Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Zipps Shoes Giveaway! 2/25 - 3/11

Sponsored by: Zipz Shoes

I have always loved shoes.  I'm not talking about high heeled pumps or flats, but shoes I can tie. Comfortable shoes that I can run in and know they are going to move with my foot.  You could find me in a good tennis shoe any day!  However as a woman now in my thirties, I've started to look for more stylish shoes.  I was searching for a cute new pair of shoes and stumbled onto Zipz Shoes.  They are indeed stylish, and have a great idea behind them!

Check out the rest of my review HERE!  I've been wearing my Zipz nonstop for a week or so and can't get enough!  They're so cute and comfy!  Want a pair for yourself?  Try your luck at winning a pair with this giveaway!

The Giveaway:
How to Enter: Please use the Rafflecopter Form below!
Prize: 1 Pair of Zipz Shoes
Dates: Starts February 25, 2014 8:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen March 11, 2014  11:59 pm EST.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Primula Café Color Tempo Press (in Red): Review!

I brought you the iCoffee Machine recently and today I want to share with you a cute little press for those of you who like to have coffee without the fuss of a machine, a cup or two at a time or perhaps once in a while, when a full machine might not be at your disposal! 

This is the 6 cup Primula Café Color Tempo Press (in Red) and it is designed to leave a thick, rich coffee in its glass body with stainless steel plunger and large handle for ease of use and reliability! 

At $17.99 this is a great coffee solution and can be taken with you absolutely anywhere - you want to have fresh brewed coffee when you sleep away from home but have no access to a coffee pot or only have access to instant? No problem! Whip out your Primula Café Color Tempo Press and a little coffee and just add hot water! Simple! 

This product is one of those ones that, for me, is just so deliciously simple that you can't help but want/need one to have at your disposal and that you never really realized that you were missing one until you have one at arms reach! 

I actually remember when I used to travel a lot and stop of at various places to eat many years ago getting a press filled with coffee - I think it was a "little chef" eatery or something and I was young and felt very grand! There is just something about having the coffee all to yourself and having some control over it that is quite satisfying and foreign elegance at the same time - when I think of a press I imagine sitting out the front of a cafe on a sunny afternoon in the middle of France, with a good book and a nice brew! 

I think the idea of a press is an old one but very timeless and always current and I think it is a fabulous alternative to one cup coffee machines and expensive costs per cup for a coffee when you can just brew one or two cups as you like in this wonderful contraption and away you go! 

The glass body is sturdy and easy to clean, along with the stainless steel plunger and so there really is no thought or effort that needs to go into using one, at all! I love it! I love the way it looks, I like the way it makes me feel and I love that I get to take it back to my room in the morning and ponder a second cup without having to claw my way out of bed and back to the kitchen! 

Portable, washable, reliable and lasting is absolutely how I would describe the Primula Café Color Tempo Press and I think it would do wonders to always have one on hand - have a friend over who loves coffee but you don't want to throw the machine on? No worries! Boil up the kettle, add coffee, pour on water, pop the plunger on top, plunge and you're all set! Easy peasy! 

If are interested in finding out more about this cute little press then head on over HERE to find how to pick one up and to get yourself going in the mornings - or any time at all! 


Disclaimer: I was provided with a product in order to complete this review open and honestly. These opinions expressed within the review are mine alone and your views may differ. Thank you! 


Dial Body Wash Review and Giveaway! Ends 03/04/14

Disclaimer:  Dial provided the reviewer with a sample of Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash in exchange for a product review.  All opinions and pictures are the original reviewers own and your views may differ.

Original Review completed by Sweet Cheeks and Savings

I love a good body wash!  I have never set on one particular brand but I like the sweeter smelling kinds.  I like a good lather and a thick or rich texture to the soap.  The new Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash has all of these things.  Plus, its a pretty green color!

The new Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash gives your skin a daily boost of vitamins.  The advanced formula, with a moisturizing Vitamin Complex, helps draw vitamins and moisture directly to your skin.  
  • Lotion Infused
  • New Vitamin Complex
  • For healthy, soft skin
Vitamin B is a natural humectant that helps draw in moisture and keep skin hydrated.

I have been using this Body Wash in my shower for about a week and it works wonders. My skin has become a lot more hydrated this week compared to the rest of the season and I am not so itchy, like I tend to be at this time of year.  There is a very real difference in the look of my skin.   I have been recommending this soap to everyone!

