Friday, 21 February 2014

Primula Café Color Tempo Press (in Red): Review!

I brought you the iCoffee Machine recently and today I want to share with you a cute little press for those of you who like to have coffee without the fuss of a machine, a cup or two at a time or perhaps once in a while, when a full machine might not be at your disposal! 

This is the 6 cup Primula Café Color Tempo Press (in Red) and it is designed to leave a thick, rich coffee in its glass body with stainless steel plunger and large handle for ease of use and reliability! 

At $17.99 this is a great coffee solution and can be taken with you absolutely anywhere - you want to have fresh brewed coffee when you sleep away from home but have no access to a coffee pot or only have access to instant? No problem! Whip out your Primula Café Color Tempo Press and a little coffee and just add hot water! Simple! 

This product is one of those ones that, for me, is just so deliciously simple that you can't help but want/need one to have at your disposal and that you never really realized that you were missing one until you have one at arms reach! 

I actually remember when I used to travel a lot and stop of at various places to eat many years ago getting a press filled with coffee - I think it was a "little chef" eatery or something and I was young and felt very grand! There is just something about having the coffee all to yourself and having some control over it that is quite satisfying and foreign elegance at the same time - when I think of a press I imagine sitting out the front of a cafe on a sunny afternoon in the middle of France, with a good book and a nice brew! 

I think the idea of a press is an old one but very timeless and always current and I think it is a fabulous alternative to one cup coffee machines and expensive costs per cup for a coffee when you can just brew one or two cups as you like in this wonderful contraption and away you go! 

The glass body is sturdy and easy to clean, along with the stainless steel plunger and so there really is no thought or effort that needs to go into using one, at all! I love it! I love the way it looks, I like the way it makes me feel and I love that I get to take it back to my room in the morning and ponder a second cup without having to claw my way out of bed and back to the kitchen! 

Portable, washable, reliable and lasting is absolutely how I would describe the Primula Café Color Tempo Press and I think it would do wonders to always have one on hand - have a friend over who loves coffee but you don't want to throw the machine on? No worries! Boil up the kettle, add coffee, pour on water, pop the plunger on top, plunge and you're all set! Easy peasy! 

If are interested in finding out more about this cute little press then head on over HERE to find how to pick one up and to get yourself going in the mornings - or any time at all! 


Disclaimer: I was provided with a product in order to complete this review open and honestly. These opinions expressed within the review are mine alone and your views may differ. Thank you!