Tuesday, 18 March 2014

It was a hit, showing our Disney Side!

We recently hosted a DisneySide @Home party, which I spoke to you about on Facebook and Twitter at the time and which I wanted to just go over with you very quickly, today!

We were sent party items for the get together including a table cloth, hangers, plates, cups, cookie cutters and more! We even received a wonderful suitcase for traveling - perhaps even to Disney World!

We set up the party for 18 guests in tandem with my daughter's 3rd birthday and had lain out all sorts of party dishes and nick nacks for people to enjoy.

I was sent over games that tied in with Disney and was given some information on booking a Disney trip and also some cards to print out invitations or cards on, which I also shared with the people who attended!

Overall we had a great time at the party and the decorations made everything come together!

Definitely would love to participate in something similar in the future!

If you'd like to check out your Disney Side then why not follow the hashtag #disneyside and @disneyparks on Twitter
and see if you can find out more!


Disclaimer: I was sent items for the party as a sponsored post. All views are my own and yours may differ, thank you!

Sabi Extra Large Pill Box Review.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I don't use pills all that often but my step son has Aspergers, among other things, and does take medication on a daily basis, which is a lot easier to keep track of if we use pill boxes labelled with days of the week and compartmentalized for easy dosage.

As we do not live with my step son full-time, we often have to cart his pills from his mothers house in pill boxes, which have become a little worn over the years and so when I had the chance to test out these boxes from Sabi I jumped at the chance to give them a go!

Sabi offers this extra large, brightly colored, strong pill box with 7 week days, 3 compartments in each, with a bonus "Sabi" box for extras - also with 3 compartments, making this a 24 compartment pill box

As you can see in the photos, each pill box can be used individually for ease of travel on days out and situations like ours where we need to bring medication along every other weekend but do not necessarily need the entire set of boxes.

We can use the pill boxes along or snap them together with their interlocking side grips and pills stay cozy inside with well-sealed rubber tops.

Each pill pouch is big enough that it will contain several pills if necessary and is even spacious enough to fit in fish oils and bigger pills that might not necessarily fit into your standard every day box for on the go!

I was delighted with the durability and feel of these boxes and the space inside them was perfect for the pills we have to carry. It took a little getting used to snapping them together but once I did it was perfectly easy to separate the 3 that we would need to be carrying back and forth or jut the 1 if we were taking a day out!

Sabi's extra-large weekly pill box will set you back a reasonable $29.99 and you can pick one up by heading on over HERE to find out more!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Thank you!

All NEW Beech-Nut Baby Food Review!

My youngest son is at the age, now, where he has tried a few foods here and there - a little squash, a little carrot and some baby cereal, BUT! Now we have Beech-Nut in the house to try out this week and the little guy seems to LOVE it!

Beech-Nut sent out 4 of their cute looking jars of baby food, which contained:
  • Just Carrots
  • Just Spinach, Zucchini and Peas
  • Just Honeycrisp Apples
  • Just Beets, Pears and Pomegranates

I first tried little Bronson on the Spinach, Zucchini and Peas, which was an instant hit! Smiles all around and not a grimace at all! My opinion on the texture was very well mushed for baby and the color was very bright and delightful as you might expect on a regular veggie! Very happy to feed this to him and he was happy to munch on it, as you can see in the photos!

Following the outing with the Spinach, Zucchini and Peas, we opted for the Beets, Pears and Pomegranate! The color on this one is red, bright, colorful for baby but tasty and good! My little guy's impression of this one was just as delightful as the last and there were no complaints from me!

Just a with the first two flavors, the Honeycrisp Apples were a smash hit and so were the Carrots and I think it is safe to say that there are no losers in this bunch!

Why is Beech-Nut so popular with us right now? Well, honestly, we have used them with our other children and they have always maintained a quality that we like while striving to go that little extra mile. Beech-Nut loves to put the best they can into each of their BPA-Free glass jars and they achieve this by seeking out the best ingredients, before gently cooking them using indirect heat, so as to keep as much of the nutritional value and flavor as they possibly can in every meal!

Homemade is our inspiration. Just real, whole fruits and vegetables (and sometimes ancient grains
and beans) are inside our jars. And nothing else. - Beech-Nut.

As a company that has been looking out for babies for decades it isn't hard to believe that Beech-Nut was one of the first to make changes in the way baby food was produced. In 1977, Beech-Nut decided to remove extra salt from its baby food, which was followed (in 1985) by the removal of chemically modified starch.