Interested in trying this soap?  I have a giveaway for you!!  Enter to win (2) coupons for FREE Dial Body Wash!  Look below for the giveaway tool and rules.

The Giveaway:
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Prize2 coupons - Get (1) FREE Bottle of Dial Body Wash
Dates: Starts February 21, 2014 3:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen March 4, 2014  11:59 pm EST.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

iCoffee Steam Brew Coffee Maker from Remington - Review!

I like coffee as much as the next person and a coffee pot is one of those things I like to have on hand for a decent cup of coffee. I do not yet own a single serve coffee machine and my old coffee pot was done for and so when I got the chance to try out the iCoffee Maker from Remington, with Steam Brew technology, I jumped at it!

First of all, the "i" is "innovation" and this coffee maker is certainly innovative! With its 6 rotational water jets it steams and stirs your coffee into a rich, silky-smooth coffee with little to no bitter after taste, to boot!

The iCoffee Maker is shapely and modern and sits neatly and sturdily on your counter top and aside from looking pretty in your kitchen it also makes you a decent brew!

The lid pops open jut like a regular machine but inside is a small compartment that lifts out in which you place your coffee grounds before clipping it back in place and filling the surrounding reservoir with water - up to 12 cups!

Once you've set your clock, which is easy as pie, you can set the time to start your coffee in the morning or on return from work in the evening or whatever suits your fancy OR you could hit the on button and start it right away - at which point it will play you a little Mozart and you're ready to go!

I love that the coffee machine will tell you if there is a problem with the lid or the container inside or if you haven't put in any water (I am forgetful sometimes!) and you can turn on (or off) the musical start if you'd like it one way or another.

You can watch as the coffee is brewed in front of your eyes, and in no time handed back to you via your hot coffee pot in a state of smooth, coffee goodness that I am hopeful that you will love!

A bonus of the iCoffee Machine is the extra filter that can be placed into the coffee pot itself, which allows for a secondary filtering of sediment produced by the steam process, and kept out of your coffee pot all together.

I tried this coffee maker with my regular coffee so I could see if there actually was a difference in taste and I have to say that I do think the coffee was a little smoother and a little less bitter, and I certainly enjoyed it. I used the exact same measurements for the coffee in this machine as I did in my last and in comparison the strength was on par as to how I lie it and the richness was evident. I neither lost, nor gained any strength nor weakness and so the cups were comparable in my opinion.

The iCoffee Maker claims to make you a cup of coffee with easy one button operation with a pause function so that you might grab yourself a cup mid-brew if you can't wait for the pot to fill. There are no need for paper filters as this comes with the reusable pod and so in the long run will save you money in that area, too!

I had wondered what the point of this machine was at first as I just couldn't think that a difference in coffee would be all that big but it actually does seem to produce a coffee that I enjoyed without that bitter twang!

To see if it was just me or if I was thinking too much into it, I asked a friend to test out a cup, too and they also did see a difference, claiming that it seemed like a good, clean, cup of coffee and actually managed to pick out the cup of coffee that had been brewed with this compared to the one that was not!

I am thrilled with the iCoffee Steam Brew Coffee Maker and have reawakened my love of coffee! Decaffeinated it is for me, these days, though, but all the same a good cup of coffee is what I want and that is what I get! I am very pleased with this machine!

To find out more about the iCoffee Steam Brew Coffee Maker, from Remington, why not head on over HERE to their website for an in-depth look! You may also find them on Facebook and Twitter, too!


Disclaimer:  I was sent product in order to complete this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Your views may differ. Thank you!

Join the #wwemoms and Larysa DiDio for a Health and Wellness Twitter Party 2/18!

There is no doubt that a little education on health and wellness goes a long way and why not bring a little of that over to your family on 2/17 by joining the #WWEmoms and Larysa DiDio as Larysa shares with us some of her wisdom on the subject and spreads the word on childhood obesity and the basic need for good health and well-being for us and our youth!

You can hop on over to Twitter at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Feb 18th to join in the party at #WWEmoms!

RSVP and join the Twitter party for a chance to win:
- A signed copy of Larysa’s book Sneaky Fitness: Fun, Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child’s Everyday Life
- A signed copy of Larysa’s Kickin’ Cardioexercise DVD for teen girls
- Toughen Up: Train Like A Girl t-shirts and hoodies
- A Best Bones fitness pack for girls, including a fitness deck of cards, journal and temporary tattoo
And more…..

You MUST RSVP to win and you can do so by emailing WWE@theonlinemom.com w/subject line: WWEmoms - give your name and Twitter account etc and we'll see you there!

