Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentines Doesn't Have To Be Expensive With The Entertainment Coupon Book! (Review)

Have you ever wondered how people make all those savings with coupons and where exactly those coupons might come from? Well, wonder no more!

As someone who has been using coupons for a few years now I can say for certain that if there is a coupon for it, i'll use it - every single penny adds up and it adds up FAST!

Not every coupon I have ever used has come to me free and without some kind of attachment but the cost of a paper on a Sunday or a magazine in the month sure does outweigh the value of the coupons and so spending out the money to save a lot more is good enough for me!

The one publication, which I look forward to seeing every year is the Entertainment book, which is not only yearly, but regional and cost affective at just $35 per book, which contains thousands of dollars worth of savings - you could get back the price of the book in one or two coupons and the rest is money in your pocket! There is also an app attached to the books now, which means even more savings - all you have to do is sign up when you get your book!

I think everyone could really do with a few extra bucks these days and the savings are so abundant that you really do not have to waste a penny anymore! Even as Valentines Day comes along you could use the coupons in the Entertainment book to book a meal, event or adventure to your liking and save a few bucks with the available coupons for your area!

In our book we have coupons for buy 1 get 1 free coffee at Turkey hill, which would be a great place to start, or finish a night out with the "better half" and works well with buy 1 get 1 dinner coupons, entree coupons and attraction and bowling coupons plus more!

Should your car run into difficulty during the big date then there are some useful coupons in here for that, too! Maybe you just need a tire rotation to keep things smooth - that's here, too at a reduced cost!

You really can save a bundle with this book and that means more money in your pocket to get something special for the loved one in your life this Valentines Day!!

To check out the books for yourself and to see if they are available in your area head on over to (Philly and South Jersey) - right now you could score a book for $18 plus free shipping but offer may not last and all prices might vary so please check for prices as you go!

What are you waiting for!? Hop on to savings!


Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of the entertainment coupon book for my honest opinion. Your views may differ. Thanks!

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Cyndie said...

I would love to have an entertainment book like this. I am an avid couponer, too.