Friday, 14 February 2014

Chocolate Fondue Set from Frieling! It isn't too late to set a date!

I had the chance to check out this cute little fondue maker this week, which is not only a great I.O.U for Valentines day if you haven't picked anything up yet because you've been snowed [as we were] - or if you are planning a big surprise evening at home that doesn't fall on Valentines for extra surprise points!

This Fondue set comes with the top, base, a tea light and 4 fondue sticks ready to melt and share a love of chocolate on just about anything you can find to make yummy and delicious!

We tried it out with some light chocolate, which melted extremely quickly and sliced up some banana, home made cinnamon bread and marshmallows to have a sweet treat and to see which might work best in the chocolate!

It turns out that there isn't anything you can't love when it gets its share of melted chocolate to accompany it and this includes all of the above and just about any fruit you can find - I tried strawberries and apples, which were divine! The kids loved it and we made sure that they were very careful with the skewers/forks.

I love this sweet little thing and it comes in several colors like white, red, green brown and orange so you are bound to find something that suits your decor! The skewers/forks are are also colored at the tips so the people using them don't get them mixed up, either!

I would certainly recommend this chocolate fondue set! It heats fast, cleans easy, is small enough to pack away in a small space and big enough to make enough chocolate fondue for four! The price is worth it for the look and durability and you'll use it for a long time to come!

For $27.50 you can pick one of these up at Frieling and make every occasion a special one!


Disclaimer: I was sent a fondue maker to try out for this review. All opinions are my own and your views may differ. Thank you! 


Louie belwick said...

that looks really yummy, and easy to use and clean

Kupana Wahines Corner said...

i want one i love ANYTHING choc covered marshmelloy