There are no artificial preservatives in Beech-Nut foods and excess air is removed from the food to keep it better on its own merit. The color, taste and smell of the food will tell you all you need to know about the quality of the product and you can see exactly what you're headed for before you even open the jar - no secrets here!

Bringing you quality for years past and for years to come, we continue to love Beech-Nut in our home and have had no complaints! The fabulous new jars look delightful and feel traditional in a way that I can't quite put my finger on! They are just very sweetly packed, sincerely made, well thought out and contain a quality food that I am happy to feed my son.

If you would like to find out more about Beech-Nut for yourself, then why not head on over to their Facebook or Twitter pages as well as their Website, too! Take a look for yourself and don't forget to say hi!


Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored campaign from Beech-Nut and Mom Select. I was provided with free product and compensation for this post but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own and your views may differ. Thank you!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.1 Customizable Bag: Review and Giveaway!! Ends 4/2/14

Introducing the COMMUTER 2.1 bag, from RICKSHAW BAGWORKS!


As a writer, artist, photographer and mother I always have a need for pens, paper, my notebook, laptop, camera, phone, diapers and baby goodies and whatever other necessities I need to get me through the day, which can be a LOT!

As such, I then need somewhere to put everything that won't clog up space, which is durable, easy to access, reliable, portable and good looking, which I can honestly say I have managed to find in this bag from:

Rickshaw Bagworks is a store that will bring you innovation and style to suit your personality with customizable bags of all shapes and sizes, including the [now patented] COMMUTER 2.1!

This bag is made-to-order [in America] and comes together with just a few short steps and input from you! You simply visit the website, choose your bag and select your color preferences for your ideal look/feel to take with you on your every day journey!

This bag is so much fun because you can customize the front, the trim and even the logo, making this a truly unique experience for each buyer and it allows you to stand out while protecting your goods in transit!

This is a sturdy and reliable asset, costs $180 and boasts the following elements:

• Fits a laptop up to 15”
• Has a wipe-clean liner and is waterproof
• Stands up on its own
• Secure magnetic closures
• A sleeve for your laptop, which you can remove
• Plenty of space to organize cables and such 
• Made to order and customizable!

This is a great bag for everyone from the executive to the student or the every-day mom! It has a great capacity and there is no reason for you to have to leave anything at home while commuting anymore and it has so many pockets, slots, pouches and space that you can go fully loaded AND completely organized at the same time!

People are going to ask you where you got that bag and they're going to want one, too! You're going to adore the choices you make as the color is going to be the one you adore and in a mix you prefer and it is going to become an extension of you! 

I have already had so many compliments on this bag, which I was sent in exchange for this review, and I love to tell people about its uniqueness - something I wish that more companies would offer to truly get the best for each personality!

The colors I have chosen for my bag are: Turquoise Cordura Nylon™ for the front, a pink trim and a matching pink label. I love these colors and think each one makes the other pop but there are an infinite number of color combinations you can have and you can mix and match to your heart's content by taking a look HERE at your choices!

Overall I can fit everything I need in this large bag, and not feel too bulked down. The colors suit my taste and I do not have to compromise looks for capacity or vice-versa! OK the price might seem a little high at first but when you consider the time and effort that goes into getting these bags ready, the uniqueness and the well rounded quality overall then it is easy to see that the cost is jutified!

I  feel as though the bag offers something I just can't get anywhere else unless I want to pick a design that everyone else has or a boring brief case or side bag for organization. I am not disappointed with this bag, at all and I would definitely think they would make a great addition to your accessories or as a gift for somebody elses!

If you like what you see, here, and would like to find out more about Rickshaw Bagworks, the Commuter 2.1 bag and the other plethora of bags (some also customizable) offered then why not head on over to the website, Facebook OR Twitter pages and get acquainted and find something you can put to use and adore!

You can also ENTER TO WIN a Commuter 2.1 customizable bag of your very own, worth $180, by entering our competition at the Rafflecopter, below!

All you have to do is enter as many (or as few) entry methods as you like and check your emails after April 2nd to see if you've won! There will be ONE winner, picked at random and the prize will be fulfilled via gift card so that you may choose your bag's customizations online and have it ordered straight to your door!

You must be 18 or older to enter, live in the U.S.A and use a valid email to sign up so that we might contact you if you win! Your emails will not be used for anything other than this notification if you win.



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