For more info on the twitter parties go here: http://www.theonlinemom.com/secondary.asp?id=2464&t=twitter-parties-and-how-they-work



Disclaimer: I am involved with sharing this chat/event via #WWEmoms, but am not responsible for said event. Thank you!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Chocolate Fondue Set from Frieling! It isn't too late to set a date!

I had the chance to check out this cute little fondue maker this week, which is not only a great I.O.U for Valentines day if you haven't picked anything up yet because you've been snowed [as we were] - or if you are planning a big surprise evening at home that doesn't fall on Valentines for extra surprise points!

This Fondue set comes with the top, base, a tea light and 4 fondue sticks ready to melt and share a love of chocolate on just about anything you can find to make yummy and delicious!

We tried it out with some light chocolate, which melted extremely quickly and sliced up some banana, home made cinnamon bread and marshmallows to have a sweet treat and to see which might work best in the chocolate!

It turns out that there isn't anything you can't love when it gets its share of melted chocolate to accompany it and this includes all of the above and just about any fruit you can find - I tried strawberries and apples, which were divine! The kids loved it and we made sure that they were very careful with the skewers/forks.

I love this sweet little thing and it comes in several colors like white, red, green brown and orange so you are bound to find something that suits your decor! The skewers/forks are are also colored at the tips so the people using them don't get them mixed up, either!

I would certainly recommend this chocolate fondue set! It heats fast, cleans easy, is small enough to pack away in a small space and big enough to make enough chocolate fondue for four! The price is worth it for the look and durability and you'll use it for a long time to come!

For $27.50 you can pick one of these up at Frieling and make every occasion a special one!


Disclaimer: I was sent a fondue maker to try out for this review. All opinions are my own and your views may differ. Thank you! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Snackle Mouth - The Naturally Delicious Snack With Character! Review + Giveaway!

I love showing off some new snacks, when I find them, and this post is one of those posts where I am extremely excited to get a product out there and bring it to your attention!

Here is SNACKLE MOUTH and you are going to think that they are a little slice of heaven in a box and will want to pick some up by the time we're finished!

Snackle Mouth's super-snacks are a combination of natural and organic ingredients, the best nuts, no refined sugars and no trans-fats brought together to form nutrition and delicious snacks that kids and grown-ups could enjoy without giving anything up - they also come in these magically artsy boxes, which match the contents inside - all the fun of the fair, and taste too!

Available in many different varieties, I personally had the chance to try out flavors like:

  • Salty Chocolate Clusters
  • Almond Berry Clusters
  • Almond Pecan Maple Clusters 
  • Almond Peanut Cranberry

They are all very "more-ish" and once you start eating them it is very, VERY hard to put them down and/or walk away!

You can pick up a good-sized 5.5oz box for $4.00, which will leave you with affordable goodness that feeds a hunger and keeps you going without having to give up the process of having a treat! These clusters are a real delight in themselves and they have absolutely won a place in my snack drawer!

I absolutely adore the Almond Pecan Maple Clusters, which are chock-a-block full of yummy, chewy clusters that mix flavors that I already adore on their own and turn them into a magical party in my mouth!

My teenage son's favorite were the Salty Chocolate Clusters but my 3 year old's favorites were "ALL OF THEM!" - she really did love them all, which makes these a great little treat! In fact, we piled some of these with layers of Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey on the top for a special treat and it turned out spectacular!

Great on their own, great to share and great to add to any special occasion - you have to give them a try to see what you're missing!

To check out Snackle Mouth and to find out more, why not head on over to their website, HERE and Facebook, HERE! They'll show you how and where to buy and you can fall into the wonderland with this snack time favorite that has gone down a treat with every member of our household and who just want more!

If you would like to win an assortment of the flavors seen in this review, you can also enter to win in our rafflecopter giveaway, found below!

What are you waiting for!? GOOD LUCK!

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Disclaimer: I was given several boxes of Snackle Mouth for a review - all opinions are honest, open and my own and your views may vary.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Stuck in an icy spot - all good stereotypes to the rescue....!

We live in a city that gets a bad rap and many people here get stereotyped as criminals or people who wouldn't lend  hand if you were on fire and I think that is a real shame.

I have never had much of a problem where we are and I like being in the middle of everything, with at least a bus to get someplace and shops that I can walk to without any fuss.

Parking here can be a real problem - one day a week you can't park on one side of the road and then the next day you can't park on the other! This gets tiresome when you are learning where you can or can't park and when you're going to get a ticket and sometimes, when the weather gets inclement like it has been recently you really just don't care!

