Monday, 2 June 2014

Adventures in Pre-Prepared Meal Add-Ins: Fast-Fixin' Homestyle Meatballs!

As part of our series dedicated at incorporating boxed and ready packed meals, add-ons and staples to our meals; Here is a quick and easy way to put a dinner together [for a large family] on a budget, without having to skip on the taste and nutrition!

I have this bag of Fast-Fixin' Homestyle Meatballs, which cost $1.99 at my local discount store, but will retail a little more in regular stores. There were 5 of us to feed this particular night and there were about a half bag used for this meal with about 6 meatballs each! Pretty generous!

I used a large box of spinach linguine, 2 cups of sweet greens and a few cups of sauce - to taste, however you like it!

Just cook up these meatballs in 45-75 seconds in the microwave or 10 minutes in the oven, which is my preferred method. Boil the water and cook up your linguine or pasta of choice to coincide with the time the meatballs take to cook! Cook up your greens separate and your sauce separate - this will allow wiggle room for picky eaters and you can mix and match quantities per plate per person with ease!

Pile on your pasta of choice, add your cooked meatballs, sprinkle with greens, cover in sauce - voila! A complete meal and in under 15 minutes to feed the whole family!

The cost breakdown for me, personally was:
  1. Spinach linguine nests: .75 cents per large box - 1 box needed, only. 
  2. Meatballs, pre-cooked, $1.99, of which I only had to use half the bag so $1.00. 
  3. Sweet greens, from frozen at 89 cents per large bag. Just a couple of cup fulls needed, so about 50 cents max, probably less!
  4. Sauce was actually 25 cents for the entire jar in the bargain basket at the discount store, but will cost about $2 in a regular grocery outlet. 

My personal cost for this entire meal, feeding 5, was approximately: $2.50. That is the entire meal for the whole family. Baring in mind I shop at the local discount store, it is still not expensive to buy the necessities in your local store. You can easily make this meal, for the same amount of people, for under $5 if you shop around - and I often do!

If you like this meal idea, I would love to see how you make something similar and how you like to jazz it up with extra seasonings and flavors or sides! I love to add lemon pepper or pasta toppings with herbs and spice!


Disclaimer: I am not an expert, just a mother. I am not being compensated for my opinions in this post and have not received any products for my time. All opinion are my own and your views may differ. Thank you!

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