Friday, 6 June 2014

Get Outside! Summer is Here!!

I am personally glad that summer is finally here! I thought it might never come, what with the long winter and the freezing cold and then the ridiculous out-of-nowhere hail storm we had last week that damaged several cars! 

I won't miss it, winter - that season that reminds me of the annoying relative that you never want to visit, but who shows up anyway, often unannounced and then just doesn't bother to leave until THEY are good and ready! 

I am very much looking forward to sitting outside and getting my lily-white, pale skin at least out of the vampire and into the almost-white! 

Time to get those kids out of school and into the yard for happy, safe fun - let them catch worms, get dirty and enjoy play! Don't worry about the latest tech gadgets, just go get some air and imagination! You too! It is good for the soul! 

We rarely set foot in the house once that sun is out and so, summer, here we go! 

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