A couple of days ago, my husband had to park in a spot around the corner and by the time we got back to the car the next day it had iced up on the roads so much that we just could not get the car out of the spot!

We tried all the little tricks and tips to get the car out and managed to back it up a bit but just could NOT get it up and over the ice. We DO have AAA but my husband really didn't want to waste their time on something so silly but my argument is that that is what they are there for and so we eventually caved in after 20 minutes of going no-where, going home and getting a shovel and trying to dig our way out and then more time spinnig on the ice going no-where. 

 All the while we were struggling to get out of the spot, there was a woman standing watching us. It was making my husband a little nuts and it was pretty weird! THEN, out of nowhere, the woman comes over with what appears to be her daughter and a random dude and they're like "we'll get you out!"

At this point, we've already called AAA and they're going to be here within the hour, with any luck, but these guys are determined that we don't need it and they're going to get the car out of the spot!

As these guys are helping to get us out, some other random guy comes over to help - we're all pretty taken aback at these random strangers trying to help us get our car out of this spot and even more so when one of them jumps in our car and takes the wheel and gets down to business!

After a few back and forths trying to spin the car out while everyone is pushing, and almost taking out a fire hydrant in the process, these fabulous people get out car out of the spot faster than the AAA! I call up triple A and cancel our call out and off we go, grateful for people power and them proving that there are good people around here willing to just drop everything and lend a hand!

My husband pointed out that this stuff never happens when ignorant people are stuck in a spot in the city. It would change a persons mind of the stereotype for sure if the timing was right and it had been someone with a deep stereotype in mind who thinks their car is about to get jacked instead of pulled out of the spot - but somehow it is always the ones struggling that come across others in the same boat, willing to lend the hand!

I am very grateful to everyone that got us out! They really made my day and restored my faith in people for a little while longer!

Remember, where a person lives, how they look and how you feel may be completely wrong. Open your mind a little - you never know what you mind find!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 toothbrush, from Oral B - Review!

If you're off out on a date this valentines day, you'll want to freshen up that smile and a great way to do this is with a new Oral B Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 toothbrush!

Think that's a mouthful? Well, it is, but one you're going to wash around and gargle with as you enjoy the feeling of clean you get with this rechargeable electric brush!

I was give a brush to try out recently and after using it for the past week I have come to the conclusion that it does wonders for my smile and I do like the way my teeth feel after each round.

I like that the charger stand is compact and fits just about anywhere I might need to use it without taking up all the space on the counter, sink or wherever it may be and it looks fairly neutral, too!

The brush was strange to get used to for all of one brush, but once I tried a second time I had already started to adapt to the motion and my teeth really do feel a loot cleaner after each use.

The brush features a wide sweeping motion, indicator bristles to help you figure out when you might need a new brush head, a triple zone motion to get right in between those teeth and provides 20,000 pulsations along with 8,800 sweeps, which is 28,800 movements per minute! Wow! 

I am still flossing as well as using this electric toothbrush and I can't fault the results! For a recommended retail value of $64.99 but for as low as $50 (sometimes a lot less than that depending on where you buy and sales) you can have a great feeling of clean, too!

The brush comes with 1 head, which can be changed when it needs to be swapped out and doesn't cost a lot for those replacements. The money is worth the feeling of clean and it is great to be in control of your oral hygiene!

For more information on this brush [and others] hop on over to the Oral B Facebook page, Twitter and Website to get on the ball!

Smile and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was provided with product in return for this review. My opinions are my own and your experiences may differ. Thank you. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Snow, Snow, Go Away...

This week we have been bombarded with snow! It now looks like an ice rink in my back yard and the rain continues to fall.

Thankfully, today has been a lot better in terms of getting out and about but I still wouldn't recommend driving the car.

I am SO ready for spring...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Daddy & Co. Pajama [Valentines] Giveaway for Dad! Ends 2/11/14

Daddy Scrubs has made a transition over to Daddy & Co. and they want to shout it from the rooftops and share with you some of the wonderful things they have available for not only expectant dads but dads across the board!

Valentines Day is coming and they have you covered for a gift if you haven't picked anything out for the man in your life yet - and these look smashing!

Daddy & Co. Pajamas!!

We have a pair in bright red and my husband looks comfy in them! They are bright and cheerful and do exactly what they say "on the tin" - sweet!

