Tuesday, 18 March 2014

All NEW Beech-Nut Baby Food Review!

My youngest son is at the age, now, where he has tried a few foods here and there - a little squash, a little carrot and some baby cereal, BUT! Now we have Beech-Nut in the house to try out this week and the little guy seems to LOVE it!

Beech-Nut sent out 4 of their cute looking jars of baby food, which contained:
  • Just Carrots
  • Just Spinach, Zucchini and Peas
  • Just Honeycrisp Apples
  • Just Beets, Pears and Pomegranates

I first tried little Bronson on the Spinach, Zucchini and Peas, which was an instant hit! Smiles all around and not a grimace at all! My opinion on the texture was very well mushed for baby and the color was very bright and delightful as you might expect on a regular veggie! Very happy to feed this to him and he was happy to munch on it, as you can see in the photos!

Following the outing with the Spinach, Zucchini and Peas, we opted for the Beets, Pears and Pomegranate! The color on this one is red, bright, colorful for baby but tasty and good! My little guy's impression of this one was just as delightful as the last and there were no complaints from me!

Just a with the first two flavors, the Honeycrisp Apples were a smash hit and so were the Carrots and I think it is safe to say that there are no losers in this bunch!

Why is Beech-Nut so popular with us right now? Well, honestly, we have used them with our other children and they have always maintained a quality that we like while striving to go that little extra mile. Beech-Nut loves to put the best they can into each of their BPA-Free glass jars and they achieve this by seeking out the best ingredients, before gently cooking them using indirect heat, so as to keep as much of the nutritional value and flavor as they possibly can in every meal!

Homemade is our inspiration. Just real, whole fruits and vegetables (and sometimes ancient grains
and beans) are inside our jars. And nothing else. - Beech-Nut.

As a company that has been looking out for babies for decades it isn't hard to believe that Beech-Nut was one of the first to make changes in the way baby food was produced. In 1977, Beech-Nut decided to remove extra salt from its baby food, which was followed (in 1985) by the removal of chemically modified starch.

There are no artificial preservatives in Beech-Nut foods and excess air is removed from the food to keep it better on its own merit. The color, taste and smell of the food will tell you all you need to know about the quality of the product and you can see exactly what you're headed for before you even open the jar - no secrets here!

Bringing you quality for years past and for years to come, we continue to love Beech-Nut in our home and have had no complaints! The fabulous new jars look delightful and feel traditional in a way that I can't quite put my finger on! They are just very sweetly packed, sincerely made, well thought out and contain a quality food that I am happy to feed my son.

If you would like to find out more about Beech-Nut for yourself, then why not head on over to their Facebook or Twitter pages as well as their Website, too! Take a look for yourself and don't forget to say hi!


Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored campaign from Beech-Nut and Mom Select. I was provided with free product and compensation for this post but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own and your views may differ. Thank you!

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Cyndie said...

Beech Nut sure ha changed simnce my kids were babies. I love the new jars.