Saturday, 8 February 2014

Stuck in an icy spot - all good stereotypes to the rescue....!

We live in a city that gets a bad rap and many people here get stereotyped as criminals or people who wouldn't lend  hand if you were on fire and I think that is a real shame.

I have never had much of a problem where we are and I like being in the middle of everything, with at least a bus to get someplace and shops that I can walk to without any fuss.

Parking here can be a real problem - one day a week you can't park on one side of the road and then the next day you can't park on the other! This gets tiresome when you are learning where you can or can't park and when you're going to get a ticket and sometimes, when the weather gets inclement like it has been recently you really just don't care!

A couple of days ago, my husband had to park in a spot around the corner and by the time we got back to the car the next day it had iced up on the roads so much that we just could not get the car out of the spot!

We tried all the little tricks and tips to get the car out and managed to back it up a bit but just could NOT get it up and over the ice. We DO have AAA but my husband really didn't want to waste their time on something so silly but my argument is that that is what they are there for and so we eventually caved in after 20 minutes of going no-where, going home and getting a shovel and trying to dig our way out and then more time spinnig on the ice going no-where. 

 All the while we were struggling to get out of the spot, there was a woman standing watching us. It was making my husband a little nuts and it was pretty weird! THEN, out of nowhere, the woman comes over with what appears to be her daughter and a random dude and they're like "we'll get you out!"

At this point, we've already called AAA and they're going to be here within the hour, with any luck, but these guys are determined that we don't need it and they're going to get the car out of the spot!

As these guys are helping to get us out, some other random guy comes over to help - we're all pretty taken aback at these random strangers trying to help us get our car out of this spot and even more so when one of them jumps in our car and takes the wheel and gets down to business!

After a few back and forths trying to spin the car out while everyone is pushing, and almost taking out a fire hydrant in the process, these fabulous people get out car out of the spot faster than the AAA! I call up triple A and cancel our call out and off we go, grateful for people power and them proving that there are good people around here willing to just drop everything and lend a hand!

My husband pointed out that this stuff never happens when ignorant people are stuck in a spot in the city. It would change a persons mind of the stereotype for sure if the timing was right and it had been someone with a deep stereotype in mind who thinks their car is about to get jacked instead of pulled out of the spot - but somehow it is always the ones struggling that come across others in the same boat, willing to lend the hand!

I am very grateful to everyone that got us out! They really made my day and restored my faith in people for a little while longer!

Remember, where a person lives, how they look and how you feel may be completely wrong. Open your mind a little - you never know what you mind find!


Cyndie said...

There are good people everywhere. You just have to give them a chance and NOT stereotype. I love the bpicture of everyome pushing your car out. PRICELESS!

kat b said...

There are always great people out there that are willing to help. I'm glad you got the help. :) Sounds like some really nice people.

Greta said...

Gotta love good Samaritans! It's nice to know that peoplelike that still exist.

Kupana Wahines Corner said...

One thing I love about living in Hawaii is that people here try to live the aloha way! Where everyone helps everyone! Got my first dose the day we got off the plane here! LOVE IT! Good Karma is always the best Karma!