Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Students and Parents: Prepare for Class with Money in Your Pocket with Campus Book Rentals!

Disclaimer: This is a compensated post, all opinions are my own and your views may differ.

I have talked to you in the past about Campus Book Rentals and [as a huge fan of what they offer and the good that they do for Operation Smile along the way] I thought I might share them with you again in case you haven't caught them on a previous post!

First of all, let me just say that Campus Book Rentals is a great resource for anybody wanting to learn, not just students, but the benefits are huge if you are in school and struggling to make ends meet with the cost of books and other study materials and THAT is where Campus Book Rental's comes in and saves the day!

Here are a few reasons why Campus Book Rentals is a great resource: 

  • You could save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • No-cost/FREE shipping (and that's both ways!)
  • You can use highlighters within the text books for your own reference
  • Rental times are flexible

No longer do you have to break the bank in order to get your hands on the latest books that suit your course and no longer do you have to build up shelves full of texts that you will read through once or twice only to have it left for the rest of eternity gathering dust on a shelf or hidden away in a dark basement! Just rent out the ones you need for the duration of your course and then return them for the next person to use! 

This is a great way to waste less paper, less books, less money - win, win, win!

PLUS! If, like me, you already have books on hand, but have absolutely no intention of ever reading them again, or no use for them on your current course module, then you may also be interested in renting those books out to other people via RENT BACK

Rent Back is a service offered by Campus Book Rentals. You simply take your books that qualify and send them to Campus Book Rentals and they rent out those books for you and generate a little money to put back into your pocket. The cash that you make with Rent Back is money that can be well spent towards the books you need to rent for yourselves or to put towards a treat for reaching a milestone or something equally as fabulous! The way you spend any money you make is entirely up to you! 

Now, we know that cash is great BUT! - Sometimes there are things we can do for others that provide a service that you just couldn't ever put a price on and Campus Book Rentals certainly does that! With every book you rent, Campus Book Rentals donates a portion cash to Operation Smile, which is an international charity for children, which actively aids in safe, high-end medical treatment/solutions and reconstruction of sufferers of cleft palette. Operation Smile assists children and their beautiful smiles in over 60 countries and hosts 5,000+ volunteers across the globe enhancing children's lives every single day! 

Why not head on over to Campus Book Rentals for more information on making the books you have to work with, work for you and, while you are here, why not take a look at the following video, too!

Head on back to school, or send your loved ones to college knowing thatthe money you put in can work for you and bring a smile to so many others!

What are you waiting for? Check them out, today!

Disclaimer: all thoughts and opinions on this service are my own and I aim to bring readers products or service information that I truly find useful/beneficial. Your views may differ from mine. Thank you!

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