Saturday, 26 April 2014

A belated happy Easter! :)

I know it is a little late but this Easter we had a great time with the children and I thought I might share! I would have shared a little sooner but my internet had not been playing ball and so I have subsequently been playing catch-up!!

We had to switch around our plans last minute this year but it worked out great! We took the kids to an orchard to do an egg hunt and pet some animals and play in the park, have their face painted and collect balloon animals from a clown AND have a photo with the Easter bunny, as well as other things like sack races and bean bag toss and what not - even a regular playground and so this place had it all!

We almost didn't find the place but made it just in time for the last egg hunt, which was fabulous because the kids got to chase around finding all the eggs without much competition and they came away with very full baskets! We even did a hunt for the baby, who really didn't need any eggs or prizes but the other kids sure didn't complain about the extra candy and we were able to include him in the photos!

The kids had their faces painted without any issues and the balloon animals were glorious! The one chosen by my step son was a giant spider, which looked like an octopus and which just about fit in the back of the car!!! He was very pleased with that one!

We got to meet some friendly goats and fluffy alpacas and some chickens who I would LOVE to have taken home with me!! I would love to have room for chickens AND goats actually and so it is hard to leave them behind and head back to normalcy in the city (but I digress!).

On the Sunday that weekend we went to my in laws and hosted an egg hunt for our 3 year old and put the baby in the new swing they hooked up in their yard! We ate and the kids received gifts and then we went home, exhausted from the rather long weekend with other things thrown in along the way!

I really hope you had a lovely, relaxed Easter and are now eager to welcome in the Spring/Summer with a smile and a high five!

Here' to the next adventure!

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