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex these come complete with pockets and a drawstring and are available in several designs to suit your taste! The cost of these pajamas is $44.95 and can be found, HERE!

Why not head on over to Daddy & Co. today and see if a pair takes your fancy alongside their boxer shorts and other goodies made up with "dad" in mind!!

Here is a close up of the pattern on the pajamas we have to entice you a little more! 

You can also find Daddy & Co. on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date and to find out more!

For a 10% discount over at the Daddy & Co. website you can utilize the current coupon code: BLOG14! BUT If you like, you can also enter to WIN a pair of these pajamas for the fella in your life by trying your luck on our rafflecopter, below!

Entrants must be 18 or older and in the U.S to win and will be notified within 24 hours of giveaway end. Winners must accept their prize via email within 48 hours after notification and failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize and a new winner being chosen until we have a confirmed win.

Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good Luck!!

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Disclaimer: I was given pajamas to test for this article. All opinions are my own. Prices, links and coupons good at time of print but subject to change. Thank you!

Sourpuss Clothing Bandana Bibs! Review and Giveaway! Ends 2/16/14

If you like bandanas, have a baby and use a lot of bibs then BANDANA BIBS are for you! 

From Sourpuss Clothing comes these great little bibs in 8 or so different designs featuring a skull and crossbones, octopi, stripes, hearts and even a pink bandana featuring a white skull with pink bow!

I had the chance to try out one of the skull and crossbones bibs along with the bib with the Sourpuss octopus design and I have to say they are darn cute! 

Here is a photo of one of the bibs, in cute mode:


The product description on the website reads:
"Our favorite deep sea beast if here to protect your lil one's clothing from their feast! This ocean blue, jersey cotton bandana has an all-over octopus pattern, a velour backside, snap closure and Sourpuss skull logo tag." - Sourpuss Clothing
 These bibs are vibrant, long-wearing, washable and great for any occasion from giving a gift at a shower or for dressing up baby at parties and activities as well as daily wear and a great value at just $12 each!

Here is my son wearing the skull and crossbones Pirate Bandana Bib:

All together now...YEAH!

If you like what you see in these bibs, head on over to the Sourpuss Clothing WEBSITE and take a look at the others and accessories to mix and match! There is something for everyone and they are a lot of fashionable fun!

You can also find Sourpuss clothing on Facebook AND Twitter, too!


Of course, there is MORE! The nice people over at Sourpuss Clothing are offering one of our readers the chance to win TWO Bandana Bibs of their choice (where available) and all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below, be 18 or older and live in the U.S!

Mom's Gone Bronson is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Thank you, enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!

Disclaimer: I was provided with 2 bibs for review to complete this post. all opinions are my own. Thank you!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Come Chat With #WWEmoms for the Wrestle Mania Reading Challenge + Twitter Event!

#WWEmoms is going to be holding a fabulous twitter party on Thursday February 6, at 7pm and you are invited!With emphasis on the 2014 Wrestle Mania Reading Challenge you can get together with your most beloved Wrestle Mania star, read and win by heading on over here for more info!

The WrestleMania reading challenge works wonders on getting children involved in the fundamentals of reading and enhances  knowledge through learning!

As an English major I can't speak enough good about programs like these and I hope you'll get involved!

The RSVP for the Twitter party is as linked and I'll be sing you over there if you come along, too!! .

REMEMBER THE DATE: Thursday, February 6, 2014 over at TWITTER with #WWEmoms - you never know what you might win!! 

See you there!! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for WWEmoms and I am in no way responsible for this event. Thank You!

Wild Kratts Live Show at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA! Feb 1st, 2014

Our family is a GREAT lover of animals and my children absolutely LOVE the Kratt Brothers from shows such as Zoboomafoo, Kratt's Creatures, Be the Creature and Wild Kratts!

We don't watch too much T.V in our house but we do let our children watch PBS Kids and the Wild Kratts shows have become a HUGE hit with us all.

We were SO EXCITED to see that the Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin, were headed to our neck of the woods this past week for a live performance and were over the moon when we were offered the chance to attend!

The venue was the Santander Performing Arts Center on 6th St. in Reading, PA. It was 10:45am and everybody who was anybody had flooded through the center in waves of very enthusiastic parents and children ready to see the 11am set.

Parents had traveled with their young ones and adult fans of the show had traveled alone! One dad I spoke to had brought his kids over from Wisconsin [hundreds of miles away] and one lady had driven for several hours - on her own, on a whim - in case there were still tickets available after not being able to secure one online.

