, too, which should last you quite the while - just think about how durable a mail sack has to be to protect all that mail in any weather! If you don't fancy an iPad case, you can also get a tote bag made from a mail sack, too! Glorious!

In a day and age where we really do need to start thinking about reusing and conserving instead of producing and wasting, we really could all do well by sending a few bits and bobs to Terracycle! It might seem like a small task but, if everybody joined in, those small tasks add up to big feats, less waste and a happier planet!

To find out more about the kind of products Terracycle has to offer, then why not head on over and have a look for yourself, HERE! You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date and to join in!

I will be trying out some cleaning products, also offered at Terracycle, over the next week or so and so look out for that post, too!!


Disclaimer: I was given the items seen in this post in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I was not otherwise monetarily compensated, my views are my own and yours may differ. Thank you!

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