The Wild Kratts fans are passionate and they were certainly not holding back for this event in any way, shape or form and the atmosphere was electric!

We made it to the orchestra section of the theater and found our seats quite close to the stage and, taking a look back, noticed just how much of a full house event this was and that every single one of those people had excitement in their bones!

The Kratt brothers were welcomed on stage with loud cheers and roars from the children and they all listened intently as they were told the story of one of their first adventures and enjoyed Chris running through the audience and interaction with the crowd! It is safe to say that there was enough story, action and comedy to entertain parents and children alike, with ease.

The amount of energy that both Martin and Chris have between them is just out of this world and they connected with the kids in the audience with a lot of back and forth. With children yelling at the top of their lungs (when requested) to emulate various animals through the narrative, they happily obliged and jumped around in turn when asked to do that, too.

We got to see the Kratt brothers dress up in real-life power suits and interact with Aviva from the Wild Kratts show, via a large on-stage screen and a little imagination! I thought that they worked their animated selves into the show quite well and everything was so fast paced that you couldn't help but get yourselves involved.

The show broke for an intermission mid-way and everybody headed out to the lobby to pick up some Wild Kratts merchandise, which seemed to be going down a storm! This was the first time the merchandise was available here and people were making the most of their trip to Reading!

Some of the items available for purchase were cuddly animals, DVDs. figures and creature power suits/vests, to name a few! It was fun watching so many children running around in either their blue or green creature power vest just having so much of a great time!

While nobody knows when Christ and Martin will make their way back to Reading, PA. again, they will surely be around the country in the future and if you would like to stay up to date with their travels [and to find out when they might pop up near you] then hop on over to their Facebook page and hit "Like" to stay informed!

For more information on the Wild Kratts Animated T.V show [and subsequent merchandise] you can find them at their PBS Kids home/shop HERE!

What are you waiting for...

See you on the creature trail!

Disclaimer: I was given 2 tickets to this event and all opinions from this particular event/performance are open, honest and my own through that experience without bias. Thank you!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Feed Those Tummies!! The Super Bowl is Under Way!

  It isn't too late to get cooking!!

The Super Bowl is well under way and so is the big munch a much at our house! I have chicken, salad, tuna pasta bake, rolls, chips, dip, burgers, you name it! 

Here is a little look at some of the goodies that came to us via Bottom Dollar Food this week (see that post HERE) and let those tummies rumble no more!! 


Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post! If you would like any recipes, give me a shout!

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dead.

I was sad to see that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead today at his apartment.

I think it is a great shame to lose someone who had so much talent. He was one of my favorite actors, who was able to give such depth to every character that he played that you often knew that you knew who he was but couldn't quite place him from where because he was just that good that he let you see the character before the actor and that is pretty rare.

He really was far too young and had to much more to give! I was really looking forward to some of his upcoming movies and it is hard to believe they will be no more.

Last week, in a bizarre turn, Philip Seymour Hoffman was the victim of a hoax that spread around the internet and had him declared dead and then good, fine, alive and well by his PR people and so this news, now, had been hard to believe until it was confirmed this afternoon.

Sad and a shame. 

My Little Pony Headphones Giveaway! Ends 2/15/14

My Little Pony Headphones!

My daughter has recently started to enjoy watching educational and fun programs on her new tablet but she sometimes likes to have the sound far too loud, which is why I wanted to buy her a pair of headphones that would work for her and give her the same enjoyment without all of the noise echoing around the house and not deafen her in the process.

To this end, I was sent a pair of My Little Pony headphones for her to try out, in exchange for this review, which feature one of her favorite characters from the show - Pinky Pie.

These headphones are specifically designed for children with noise reduction and comfort in mind and have a soft headband and soft fitting ear pads. 

They are build to withstand some tussle from children and look great at the same time!

These particular headphones are bright pink and an instant favorite with my daughter, as you can see!

I found these to be durable, comfortably fitting, easy to get on and off by the child and the adult, wearable - not too heavy - and the noise reduction feature gives me a level of security in knowing that hear hearing is most likely not about to go up in smoke while she watches one of her favorite shows!

These headphones are currently available in Walmart for a fabulous $19.99 and you can find out more about them by visiting Sakar.com, Sakar Intl on Facebook, Sakar Intl on Pinterest and @SakarIntl on Twitter for these and other brands you might enjoy!

In a world where we are bombarded with technology on a daily bases, it makes sense to protect your hearing and to do it in style with these cute My Little Pony headphones!


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